Thursday, September 24, 2009

>Pessimistic Patty here

>I woke up in the worst mood ever and it didn't get much better when I stepped on the scale. Up a few ounces. Eh, don't sweat the small stuff they say, right?! Well, here I am sweating. Why the heck is this crap so hard??? Yeah, I know you don't have the just is. Suck it up. I know. I need to be slapped and hard! lol

Anyway, I have had a few great workouts this week and will be taking the next two days off. My legs are killing me. I need new running shoes something awful. I would hate to even try and think of how many miles I have on my current shoes. And luckily (thankfully) my sweet and wonderful hubby has promised me that we can take a trip to Runner's Market Saturday and get me fitted for a new pair! I am super excited about this because I have never done it before. I usually find a pair I like and take off running. But now since I have decided for running to be my "thing" I want to get a proper fit.

And as you saw (my 3 loyal readers/followers.. lol) I am going to be running my next 5k very soon. Ready or not! ha ha and I am mostly NOT ready, but it's ok. I will get there. I have to.

Where was I??? Haha
Oh, that's right. In a bad mood!

I want to point out a few blogs that I have recently found inspiration in...


I encourage you to check them out! Great reads and lots of honesty (and boy did I need honesty)!

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