Tuesday, October 26, 2010

>Weekend ramblings

>We have had a busy few days and this week we are NOT slowing down a whole lot!

Saturday I went to GA for my sister's surprise 30th. I could have very easily (after our late night Friday) stayed in bed Saturday morning and just hung around the house until time to leave BUT I got up and hit my BodyPump class. I am so glad I did. That set a positive vibe for my day and gave me the motivation and determination I needed to stay on track (as much as possible) for a busy weekend.

I was dreading the food situation for Saturday. I didn't have time to make my regular morning smoothie before heading to the gym and really was afraid of drinking it before such an intense class because it has the tendancy to make things move (tmi... lol) so I skipped it. After the gym I let the kids choose breakfast since I made them wait so long to eat. They picked McDs. I am not a huge fan of that (with the exception of the coffee!) so I didn't get anything and just "picked" at what the kids had...a bite of a hashbrown, 2 bites of a biscuit, a small piece of egg. Not awful. I decided since I wasn't sure what dinner would be I would just make my smoothie for lunch on the road (I knew hubby would stop for him something to eat and probably lunch for the kids..I was right). I ate ONE chic sand of the mini variety from another fast food joint (hey, some days are just like that) and a couple fries. Again, not awful considering. Once we got to the party I was relieved to see Subway, chicken salad croissants, and tons of fresh fruit and raw veggies!  I had one chick salad croissant and loaded up on the raw veggies. And if you have been reading here long enough you know I love me some bday cake. BUT I was a good girl and had only a small slither and let me tell you..... it was delish.

Why am I typing all this?
Well, I told my hubby that I was determined to see the same number on the scale Sunday and Monday morning as I did Friday morning. Usually we go overboard eating on the weekends and that leads to a sodium, nasty food induglence gain on Sunday/Monday. I am proud to say that did not happen this weekend! So, I feel like the weekend's eating choices proved to be a success of sorts.

I hope your weekend was a good one and that this week will be great!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

>RLAM The Book - Winner announcement

>I want to thank you all for entering my give away. I wish I had a book for each and everyone of you. I also want to welcome my new followers!! Thanks for being here to read about my journey. You know I appreciate the comment love, too.

I used Random.org this morning when I got up. I still haven't mastered how to post the little box on my blog. You old followers already know I am technologically challenged. haha

The winner is.


 Kim said...

I'm a new follower.

Thank you everyone! And Kim, please email me your information (name, address) to kimert@comcast.net. I will have your book in the mail on Monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

>Today is your last chance!

>To get in on my giveaway!!

Go HERE!! You have until midnight! I will choose a winner in the morning!

I hope you all have had a great day! Good day here so far.
No change in the scale this morning though. But staying the same is MUCH better than even being up an ounce or two. :) I had hoped to run today but I have two wild kids and no child care, which means no run for mama! But we had a pretty good night.
Good luck with my giveaway!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>1. Things with my "new" plan are going well. I did have to call the dietitian today though because while things are good I have been a bit confused at times. lol And today's eating, while spot on, left me feeling a bit shaking. I think I am missing something. The hubby said protein but when I looked at what I had eaten my protein count was relatively high. I hate numbers! Anyway, this whole thing is a big balancing act some days. The good news is that the scale hasn't gone up which makes me love numbers! haha I'm hoping tomorrow (Friday's will be weekly weigh in days!) will read a down number. Fingers crossed.

2. I am super duper awfully excited. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Team Sparkle but they have what they call Traveling Skirts and a while back I filled out the little questionaire on their site thinking it's worth a shot but they won't pick me since I am only running a 5k but not long after I recieved an email back saying they would contact me with more info about when I should expect the pink traveling skirt to be sent my way! I was stoked then. A week or so ago I was looking at their calendar and my race was on their schedule. I was stoked, again. I told hubby how cool it would be if I was wearing one of those way cute sparkly skirts to run my race. He said, "are you sure that's YOU on their calendar?" Well, no but yes, but no, maybe? Anyway, Monday I got another email saying that the pink traveling skirt was on it's way to me and good luck with my race! You guessed it, STOKED again! :) And will you believe what arrived in MY mailbox today?  Right! The Awesome Pink Traveling Skirt!!!!  And wait for it......
I WAS SOOO FLIPPIN" STOKED! ;) I bet you cannot guess how I will feel on my race day  if I PR. I will wait for after my race to tell you. I'm just so excited about being a part of  Team Sparkle . And if you haven't cheked them out, you should. You should also read about why the traveling skirts are so special.  * I was not paid by Team Sparkle to wear their skirt or even be so happy giddy excited about it, heck this isn't even a review...just a runner mom who is wildly excited about a kick butt opportunity! What can I say? I don't get out much. LOL 

3. Did you know I am hosting my first giveaway on this here blog?? If you didn't, you do now! You should enter if 1. you like to run, 2. you're a mom, 3. you enjoy a good book or 4. any of the above or a combo of the 3! You should GO HERE  to read all about it and get yourself entered! Even if you don't fit into the categories above this would make a great gift for the awesome mom, girlfriend, sister, aunt, etc in your life (even if she doesn't run!).


Monday, October 18, 2010

>The dietitan said...

>I posted last week that I was meeting with the dietitian at my gym. I did that Friday morning.
I journaled everything I ate all last week so that I could show her exactly what my week is like in that department. I also wrote down my workouts so she could compare that to the calories I am eating. At first glance she said it appears I am not eating enough. I'm missing a bit of fat and carbs as well as a bit shy of my caloric goal for the day. So, this could be why the halt in my weight loss.

So, in the hour I was there what did we discuss?
~ my goals
~ my "new" (improved) eating plan
~ how to change up my workout

When I first got there she had me get on what is called the InBody 320 Body Composition Analysis. This was the first time I had ever had one done (and I know some people do not belive this to be an accurate measurement) and was impressed, not just with the machine but the numbers. I won't go completely into detail of the numbers but my weight was the same range I have been seeing on my home scale (home scale that morning was 176!). So, I was happy for that! And even more happy because I am more lean muscle mass than I am fat! Happy Dance! :)

Now, the machine had my goal weight at 134.7 BUT I told the H that I would be happy to just lose 30 lbs. She agreed that was a good place so we decided for now my goal would be to lose 30 lbs in the course of another year (or longer if it takes).  For now the goal is to lose between 8 and 17 lbs over the next 6 months. At first when she told me this I looked at her and said, "But..but...." I mean really I want to get below where I currently am much fast than that rate (I am too lazy and mathematically challenged to do the exact math! haha) but H reminded me that slow weight loss is the best weight loss because you can keep it off. AND she also reminded me that the holidays are upon on and she wants me to focus more on maintaining through the holidays rather than trying to lose and missing out on the things I love about the holidays. But she did say that (obviously) there is no reason to completely gorge out on the things I love and gain through the holidays. So, I accepted the "challenge" of losing between 8-17 lbs between now and April (which also happens to be the month I want to run a half marathon...hmmm).

So, what changed as far as my eating goes?
Not a whole lot. She hates the word "diet" as much as the rest of us and reminded me that "dieting" is not the way to look at this but it is (what I have know it is) a healthy way of eating/living. She says I have quite a handle on things so we are just going to tweek it. She gave me a book that is given to diabetic patients (no I am not diabetic or even prediabetic). It's just a basic rule of thumb for healthy eating which can aide in weight loss. I'm game. However, last night when I was sitting down to make my meal plans and journal I was confused! haha Imagaine that?! I *think* I finally got things going well enough to make it through today and each day will get easier. I really didn't have a whole lot to change other than making sure the numbers all line up. Since she compared my journal with the book and made me some sample meal plans that will make this all the more easy for me. Again, it is nothing I didn't already know but I am glad to have talked with her to see just where I might be falling short. I will go back to see H in 3 months. Hopefully I will see results of some kind.

The workouts.
I did mention to her that I am running (3-4 days a week) and recently added the BodyPump classes 2-3 times a week. This is good but really it is not good enough. Those are my words not hers. She did say I could add another class of a different type. She also said adding more weight training days would be good and of course even adding a couple of sessions with a personal trainer might be beneficial. I am still undecided on the PT option because I feel like the hubby can write me up a few good kettlebell routines to get me headed in the right direction. We shall see.

The most exciting part of Friday for me was seeing 176 on my home scales and knowing that (sans clothes) the InBody would have had the same reading. My goal for this week is to journal journal journal and get more familiar with the book she gave me, add some more weights and run! My RACE FOR THE CURE is now less than 2 weeks away! 
Ok, this post was long so if you stuck it out..thanks for reading!! And don't forget to enter my  Run Like a Mother - the book Giveaway!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

>Tuesday Randoms

>~ I have missed the last 2 classes of BodyPump. Saturday I have no excuse for other than I slept in and didn't want to rush around to get the kids out the door to go. That wasn't a wash though because I DID make it to the gym. Today I missed because I had a Girl Scout meeting (I am troop leader) and I could not get out of it. However, I didn't work out at all today. NO excuses at all for that. I should have at the very least come home and done some sort of workout. I can tell you I am looking forward to the gym tomorrow!

~ The dietician from my gym called me back today. I went over with her that I have lost 50 lbs on my own over the course of the last year and she said that was great. And I agree, it is. But I also told her that for the first time ever I feel like I can get my body to a real healthy weight range. I intend to do just that no matter how much work it is going to take. I've been journaling my food this week just in case if/when I meet with her she needed the record. Come to find out, she does. She briefly went over a few things they would be able to do and what would be discussed in the meeting should I choose to schedule one. I told her I know that I have the tools to continue successfuly but that I just need the assurance or a boost to get me the rest of the way. So, I will be seeing her at 9:00 am Friday!

~ I got the bright idea (after reading a blog post elsewhere) to stop my diet soda addiction once and for all....yesterday. I'm 2 days down and doing good! Yesterday it was almost 9 pm before I even realized I hadn't had my daily Diet Coke. Today I thought about it a few times but never went for one. It is only now (at 9:30pm) that I have a headache but really I don't think for one minute that it is from caffeine withdrawal because I did have my coffee this morning. I think my eating was just off today and that may be the reason for the headache or sinus junk. At any rate, I am remembering the quote "It takes 21 days to make or break a habit."  I will break this one.

~ I have had a box of FunFetti Halloween cake mix and frosting on my counter for almost a week. Funfetti is a huge favorite treat of mine. I haven't mixed that box to make a cake and/or cupcakes yet. I haven't cracked open the shiny silver cover on that orange frosting  yet either. I want to real bad. But there are a few things keeping me from doing it though. 1. My daughter is begging me to make them and she needs them as much as I do (shame on me!). 2. I hate being in the kitchen (read: Cleaning SUCKS!). 3. Cake or cupcakes? Hmm. I can't decide. LOL So, my hope is to make it through another weekend with two unopened Funfetti items on my counter. I can survive.

~ I complained about losing followers and now I am going to give a shout out to my regulars and a HOWDY HO to my new followers!!! Thank you so much for coming along for my ride! And keep telling others about my give away. I promise the winner of that fab book will not be disappointed. And you can even tell your guy friends....it would make a nice gift wrapped and under a tree in the upcoming holiday season. You still have a good bit of time to enter my giveaway if you haven't!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

>Update and a giveaway!

>I haven't blogged here in a while despite my saying I would do better.  However, I took the week off work to spend at home with my family since they were off school for fall break! It was a nice week off and I am very sad to see it come to an end. We have had fun and accomplished a few things around the house I had set my mind to doing.

Moving the booty!
Workouts have gone well and I am up to 13.93 running miles for the week! I've been to BodyPump a few times this week and even took a group Core Challenge class on Thursday that still has my abs aching. But it's all a good ache. This coming week I will miss BodyPump once due to a Girl Scout meeting scheduled for the same time as class but I can adjust my schedule so that it doesn't kill me. lol  I hope to get some good running in this week since I now have only 21 days until my Race for the Cure 5k! I'm hoping to report something exciting in regards to my race as well. And a big thank you to those of you fabulous readers that have helped me in reaching my fundraising goal! Every little bit helps and I appreciate YOUR generosity towards this great cause. :)
I have to tell you that one day this week it was just the hubby and I (no kids home!!) We went to the gym. I ran 3.3 miles, went to Core Challenge class and then to BodyPump. That was the first time I have ever worked out for over 2 hours. It felt sort of Biggest Loser like! I loved it, but boy was I pooped to the max when we finally got home!

Tales from the scale!
The scale is holding steady for me. That is due in part to my choices (some) and my workouts (I tend to retain fluid after tough workouts). But I feel I am struggling getting the scale to move down because my body likes where it currently is! lol Not a good excuse, huh!? Well, this week I am going to call and meet with the nutritionist at my gym. I have the tools and have used them. I have successfully lost and kept off 54 lbs in a year but I want more. I need a new jumpstart on this journey but don't want a fad diet to get me there. I want to continue this the good ol' fashion way. I just need a new outlook and a bit of help from a professional. It happens.

Giving things away!!
Now, onto that giveaway. This is the good part! And really I should save it for a whole other post but why not just get on with it since I am here? ;)

I mentioned a while back about a book (which happens to be my fave!)  called Run Like a Mother. It is a great book. It took me just days to read it cover to cover and I have already picked it back up again to re-read. I am not usually the type to read a book twice but this book is different. If you haven't heard of the book I encourage you to check out Run Like a Mother The Book. You don't even have to be a runner to appreciate these two moms!

What I am offerring you is the chance to win the book! I purchased one new this week for one of you and I am realy excited about it! :)

You will have a few ways to enter. Be sure to leave a comment for each entry. :)
1. Comment.
2. Become a follower of my blog (or let me know you already are).
3. Like Run Like a Mother on Facebook here.
4. Blog about this giveaway.
So, that's 4 entries per person! Entries will be accepted through October 22 and will select (and announce) a winner using Random.org on Oct. 23rd. So, what are you waiting for??