Sunday, February 28, 2010

>thirty one

>Is my age as of today!:)
34 is the number of pounds I have lost since my 30th last year!

And I did eat cake.
I did take a break from running (since Thursday, actually).

Tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week for me!
I plan to be 30 pounds lighter by my 32nd birthday!

Maybe tomorrow when I am work I will post pics of me last year and then again this year.

I hope you all have had a great day! I know I sure have. Here are a few pics of what my family and I did to celebrate my birthday.



Thursday, February 25, 2010

>They're starting to taunt me....

My living room has been my workplace this week. 
I'm my daughter's Daisy Troop Leader.
We picked up our Troop's cookie order on Monday.
123 cases to be exact.
Of those 123 cases, about 15 came to my house (maybe more??).
I've been sorting through GS Cookies, delivering GS cookies and trying my hardest to resist giving into the temptation of these delectable goodies.
Until today I had been limiting myself to one cookie each day.
Today the count is 3. 

I logged every single morsel of my food today into Spark People and was very much under calories where I normally am today. So, that being said I had planned to only treat myself to 2 cookies and of course account for them in SP. But then....

A Samoa spoke to me from within a little plastic baggie.
And I answered it by chomping down on it. 

I don't always give in to the temptations. 
But it was just taunting me so bad today! 

How often do you give in to temptation?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

>Calling all Princesses!!

> You do not want to miss out on this great giveaway being hosted by  Syl over at LIVE SMILE RUN.
Go on, what are you waiting for?? Run right over and get your entry in because time is running out!

>Finding my tempo

>Sorry I haven't posted since last week sometime. Between work, basketball, Girl Scout cookies and a plethora of weekend activities (including my hubby's 34th bday) my family has been pretty busy. And speaking of GS Cookies, last night I was knee deep (literally) in those bad boys (or are they girls??) and will have you know I only ate ONE, yes 1, single Tagalong. Yay me! ;)

Anyway, while I was in bed last night I pulled out the last issue of Runner's World magazine that I had laying on my night stand and started reading an article. In that article it mentioned tempo running. Now I have heard about this from other running friends and I guess in a way I have done it even though I haven't made a point to do so. I have been told my several running friends that doing tempo runs will help increase my speed and improve my form. So, tonight I plan to find my tempo! Hopefully it will go well. My hubby says it'll be tough but I am confident I can make it a great workout. And if you have any insight on tempo runs I'd be happy to hear it.

33 days until my first 5k of the year!

Friday, February 19, 2010

>You don't want to miss this!!!

>Erica over at I Run Because I Can has an awesome contest going on. It involves something fabulous from this site!! I guarantee that you will not want to miss the chance to get in on it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

>What measurements say

>Last night I had my hubby take my measurements. When I first looked them I was somewhat disappointed because I am not real fond of the numbers at all. They're just big.I logged them into SparkPeople and was just going to keep them there for accountability, but I am going to post them here anyway because I have been saying for a while that I would.

Neck: 13.5
Chest: 40
Waist: 35
Hips: 41
Biceps: (l) 13.5, (r) 13
Thighs: 27
Calves: 16

These were last night's measurements. It wasn't until today that I realized that yes, while they are large numbers they are much smaller than the last time I was measured (April of 09). I have been running and working out on a pretty regular basis since then. The following are my measurements from April 2009.

Neck: 14
Chest: 42
Waist: 39
Hips: 48.5
Biceps: (l) 14, (r) 14
Thighs: 30
Calves: 16.5

I was completely surprised most by my hip and waist measurements! That's a lot of inches off since April! The neck, calves and bicep measurements might not be a good comparison because I am sure I did not input them until later in 2009 (maybe October). I'm pleased so far with the difference!
Also my weight as of April 2009 was 228! Whoa. I am now 32 lbs lighter and still losing. This makes me happy! Those measurements were really what I needed to see last night to help me stay motivated! And while I don't see a huge loss on the scale the fact that my measurements are a reflection of how my running and working out is improving my body make me that much more happy and excited to keep going.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

>Seeing really is believing

>In the summer of 2009 I took my camera to the beach and dressed my family in white tops with khaki bottoms to have some great pictures made. At the time I looked through them and loved them. I didn't realize at the time just what I was seeing. Then I didn't see the fat girl that I was even though I was working on losing and had actually lost some weight at that point. I think with the sunshine on me and the tan I was working on I just thought I looked better.


Now when I see this picture above my mantel I don't enjoy what I see in myself. I sit and say often, "Gosh I really looked gross and can't believe I think those pictures looked so good." Now don't get me wrong, I love that I have pictures of me and my kids and husband. What I don't love is the image I have of myself.
It was not until yesterday when I asked my husband to take some new pics of me for a little project that I realized maybe what he, my family and friends have been saying lately (compliments to me) about me is actually true. See for yourself.

This was me yesterday. It's bugging me that Blogger says this is centered but on my screen it is NOT! I felt great! In the summer of '09 I was probably around 220 lbs and wearing an 18/20 bottoms. Yesterday I was 196 and wearing 14s! In my mind I have been telling myself that is not much of a difference but as I was flipping through my camera at the pics it really was a "See is believing" moment for me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

>When the going gets tough...

>the tough get going should get going!!

I have been having a rough time the last few days.
It all started with my weigh in Friday morning.
My scale showed me up 4-5 lbs from what I weighed on Tuesday morning.
It pretty much ruined my mood and my day!

Seriously. I was just so upset that all my hard work from the week at working out and watching what I ate would show a gain of so much.

I am going to be honest here and tell you that I did have a cheat last week. One.
I had a Lofthouse cookie. Have you ever had one? Pure evil. 180 calories per cookie.
But man are they delish.

However, I knew that even with that one cookie there was no way I could have gained 4-5 lbs in just a few days. None. Not possible with the workouts I was doing. Right!? Especially when I had worn a smaller size jeans earlier in the week.

Right. And since you are all women I know you can relate to what I am about to say.
That evil time of the month showed up later Friday. No fair! But it totally explains the 4-5 lb gain! Fluid retention is such an ugly thing.

Today I am down at least 2 of those pounds but must admit that I have not been to the gym or done any of my workout dvd's the last few days. Shameful I know. Tomorrow is a new day and my hubby and I have already determined that we are going to both work extra hard in the coming months.

We have a race coming up March, our family beach trip in June and (hopefully) a holiday cruise in late December! So, tell me to get moving! ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


>You've heard of it, right!?

Well, last night I ventured into the world of Bootcamp workouts. Again, I put my faith in my trusty trainer Bob Harper. Have you heard of him? Seen him? He is awesome. And he is not hard on the eyes at all. ;)

I was unable to make it to the gym last night because I had a lady coming by to pick up an item I listed (and sold) on Craig's List. By the time she came, we had dinner, I worked on some things with the was just late. So, I put on my shoes and started up my trusty Biggest Loser dvd and set it to the "bootcamp workout." I had heard in the past about Bootcamp but never really considered trying it because COME ON it just sounds hard. And as I found out last night, IT IS HARD!

I do love a good, hard workout.  Bob starts off by telling you (or ME) that you can use hand weights or not. I chose to use mine because I like the extra work. Well, I only had 5lb handweights available. By the end of the workout my arms and shoulders were screaming for me to buy some 3 lb weights!

While I was not pleased that I didn't get a run in last night I was happy that I attempted and successfully completed the BL Bootcamp workout with Bob as my guide! I may or may not have said a few choice words to handsome Bob during the workout. :o)

Tonight I WILL be hitting the gym and treadmill for a much needed run! And dang it I am going late enough to get one of the treadmills with a fan! teehee

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

>Pardon me while I whine

>I am having a very off day today. I don't really feel well...headache, ringing ears and just blah. I'm tired and am thinking I just shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure I went to bed around 11 and got up around 7, but who knows. Maybe I do need sleep.

Whine over.

Here is how last night went.
 I went to the gym after work yesterday. My run did not go as planned. I am disappointed really in how it went. First of all, it was hot and stuffy in the gym (more so than normal and especially in the particular area I chose to hop on the treadmill). I typically run on one of the treadmills with a fan on it and while I am running the "wind" blows in my face just right. ha. Yesterday I kept having to take walk breaks every few minutes. I HATE that. After right at 1.65 miles (and 22 minutes later) I kind of gave up on my run. Really. I know how bad that is. But fear not...

I hopped on an elliptical and set it to a Level 5 workout for 25 minutes. That took me another 2 miles and it was MUCH cooler on that side of the gym. So, I got a decent workout in but I am still not pleased with my run.

What's ahead.
I have approximately 46 days until my first 5k race of the year. Of those 46 days I will probably only get to run/workout 30 days/times. Those other 16 days I have Girl Scout meetings, Girl Scout cookie booths, my son's 4th birthday and party, basketball practice and games, Valentine's Day (which isn't a huge deal), hubby's birthday and my birthday. And honestly, I hate to even say we sound busy or actually are busy people. Busy shouldn't be an excuse to not workout or run. And I am going to try my hardest to NOT let it be an excuse.

My goal is to run my 5k in 35 minutes (at least). I would be happy with 36 though. For now I want to shoot for 35. I won't accomplish that by having runs like I did last night though. So, I will keep on pushing myself to do better. I guess the plus side for now is that I can actually run, right!?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

>I almost gave in to my lazy bone!

>So, last night I had told myself that after my GS meeting I was going to hit the gym and do some running. By the time I got home and got Annabelle in and settled it was late... well, late for heading back into town to go to the gym. 8:30. By the time I would get to the gym it would be almost 9 so I told myself I was going to stay home.

Well, after I talked to my husband and did a little work on the computer it was 9:30 or so. So, you know what I was thinking, "It's way too late for the gym, the Wii is out of commission... so hey, take a break." That thought didn't last long and before I knew it I was staring at the dvd collection looking for my Biggest Loser workout dvd. I laced my shoes back up and put the dvd in!

I set it a "custom" workout and ended up doing almost an hour total. The first part was cardio and the second was strength training. Bob Harper is so cute even when he is pushing you to go the distance. ;)

Tonight is a regular gym night for me. I will be back to running. My husband kindly reminded me last night that I have 7 weeks until my first 5k of the year.

Monday, February 8, 2010


>For those of you who don't know what NSV stands for, let me tell you....


I love those. Right now the scale isn't my best friend even though I consult it daily. We are working on our relationship but for now I will be best friends with the jeans I put on this morning. 14s! And they are NOT cutting my gut in two at all.  And that is a great feeling!

The scale was an even 196 on Friday (my normal weigh in day) and that's ok. Not down by much but not up. Well, today is a different story. I need to get a real handle on my weekend eating. My hubby and I have agreed that we will begin working on that now.

Our Wii is faulty so I have to put it in the mail and have it repaired. Bummer. I was getting pumped about all those EA Sports Active Trainer workouts. But that just means that for the next 2-3 weeks I have no excuse to not go to the gym! I need to work on adding to my running miles anyway.

So, that is what is going on in my world! And in case I don't make it back to post this week (I'm working on it), then I hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

>Working out from home is fun!

>Yesterday my (and my hubby's) birthday gift arrived in the mail. The hubby celebrates a birthday on 2/21 and mine is a week later on 2/28. This year we decided to get a joint gift rather than giving each other money to go "buy what we want," which usually turns into spend a small amount on something we want and then basically blowing the rest. So, a couple of weeks ago I found a great deal on a Wii Active bundle on my favorite shopping site and ordered it! Yay.

This is what arrived on my doorstep yesterday evening.
The Wii with Wii Winter Sports and EA Sports Active Trainer.
SO.MUCH.FUN in that box!!!

We messed around on the Wii Winter Sports game for a bit and after the kids went to bed I decided that since I had missed the gym I would pop in the EA Sports Active Trainer and see what it was all about.

OMG! In just 20 minutes I was sweating like a hog and my thighs and butt were burning! I did running, boxing, squats, in-line skating, and a whole lot of upper body work in just 20 minutes! And seriously even for a girl that works out regularly it nearly kicked my butt. I totally feel it today! The in-line skating was crazy! I logged on and decided to do the 30 day challenge on the game! I am hoping to get some measurements tonight and see just what kind of difference there may be in 30 days. Tonight I am going to design a custom workout and go a bit longer than just the 20 minutes. The 20 minutes last night was good but I feel like I could use more. 

I may also try to hit the gym tonight to see if I can get my daily running in. I'm scheduled to do 3.5 miles.I'm trying hard not to use our schedule at home this week as an excuse to not make it to the gym. Having the Wii at home is just a plus for nights like last night when it is just impossible to make it to the gym though. :) 

Anyway, I had lunch out with my two favorite guys today. We went to a local deli and I got a kid's (3 inch) size Reuben sandwich and a small tossed salad w/ff rasp. vinaigrette dressing. So far I feel like today is a good day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

>How Tuesday night went...
Well, last night I had to skip the gym because when I got off work at 5 I had to go pick up my son and head straight home to change into my basketball coaching clothes and rush to the gym to coach my daughter's basketball game. I was less than thrilled with the idea of a game on a Tuesday night because normally we practice on Friday nights and have games on Saturday mornings. Due to the bad weather we had over the weekend we had a missed practice as well as a missed game. Bummer. The last time this happened we did not make up the practice or game. This week was a different story. I hate when my schedule is knocked out of whack! I really missed my time at the gym (to work out) last night. I was grumpy when I got home and knew that if I had gotten my run/workout in I would have felt much better. I did walk the court a bit so I might have burned a few calories that way and I guess that is better than nothing, right?!

Food/weight related talk...
My eating has been going pretty well this week. I've pretty much eaten convenience type foods for my lunch and I am ok with that. I know it may come as a surprise after my rant from yesterday regarding the whole "Fast Food Diet" thing but I feel it isn't quite the same, maybe related. I picked up a few Progresso Light soups and some Healthy Choice meals to bring as my lunches this week. I know some people would advise me to stay away from those "processed" foods especially with trying to lose weight (and normally I would) but this week it was about what was quick for me. So flame away if you must, I probably deserve it! lol Just be gentle. ;) My hubby made a large crockpot full of white chicken chili Monday night and that's what we had for dinner last night. I was sure it was loaded with all kinds of sodium and that the scale would reflect that this morning. BUT I was surprised when I got on it and I wasn't up. Yay. So, this being the middle of the week and all I am hoping that when I weigh on Friday I will see a loss (even if it is just a few ounces because at this point I will take what I can get). I had been doing my weigh ins on Mondays and then realized that the weekends I don't do as well and Monday weigh ins weren't good for my attitude! lol So, Friday will now be my weigh in days!

Wednesday's agenda...
Today I have all my food planned out and logged into SparkPeople! I like having that done first thing in the morning because it keeps me more accountable through the day when it comes to what I put in my mouth. The half marathon training schedule calls for a 2 mile run or cross training for today. I think I will do the running but might throw something extra in there, too. Sometimes 2 miles just doesn't seem like a lot or enough.

Something fun...
You guys should run (pun intended..haha) over to Endurance Isn't Only Physical and checkout her super cool giveaway!

And with that, I am out! I promised myself I would be more productive at work today! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

>I'm just not getting the "Fast Food Diet" hoopla

>There was another segment on my fave morning news show about the "Fast Food Diet" fad out right now. I listened to it and the whole time was thinking, "even these experts talking about this are crazy!" One of them got it right when she said that still these "diet friendly" items are full of sodium even if the calorie and fat content is less. I don't know about you but I do watch my sodium intake.

It really does affect the number I see on the scale from day to day. Even on days when I drink 100+ ounces of water I can tell when my sodium intake has been too high. Normally I see it in my ankles. Gross, right!? They aren't that huge and puffy and aren't noticable to even my hubby but the point is I KNOW that it makes a difference for me. Does that mean I stay away from all higher sodium foods? No, of course not. ;)

I guess what gets me is they say how much better a regular/plain bean burrito is for you than the one full of taco sauce and cheese. Right. I get that. BUT why not heat up some of those prepackaged veggies (the steamer kind) and toss a frozen chicken breast in the oven the night before and take that for lunch? It's cheaper than that fast food crap anyway and you aren't getting the fat and calories or the same amount of sodium.

I do realize that there are times we all grab those convenient fast food items but I guess my problem is they call it a "diet." I can't grasp that concept at all! And while some people have claimed to lose tons of weight eating at one fast food joint or the other I still think there is much more to their success then trading a few of their regular fast food meals with those lower cal/fat meals. There are so many other things to take into count when it comes to those "success stories."

Anyway, I have no purpose for this rant other than the whole concept drives me nuts! I know I don't always make the best choices when eating but my problem is there really has to be more to those success stories! And that's just my opinion. ;)

Monday, February 1, 2010

>Monday's Miles

>Despite a very busy evening I made it to the gym. I was stressed after leaving work and what is so funny is that it was not even work related stress! HA! Anyway, I had a GS meeting and went right to the gym once it was over. I had a 3.5 mile planned and did some stretching afterwards. My run went as follows:

 3.6 miles in 37:48 @ 10:30 min/miles pace
I am hoping that once it warms up and I get back outside my pace will remain the same. I'm nervous I will slow down. Something about running outdoors intimidates me, as much as I do love it. Weird, yes. ;)
Anyway, my first 5k of the year is March 27th (I think that date is correct). It is in GA and I hope to be meeting some old friends for the race as well as having my hubby by my side (for part of it at least since he is faster than me). My goal is to run it in less than 38 minutes.

I have a lot of work to do between now and then!


>Dumb blog girl here has questions...
1. I want a new title, what do you think of this one??
2. Can I change my URL without completely changing the entire blog all together?

Thanks. ;)

Onto other news.
We had no school Friday here due to the weather. Hubby was also out of town.
Sooo, because of those two factors I missed 3 days of HM training. Pooo!!!
The good news is that today is a new day and I already have my plan. 3.5 miles after my GS meeting tonight.
I did get a smidge of running this morning. Don't laugh too hard.
I jogged the parking lot at Preschool after dropping my Peanut boy off! Hey, it was cold and I had my running shoes on! I may have only burned the 40 calories worth of creamer in my coffee but that's a start for the day!
Whatever works, right!?

Have a great Monday! More later..