Monday, January 31, 2011

>Signs signs everywhere a sign...

>Thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head. haha

A few weeks ago the awesome Meghan with Build A Sign contacted me and asked if I would be interested in designing a sign and bumper stickers for myself. After having seen these awesome signs in blogland I jumped at the opportunity. With my upcoming (first!!) half marathon I kind of knew what I wanted to do. I came up with this lovely sign for my sweet children to hold when they come to cheer me on...

And as if that sign isn't just so cute, Meghan asked if I wanted 2... I knew I didn't want 2 signs of just me especially since the hubby was going to be running with me. SO, I came up with this little piece of awesome...

The pictures really do not do these signs justice. The color is great and the pictures are so crisp. I can't wait to see my little cheerleaders holding these up for us on race day. :)

And one last thing before I go...
Meghan also allowed me to design a bumper sticker. She sent me several of these so that I could share them with my readers. If you are interested in getting one of them leave a comment... I have 15 stickers so the first 15 comments are the lucky folks who will get one!

These signs and/or bumper stickers are great for so many reasons. The sight is easy to use. If you want more info or want to create your own signs/bumper stickers just click the link in my sidebar. And thank you, Meghan for the great product! :)

>Hey, move it ...move it!!

>Very recently I found this great blog and started following it, commenting once or twice and before I knew it The Momma was emailing ME and asking if it would be okay to feature my success story on her blog... Let's Move It Momma's.  I immediately said sure but then struggled coming up with the material even though I had just shared my story here on my blog. So, if you haven't read about me on my blog or even if you have, be sure to check head over and check out the condensed version with before/after pics HERE.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

>The great 8

>This week my running miles have really added up. I completed week four of my half marathon training plan and so far I feel great. I ran a total of 19 miles this week making that the most miles I've ran in one week, ever!

My runs this week went as follows:
~Monday 3 miles in 31 mins on the treadmill.
~Wednesday 5.25 miles in 57 mins on the treadmill.
~Thursday 3.1 in 32 mins on the treadmill.
~Saturday 8 miles 1:34 on a greenway, with awesome friends.

Other workouts this week:
~Mon.  BodyPump
~Tues  Core Challenge class, ARC trainer
~Weds  BodyPump

All of my runs this week felt pretty good. I had some tenderness in my right knee on Wednesday but was able to push through and have one of the best longer treadmill runs I have ever had. I felt strong and confident. This only concerned me slightly for what was ahead of me on Saturday. I would be running my first ever 8 miler. Why be concerned? Well, I felt like my runs had gone so well through the week that I was due a bad run. And the worrier in me just knew that Saturday would be that day, but thankfully I was so wrong.

I met my running buddies (who so graciously pick me up each far.. and drive to our running location) and we set out for a local greenway to run 8 miles. It was decided to take it easy since last week the run was a bit difficult. So, we ran 8 minutes and walked a minute (I think...I was kind of zoned out a bit this run!) and took a couple of potty breaks. The weather was great and the sun was shining...a gorgeous day in East TN!!  The greenway was nice and not one I had ran before so I really enjoyed that along with the great company and conversation.

When my Garmin (who has still not been named) hit 7.05 I got pumped up! I had officially ran my longest run ever and all I could think was wow, when did my life become this?? I think I zoned out a bit because before I knew it Terri and I were at the lead of the pack and not too much later I was being told to slow down....ooops, sorry! I had completely zoned out by that point and didn't realize I had hit 9:10 pace. I didn't even realize the girls were talking at all. I couldn't hear anything but the thoughts in my head telling me that it was just over a half mile and I would have completed my first 8 mile run! I was pretty stoked. We slowed down and walked a few seconds before picking back up and finishing our run.

All in all I would definitely say that this was a great 8!! I am so grateful for running friends (and my wonderful hubby) to help me get through this training. I am looking forward to the next few weeks and the additional mileage. I still am just in awe that years ago my Friday night life was pigging out on junk food and being lazy. These days the hubby and I are being cautious of what we eat to prepare for the next day's long run. Saturday mornings are not spent sleeping in, but setting an alarm to get up and out the door to run...long! It kind of thrills me when I think about the difference I have made in my lifestyle.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

>RLAM The Book - Winners


I am thrilled that I was able to give not just one but TWO copies of this awesome book away. I used to select the lucky winners and they are....

#1 ... Julie

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. And if you didn't win, don't fret (or maybe fret because this is an awesome book) but head on over to Run Like a Mother's  blog and read about many other awesome mother runners (gosh I love that word!!!).  Now all I need the winners to do is email me your mailing addresses and your book will be on it's way to you Monday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

>3 Things Thurs.

>1. You still have time to get in on my giveaway. Go HERE  to get the full details. But the summary is, I am giving away Run Like a Mother (the book). AND because those ladies are more awesome than I even said they were I will be giving away TWO books. Somehow Dimity McDowell (one of THE RLAMers..seriously!!!) got word that I was giving away their awesome book and said she felt bad that I spent my own $ to buy the book and give it away so they were having their publicist send one to me for the giveaway! Hello!?! I'm just a small town girl with a blog and a pair of running shoes!! I was like totally on cloud 9. See for me those ladies are like any other celebrity! Anyhooooo, now there are two books up for grabs so go tell all your awesome friends about this little blog of mine and the great giveaway! :)

2. I registered for the Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon a few days ago. I will be running 13.1 miles in April. Holy cow!! ME??? 13.1 miles??? Crazy, I know. Thankfully my hubby will be by my side. I'm glad he let me talk him into this. AND I am proud of myself for being committed to the training. I chose a 10 week training plan and am now on week 4 with 2 more runs for the week ahead of me (3 miles today, 8 miles Sat). So far everything is going well. There are 10 weeks until the half marathon and 6 weeks left of my training. So, if I have to repeat a week I think I am all good. Any experienced runners are welcome to give me advice. I am lucky to have a great support system and awesome running pals to get me through my training.

3. Tomorrow is my hour long personal training session. It will be the first one I have ever had. I am excited and nervous. I have done so much exercising this week that I hope I can hang for the full hour. And I hope that the workout doesn't kill me to the point I won't be able to make my run a good one on Saturday. But I also hope that the workout I am given will give me the results I hope to see before summer..and yeah maybe that isn't enough time but one can hope, right!?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

>Mmmm breakfast!

>Breakfast is quite possibly my most favorite meal of the day. I love bacon, eggs, grits, biscuits.... I love pancakes and sausage! I LOVE when my hubby cooks because let me tell you I cannot make any of those things without the help of a bag or can. haha And of course none of those things are all that healthy and are most certainly not every day breakfast foods in our house, but man I wish they were.

I often find myself trying to find something for breakfast that is quick or can be grabbed on the way out the door or even reheated when I get to work. A lot of times I will just have toast w/pb and honey or an english muffin with cheese but those aren't the healthiest of options either.

Hubby and I have found a lot of great recipes on SkinnyTaste that he (I can't really take credit since I don't do a lot of the cooking) has been making for our family. So far everyone has loved the recipes and there has been a recipe or two the kids have asked for seconds of.

Last night I decided to try a breakfast recipe. Broccoli and cheese mini egg omelets and experimented with it a bit. I used whole eggs (5 of them), cheese and chopped up 2 slices of bacon hubby made earlier in the day. I think total I made 8 little muffins. No one in my family was really interested in these, which is fine because it gives ME breakfast on the go the rest of the week.

I didn't snap a picture because mine didn't come out looking exactly like Gina's but here is the picture off her blog...

This morning before leaving the house I had my regular cup of coffee with a half english muffin/mozz cheese and decided once I got to work I would nuke 2 of the mini muffin omelets and have those with my 2nd cup of coffee. They lacked flavor and that was probably because I don't use a lot of salt/pepper (and didn't add anything extra prior to cooking) so I drizzled a bit of hot sauce on them which seemed to be just what they needed (for my taste). Overall I think they were really good. Low carb, low cal and relatively low fat! I think you could definitely make many variations of this to suit your own tastes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

>The rest of the story

>So, where did I leave off?

230 to 178 and back again, right? Yep.

In 2008 I did get a little help from a dear friend who signed me up to run my first 5k ever. It was in July of 08 and as she was newly pregnant I was as new to running. And by running I don't mean the act of jogging at a fast pace without stopping or whatever definition you want to use. I mean there was some fast foot shuffling but mostly walking. 48:59 minutes later I crossed the finish line.

And I didn't run again or attempt to lose anymore weight until April 2009. I had enough, summer was coming and by golly I DID want to run (like for real run!). So, I stepped foot into the walk in weight loss center I visited a year prior and again I had a bit of success but after a couple of months and another swimsuit season I decided I could actually do this on my own without their expensive bars and 3 times a week "counseling" sessions.

So, I bought a few books, read a few chapters and journaled what I ate. I went back to my gym...the one where my memship sat unused for several months. And I started going at least 3 times a week. I started back into a regular running routine and by April 2010 I had lost  almost 40 pounds. 

I had finally worn a bathing suit on summer vacation that didn't include a coverup skirt to hide my thighs. I ran the same 5k race I ran in 2008 two more times, improving my time by almost 15 minutes! And I learned that I could definitely do this weight loss and running/workout thing ON MY OWN.

I sought out the help of the dietitian at my gym because like with most anyone attempting to lose weight around October of 2010 I hit a wall and the weight wasn't moving. She had me loosely follow a diebetic eating regime. No, I am not diebetic or even prediebetic but she said the eating plan would produce results and with just tweeking what I was currently doing she felt I would lose weight. And I did. I lost 10 pounds from Nov. 1, 2010 until Jan 1, 2011. I followed the plan she gave me of eating 6 small meals a day and continued with my workout schedule.

I overcame a fear in 2010 and started going to group classes at my gym. I found I LOVE BodyPump and started trying to at least make that class 2 times per week. That added to my running and healthy eating is what aided in the 10lb loss.

that isn't all. There is one more important thing that helped me get there.

I had to have support. And let me tell you people, if it were not for my husband and his unending support I would not have survived over a year of healthy living. We make healthy meals at home for the most part. He started running with me early in 2009 and he has stood beside me through my whole journey. Always always believing that I could achieve my goals.

In 2010 we ran 5 races together.
In 2010 I lost an additional 20 pounds making my weight loss total as of Jan. 1 60 pounds.

I set new goals for 2011 and he is right there helping me achieve those.
1. Lose 20-25 pounds
2. run my first half marathon

I still struggle every single day of this journey. I struggle with food choices and fight the urge to make bad choices. I admit to making bad choices or allowing myself cheats once in a while. I feel it is somewhat important to do that because (if you are like me) if I don't I will think about those bad foods (that taste freaking awesome) for so long that when I do give in it is a complete over indulgence and leaves me feeling guiltier than it would just by giving in to a tiny craving. Makes sense? HA!

I still struggle with my image. Yes, it is true that I hardly look like the 230 lb girl I was back in April of 2009. But there are days (LOTS of days) when I look in the mirror and that girl is the same one staring back at me. I curse that girl everyday because I don't want to be her. I don't want her to haunt me with her chunky thighs and fat belly and her size 20 pants/size 2x tee.  It is very hard to see the changes my body has made...changes *I* have worked hard to get.  BUT I know they are there, even when I do struggle to see the girl I am now and not the girl I was...

There's more! Stay tuned (again.).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

>Hi, hello, welcome...

>I see I have some new followers. Thank you for following me. :)
And the same to you long time followers. I appreciate you all.
One thing you should know about me (actually my blog) is that for some strange, strange reason it doesn't update for me, for you, for anyone. I think it says the last time I posted (Google reader or whatever the fancy tracking method is) was like 11 months ago. Let me assure you that is NOT the case. I may not post daily but I DO try my absolute best to post a couple times a week.  So, please stay and check back often!

For those of you that are new (and those of you who aren't so new but might not know) I thought it would be cool to do an introduction of sorts or tell you about me (yeah that's an introduction, duh) and how this blog came about. And it may be that I am not cool but bored and needed something to post today. haha

So, here we go...
In April of 2009 I found myself at the same exact (large) weight I was at about the time I attempted to lose weight after having not one but both of my kids. Tipping the scales just a few ounces shy of 230. Yep. 230. Yikes. I had tried several methods of losing weight from fad diets, to all kinds of books, even those little walk in centers that cost entirely too much and "make" you think you need to eat their nasty processed garbage. HA. Did any of these methods work? Of course they did.

But they were not the right methods for me. You see it all began on a lazy Saturday when my daughter was about 4 months old. There was this one plan (hello, tv infomercial man) that I tried immediately following the birth (and weaning from the boobage) of my daughter where I lost almost a whopping 80 lbs in just less than a year. That same year I found out my worthless little gall bladder was loaded with stones and it likely had to do with the drastic change in eating (read: starvation diet) I was currently working with. I was also going to the gym and working out as much as I could and even thought that the pain I was feeling (related to the gall bladder thingy) was my body starving to lose all this weight. ha SO, gall bladder out, diet done. I tried to do it "my way" a while longer and kept most of the weight off until trying to get (and successfully becoming) pregnant with my son.

I did what any other fat chick who had been pregnant and fat before did...
I said I was going to watch what I ate with #2 and keep up with exercising. Um, yeah. Guess what??? That did not happen. I was pooped way more than I ever thought I would be but I guess working full time and chasing a toddler has the ability to do that to a pregnant woman. Oh wait, does that sound like an excuse? Whatever. So, wanna play the guessing game some more?

You got it. I gained more weight than a pregnant fat girl should a SECOND TIME!!! I don't even know what I tipped the scales at on delivery day but I am guessing it is more than the 230 I was pushing at my latest weight loss attempt. When my son was born I was determined (way determined) to nurse that boy 12 months. So, weight loss was at the middle to back of my mind because I knew if I wanted a good supply I needed to make sure I ate. Go ahead, laugh.. it's ok. I am pretty sure I didn't gain any weight while I was nursing him and if I lost weight it was a miracle. The day I weaned him is not one I will forget.

That day was also the day I was going to get serious. And I did. I joined one of those walk in places that charge too much to weigh you multiple times a week and also have a "counselor" there to look at your food journal to blast you for eating such and such and only losing 4 ounces between Monday and Wednesday. Seriously, they really only hire these people to sell the product. They work off commission and going in I *knew* that but believed this could be done. I could lose weight. And I did.  I went from exactly 228 to 178 in about 6 months. Then I went on vacation, wore my swimsuit and hello....

A year later I was 230 lbs....AGAIN.

This is where April of 2009 comes in and when my REAL weight loss/running journey began.
Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the story. I've got to get dressed to go run. ;)

Monday, January 17, 2011

>Rest over!

>I rested, like the doctor said, for 3 days.
I skipped the workout I had planned for Friday as well as my "long" run for Saturday and even took a decent nap Sunday.
But today I HAD to run. Had to. So, immediately after work I changed and hit the gym.
I was feeling relatively well but had already told myself before making it to the gym that I was only going for 2 miles and didn't care if it had to be a slow 2 miles. It would be a calorie burn and I hadn't had that in 3 days.
When I got on the treadmill I set it to a 11 min/mile pace. My last few runs have been betwween 9:50 - 10:20 min/mile pace but I was totally fine with 11 min/mile even 12 if that got me moving. At about mile 1.35 my stomach started talking. It had been bothering me all day and the best thing I can come up with is the antibiotics are bothering my stomach a little. I rarely take meds so this is the only reason I think they're bothering me. Of course I am no dr or nurse so I could be completely off base. Anyway, I hopped off the treadmill and ran to the potty real quick. Once I got back to the treadmill I felt fine and moved on along.
I ended my run at 2.53 miles in 27:02 (10:41 min/mile pace). I was fine with that.
What I did realize is that this bronchitis is refusing to break up and give me any relief in my chest. I really thought running would move that stuff a bit, but apparently not. I still feel fine. I was glad to run today! I am still short on my mileage goal for the year but with a half marathon coming up in April I am sure to add to the mileage soon!!! :)

I'm done resting but plan to "take it easy" as much as I can with my running this week. I still plan to run but will do like I did today and just listen to what my body says. If it means only running 2-3 miles a couple days this week fine, but I REALLY want to aim for the 6 that I have on the schedule for Saturday!

Friday, January 14, 2011


>Per Doctor's orders I am to take it easy and rest a few days.

Last week sometime I started feeling a bit congested and sneezy. I might have also had a bit of a scratchy throat. It lasted a few days but overall I felt fine. I went about my week as normal and worked out when time permitted and rested when I felt the need.

This week I thought I was feeling better and other than a major coughing attack following Monday's snowy run I have been ok. Nighttime always sparks the cough though and apparently it isn't just driving me crazy but hubby made mention that I coughed all night long the last couple of nights. Oopsie.

Today I woke up with a bit more tightness in my chest, soreness in my throat and a major headache. "Go to the doctor," a couple of people said. But really I don't feel that bad and I haven't had a fever. Yeah, I'm one of those that thinks (I) need to be seriously sick to even make a trip to a doctor's office which is why I still (2 years after my doctor moving to a different practice) do not have a regular doctor. ha. I just don't get sick.

Anyway, around lunch time I sent hubby a text and said, "Should I go the clinic?" And of course he said, "about your cough." I debated but after hubby said he was afraid if I didn't go and kept on like I have been if I did have bronchitis he was afraid I'd get walking pnuemonia or something. So I called and they told me there were only 6 people in the waiting area. I went.

Ugh. Doc confirmed what hubby thought. Bronchitis but also that I have an ear infection which is crazy because I have had no pain in my ear at all. So, I went on to ask the dr about activity and if it'd be okay to go on with my current workouts. He asked exactly what I meant. lol I chuckled and said, "Well, I have a 5 mile run planned for tomorrow and I'd like to keep that part of my schedule as is." HA Yeah, he said no way. Come on!?

Apparently it's true... your body does need rest to get over these things. So, I am going to take the dr's advice. Tonight I will (wait til hubby gets home) and take the kickbutt cough meds and antibiotics the dr prescribed and take it easy. Hopefully by not hearing me cough all night long hubby can get some more rest too. And tomorrow I will skip my 5 miler (which really is disappointing to me because it is my long run for the week and means making up for mileage not only for my half marathon training but also Tall Mom's 1000 mile club) but I cannot promise that the Emert clan will not venture out of the house for something.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

>Three Things Thursday

>1. I found out when I got to the gym tonight that I was a "winner." Of course I am a winner people! :) haha
NO really. Remember that "Maintain Don't Gain" challenge I participated in at my gym over the holidays?  Well, I lost 10lbs during that. That alone makes me a winner, in my eyes. :) When I walked onto the fitness floor tonight two of the trainers were standing there, I grabbed my towel and heard, "Here comes one of our big winners now!" What, who me? Yep. Turns out there was a drawing or something for the participants of the challenge (those that lost and met their attendance goal) and my name was drawn. SO, what did I win? An hour personal training session! Woot. Now, I just need to decide which trainer I want to work with and decide when. I am really excited.

2. We've been making a few of the recipes featered on SkinnyTaste. Everything we have tried has been really good. If you haven't checked out that blog you should. The recipes are geared towards someone following Weight Watchers, but you obviously don't have to be following WW to enjoy these recipes. I am not following Weight Watchers but do think that the recipes fit our (relatively) healthy eating habits. I like that the calories and fat and all that jazz are listed for each recipe (based on portion size). We usually have enough left over to make lunch the next day. I like that too!

3. I'm having a Giveaway. Did you know that? I'm giving away the book "Run Like a Mother." You can check out my giveaway HERE. And you can check out more about the book and it's authors HERE.  I'd love for you to enter my giveaway or spread the words to your friends so they can enter.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

>Cabin Fever

>After a few days cooped up in the house I finally busted out and came to work today. It is so peaceful and quiet in my office. All I hear is the humming of the heater under my desk and the tap tap tap of my fingers on the keyboard.

I LOVE the snow. I really do. We have had a great time playing in it (and running) but the sitting around inside was beginning to wear on me and I felt as though I was getting a case of the blahs. Yesterday I got to thinking about my half marathon training schedule and Tall Mom's 1000 mile Club realizing that I am way behind on my miles for the year so far. I didn't have a run scheduled as part of my training plan yesterday but on Tues/Thurs I like to go to BodyPump classes at my gym. Because of the weather classes had been cancelled and I also knew I would not be going out to town to the gym anyway. So....

While hubby and the kids were "playing school" and cooking dinner I decided to see what I could find on ExerciseTV to do. I ended up doing 30 minutes or so of some pilates and yoga as well as some arm/shoulder exercises with dumbells. It wasn't the workout I would have liked to have done and it was not the cardio I needed but I did get some activity in to take away the guilt of sitting around so much!

Today is a different story! I busted outta the house leaving my poor hubby alone with my rowdy kiddos and came to work. I packed my healthy snacks and lunch for the day as well as my gym bag. The calendar calls for a 4 mile run today and I am looking forward to that! I have new running shoes to break in and pent up energy to get out. I didn't pack my cold weather running gear so that I could run outside so tonight's run will be on the treadmill but I have a plan (thanks to my friend, Terri for giving me some hints on what she's been doing on the treadmill) and hopefully it will go well for me like it has her!

The only thing I am not fond of with running on the treadmill is not being able to use my Garmin. I love coming in from a run and plugging my Garmin in to see the stats of my run. It is so much more exciting than looking at the stats from the treadmill. But I will make do and I did pack my Garmin just in case because if I feel the need to get outside I can always have my awesome hubby bring some cold weather running attire. We will see.

What are you doing to stay active in this cold weather or to keep cabin fever from getting you down?

Monday, January 10, 2011


>So, some of you northern gals (and any guys even read here???) may not think much of it but this morning we woke up to this...

6 inches of the beautiful white stuff!
This was taken around 7:30 am and more snow fell through the day.
We took the kids out to play, built a snowman (thanks hubby) and did some sledding.

Obviously way more fun than going to work and sitting in a stuffy office all day, right!?
And boy did I enjoy myself!! I can't wait to do it again....tomorrow (hopefully!!!).

Anyway, last night hubby and I were talking about how IF it did snow like the weather folks predicted we would possibly both find time today to get out and run...maybe.
It was just a thought. I mean I'm crazy and all but really didn't think it would be something I would actually do.
However, my gym was closed today (I think, I didn't even call to check) and while the sledding and trudging through the snow to play with the kids was fun and probably did burn a calorie or two I knew it wasn't enough of a workout.

So, after we played hubby came in to change. He WAS actually going out to run. Yak tracks attached, cold weather running gear on and the iPhone ready to go.

Crapola...he was serious!

So, this meant *I* should get dressed and prove that I am also a trooper.
And I did.

Please ignore the fact that
1. my shorts are all up in my crack
2. my calves look ginormously huge because of the thick UA socks I had on up to my knees under my tights
3. I don't have a teeny tiny backside at all!!

BUT do notice that...

1. there is tons of snow on the ground

I took a couple of pics with my phone while I was out running. I actually had to stop twice to adjust the Yak Track on my right foot, so I snapped a pic each time. I cannot for the life of me get my computer to recognize the pics though. Bummer.

today's running stats (according to Garmin)
Miles: 2.17
time: 24:01
pace: 11:04

Not too shabby considering the change of conditions for me. This was a first ever for me. And now that I have had time to sit and relax I realize now that running in snow is hard work. My upper legs are killing me! I am really glad I made the decision to NOT use the weather as an excuse to stay inside and skip running. Even though it was a short run (and I need major miles to meet my 1000 mile goal for this year) it's still another run done with

Now, I'm snuggled warm in my pj's, under my blanket getting ready to sip another cup of coffee.  Enjoy your night!

Friday, January 7, 2011

>Run Like a Mother (the book) Giveaway

>Perhaps you have hear of Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea but perhaps you have not. If you have not you should definitely head over to Run Like a Mother (the book)  and check out the great RLAM's. I said before and I will say again that I don't even believe you have to be a runner or even a mom to appreciate their blog or them or the book! Sure the book has lots of inspirational stories about running, but it's inspiring too for those of us that are wives, have jobs and the plus is being a mom (and further a running mom). Even if you are NOT a runner or a running mom, maybe you have given thought to running but just don't know where to get started or how you can juggle your family, job and everything else that goes with that....fear not!!! You can read all about how TO juggle it all or how these two mom's juggled it all while training to run a marathon!

Now, I have no desire to run a full marathon but I DO plan to run my first half marathon this year. Training is hard enough of a task but throw in work, kids, house, etc and it becomes even harder. I could just lay the idea of running a half marathon to the side because of everything else in life going on BUT I won't reach my goals that way. IF you are considering even running a 5k or heck even considering joining a gym but have doubts, PLEASE enter my giveaway to win this book! It is well worth the read (even if you don't win). Not only do these two women give their stories about staying motivated, what clothing to wear, music, nutrition, pregnancy and much  more but there are also little excerpts from other women like us who have gone through the journey as well.

Like I said in my last giveaway of this book, I read it in just a matter of days from the front cover to the back and have began reading through it a second time. I've never done any other book that way. It's been a huge inspiration to me and I believe it would be to you as well.

I bought this book with my own money and wrote this review on my own. I could go on about what it has meant to me and how it has helped me. I could take whole excerpts from this book and post here for you, but I want you to first check out the RLAM blog and check out these two women and the many  more women out there! I want YOU to find inspiration like I did. I want YOU to be encouraged not only in running but in your journey as a mom and wife. :)

So, here is YOUR chance to win this great book.
What do you have to do to win?
First of all, leave me a comment for each entry.

1. follow my blog
2. LIKE Run Like a Mother on Facebook
3. Tell me who inspires you
4. Spread the word (and send me a link to where you did just that).

Entries will be taken from now through Friday, January 28. Winner will be announced on Saturday, January 29th and your book will be in the mail on Monday, January 31st (as long as you email me your info by then.). So, check it out and get entered. Good luck and RUN HAPPY!!! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

>Three Things Thursday

>1. Today was the final weigh in at my gym for the Maintain Don't Gain challenge. I am down a total of 10 lbs since it started on Nov. 1. I had hoped to get off another 2 lbs this week but it just didn't happen. I'm ok with that. 10 lbs since Nov. 1 is not too shabby. It beats the 8-17 lbs the dietitian wanted me to lose in 6 months (as of the end of Oct). So I still have a good bit to lose another 7 lbs (hopefully more!).  It just seems like I won't get the next 20-25 lbs off since it seems to be coming off so slow. I do know slow weight loss is best but I think anyone trying to lose weight gets a bit discouraged when a week or so passes without any kind of loss. And of course there are still things I could change to make a loss happen I just need to work harder. I know I am not going to let January pass without seeing a loss. There I said it, you read it and that means it has to happen. ;)

2.  Remember when I said I have a  secret? Do you also recall that the secret is a giveaway? Are you ready for that giveaway? If the answer to any of these 3 questions is yes, then stay tuned because the details will be posted tomorrow.

3. I have a cold this week. I am trying my best not to let it beat me down. I am not treating it with anything though so I may lose the battle. I have been trying to go to bed earlier and eating as healthy as I can. I also have been keeping up with my workouts. I have ran 3 days this week (per my half marathing training plan) and still have one more run ahead of me for the week. I've taken one BodyPump class as well. What I have not done is any weight training. I should though. I keep saying I am going to step it up in that area. But what I wanted to know is how do you train when not feeling 100% ? Do you do anything different when you're sick or coming down with something?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

>Because I needed one more challenge!

>So, if you have been in the running world of blogland long enough I am sure you have heard of Tall Mom and if you haven't then I urge you to click the link and check out her blog. Amazing woman, runner, mom, wife...the list goes on. She held a little challenge of sorts last year and is once again challenging runners (walkers, swimmers, bikers and such) to log 1000 (+++) miles in 2011.

In 2010 I ran a total of 531 miles. A far cry from 1000? Yes. A challenge? Yes. Doable? Yes.
The real question is can *I* do it? I sure hope so. I am definitely going to TRY my best. Tall Mom broke things down here as far as the yearly/monthly/weekly/daily miles to achieve the 1000 goal.

But just in case you decide to not go check it out....

1,000/12 months in a year= 83.33 Miles per month

1,000/52 weeks in a year= 19.23 Miles per week

1,000/365 days in a year= 2.74 Miles per day

So, how am I doing so far?
Well, you know (or you might not) that I have another big (to me) goal for 2011 and that is to run my first half marathon.  That being said I do think I will come much closer to making 1000 miles this year than I did last year. :)

This week's schedule
Mon-  BodyPump @ 6am and 3 miles ran (outside 6PM) 30:56 at 10:19 min/mile pace
Tues - rest due to 1. being sick and 2. a meeting
Weds - 3 miles ran (treadmill) 29:39 at 9:53 min/mile pace
Thurs - 3 miler plus weights
Fri- cross train/weights
Sat - 4 miles

Now, you can see in looking at this week's schedule I will not make the suggested 19.53 miles for the week, BUT in the coming weeks my milage will be increasing on both my short and long runs. So, I am hoping by mid year I will get a good feel of where I stand with milage.  Of course any amount of miles over 531 for 2011 will have me excited because that will be more than I accomplished in 2010. :)

If you are interested in adding miles to your running/biking/swimming this year click the button in my sidebar and join the club. Happy running!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

>2010 Year in Review

>January 2010 -
I weighed in at 198.6. I had completed 4 5k races. I was working out on a sporadic basis. I had just gotten into a snug size 14 jean.

During the year 2010-
I RAN 6 5k races and my first 8k race. I began taking group fitness classes (BodyPump and Zumba). I lost 30 lbs for a total loss of 60lbs since April 2009. I met new running buddies and did a couple of group runs. My husband and I started running regularly together. I never took more than a few days break from the gym and on out of town trips (including vacation) I made time for running and stayed on plan with healthy eating as much as I could. I bought my first ever (in like over a decade) size M shirt and size 12 pants/jeans. I also met with a nutritionist/dietitian and managed to not only maintain through the holidays (beginning Nov. 1) but have lost a total of 10 lbs (the challenge ends this week or next). I gained a lot of confidence in myself and what I am capable of acheiving weight loss wise as well as with my running. I decided to train to run my first half marathon and while I feel like that I have not gotten very far with training it is a start.

January 2011-
I am starting the new year at 170 lbs (up a few ounces from my last weigh in but confident that will be off by the end of my gym's challenge). I will continue with half marathon training. I will add more strength training to my weekly workouts. I continue with my healthy eating and strive to do even better in that aspect of this journey.

During the year 2011-
I plan to run my first half marathon (just need to pick and register!!!). My goal is to lose another 20-25 lbs and reach my weight loss goal. That's as far as I have gotten with my goals for 2011 but I feel like those are great goals that do look tough but I know with determination and drive I can totally reach these goals. I have not set a timeline for 2011 as far as the weight loss goal goes because it has taken me since April 2009 to lose 60 lbs. Slow and steady. I am fine with continuing the slow/steady weight loss because it is easier to keep it off that way. I feel like I have become mindful enough of my eating that even with the occasionl indulgence I am confident I will not revert back to a total crappy way of eating (more on this later). I am determined to make 2011 the best year yet as far as running and weight loss goes!