Wednesday, September 30, 2009

>Quick update

>So, this whole Jillian Michaels thing seems to be working. I was pleased with the peek I took at the scale this morning and I haven't felt deprived with foods, so I haven't felt the need or want to cheat even the slightest bit!

Anyway, as far as my eating goes I have kept it to around 1200 - 1250 calories. This is a small difference in what I was eating on my prior plan. I think even the small difference has made a huge change in results so far for me.

Workouts have been good. I took Monday as a rest day since I had worked out pretty hard on Sunday. So far for the week I have logged 7 walk/jog miles! I am pleased with that number.

I'm not going to give a complete run down of my food because I just feel like that is completely boring! ha ha but I will say that for breakfast I have been having yogurt with dried cranberries and a little Special K in it and boy is it oh so yummy! It is totally filling for me.

I've been wanting to try hummus because so many bloggers, friends, and even Jillian (ha ha) have raved about it and use it in their diets. Well, I must say that it is one of my new favorite foods. I have totally fallen in love with it this week. I bought some spicy pepper hummus and have used a tablespoon on celery sticks as a snack. Love it!

Ok! That's it for an update. A little long.. oops. Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

>Something you should know...

>is that I am a procrastinator!
I have been meaning to post for a few days now but I keep putting it off. It's just what we procrastinator's do!  Anyway, I have not been so great at my journaling but will tell you that until Friday evening I was doing great last week! My friend and I went to the football game and before hand her son wanted to stop at McDonalds. She and I needed to eat and of course we had a coupon. So, instead of getting the grilled chicken sandwiches like we knew we should we both opted for the Quarter Pounder with cheese. We were "smart" though and each took half the bun off of our burgers! ha ha Oh well, right!

This weekend hubby and I went over to Runner's Market where I was fitted for new running shoes. This was a great experience and after quite some time deciding I chose a fabulous pair of Asic's. The GT 2140 to be exact! They have been great so far. I did 3.5 miles yesterday and had little to no leg pain. I woke up this morning a little stiff but the most pain I had was in my abs. So for me this was great!!!

We had a wedding to go to Saturday and we skipped out before food was served. We took the kids to a nicer restaurant in town since we were all dressed up. I had fish and squash with a salad and it was SO good.

I also decided that I might be tired of LAWL method of eating and need something to boost me and keep me going. So, after seeing the Jillian Michael's commercial on tv all weekend long hubby persuaded me into looking at it online. I did just that and liked what info I was given so I signed up. I told my hubby that if this week goes well for me with the food plan I was given and the workout routine then it was something I would continue doing. So, I will of course let you all know how I did this week. I still plan to weigh in on Fridays! Have a great week!

more later.....

Friday, September 25, 2009

>Starting to see a difference...


I know the first picture isn't as close up but even with the distance I am starting to see a real difference in my face/chin and neck area! I did full body shots when I started posting on this blog and I am not sure I am ready to post any new ones yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks or so! But I will say that I am fitting into jeans I haven't in a while. :)


>I am stoked to announce my weigh in today! I am not far at all from what I would hope to be by the end of this month! I admit I was nervous about getting on the scale this morning but once I got on and looked down I was thrilled. :)

Now, I know it isn't a huge loss but I will take that 0.8 loss over any kind of gain any day! That leaves me at only needing to lose 1.2 to be under that 200 lb mark! I am so ready to get there and never look back! One day and one meal at a time, I can, will, and am doing this.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

>Pessimistic Patty here

>I woke up in the worst mood ever and it didn't get much better when I stepped on the scale. Up a few ounces. Eh, don't sweat the small stuff they say, right?! Well, here I am sweating. Why the heck is this crap so hard??? Yeah, I know you don't have the just is. Suck it up. I know. I need to be slapped and hard! lol

Anyway, I have had a few great workouts this week and will be taking the next two days off. My legs are killing me. I need new running shoes something awful. I would hate to even try and think of how many miles I have on my current shoes. And luckily (thankfully) my sweet and wonderful hubby has promised me that we can take a trip to Runner's Market Saturday and get me fitted for a new pair! I am super excited about this because I have never done it before. I usually find a pair I like and take off running. But now since I have decided for running to be my "thing" I want to get a proper fit.

And as you saw (my 3 loyal readers/followers.. lol) I am going to be running my next 5k very soon. Ready or not! ha ha and I am mostly NOT ready, but it's ok. I will get there. I have to.

Where was I??? Haha
Oh, that's right. In a bad mood!

I want to point out a few blogs that I have recently found inspiration in...


I encourage you to check them out! Great reads and lots of honesty (and boy did I need honesty)!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

>Run, run as fast as you can.....

I just registered for my 3rd 5k race.
This one means a great deal to me as I lost my Nana to breast cancer.
I will also be running along side (as much as possible .. lol) a friend who started running with motivation from me. I started the Couch to 5k running program earlier this year (for the 2nd time.. or was it the 3rd??)... lol.. and she was interested as well so I gave her the info and off she ran with it (pun intended)! I am looking forward to this run but am also extremely nervous. My past two races have been during July and times have been awful. I am hoping that I can beat my latest time (43 mins...some odd secs) come October. I am working at that goal right now.
I will keep you updated on my progress!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

>What went in my mouth? 9-20 thru 9-22

Luna bar/banana
skipped due to church
2 slices pizza
(had a friend and her son over)
skipped again
fish taco

Canteloupe (1/4 whole)
Protein bar
Canteloupe (1/4 whole)
3 oz chicken
raw green bell pepper
raw sliced cucumber
Protein bar (1/4 whole)
Protein bar
3 oz chicken
raw green veggies

Yesterday was supposed to continue on to today, but I woke up feeling icky in my tummy so I decided to just pick up back on my regular plan rather than repeat. Sometimes my stomach just can't handle that 2 day "cleanse."

Yogurt w/banana & strawberry slices
1/2 banana
Protein bar
Salad w/grilled chicken
low fat/low cal dressing
Protein bar
to be determined! I laid out ground turkey and haven't decided if that will become spaghetti OR taco salads (minus the So, if you have any tried and true healthy recipes with ground turkey I would love to hear them.

I have decided to make Fridays my actual weigh in days at home.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

>off days...

>Do you have them? In your journey to lose...
Do you have those days where you just don't worry as much about the food you eat?
Well, I had one of those days today.

Heck, let me be honest and say I slept until 10:45 for the first time in 6 years! It felt great to get caught up on rest. I will say that. But it did put me behind on my food and exercise for the day, which I have come to grips with and I am OK with for just today.

I will add that I did jump on the scale today and was surprised yet again since it showed even a loss since yesterday. I won't read much into it though since it isn't officially a weigh in day for me but as I mentioned before I have that scale issue. I am really trying to work on it.

Anyway, I admit to eating things like nachos and a slice of pizza today. I will also add that S'mores are quite swell of a treat! I hadn't had a real one before today. Let me also admit that I told a friend tonight that I feel SO much better on days when I eat "right." And by right I mean healthy! On days like today when I eat junk I pretty much feel like junk! I'd say it is funny how that works, but really it isn't! I am glad that my body gives me that boost of energy from making what are really easy choices. I think that means I know what the right tools are to this whole thing. And that makes me proud even on junk days like today!

And with that now you will know why there is no "What I put in my mouth" post for today! Tomorrow is a new day! :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

>Weighing - In

>Well, today I decided that I would actually go to the LA center and see what I weighed and how many weeks it would take me to reach my first goal. When I got on my scale this morning at home it read 203.6 which is what I was when I weighed in at the LA center last week....So, going with that I assumed I just had to be down a couple of pounds.
I am SO glad I decided to go weigh at the center. dun dun dun......

That is a loss of 2.6 for the week (not including the few ounces I was up when I was there and didn't report about it here.. lol). I am pleased with that loss. Going also let me see the difference in their scale and mine so I can now not worry about posting here and not going to the center to weigh in. Whew.
I will make a final decision by Monday on whether I want to continue going to the center or doing this on my own. If I go to the center it will take me about 8 weeks to lose the next 16 lbs which would put me at my first goal of 185 by Thanksgiving. I can deal with that! But I really would like to see if I can make that goal on my own with the tools and knowledge I have been given. So, we will see.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

>What went in my mouth? 9-16 & 9/17

>I decided not to do daily WWIMM posts because that would get too redundant. So, I thought I would just do a few days at a time. I have done really well food wise (in my opinion) this week. I think I mentioned yesterday that I decided NOT to continue paying to go to LA. I really really want to do this on my own. I do have the help of a very trusty friend and I know that she will help me through the entire process with her knowledge as well as great friendship. I also seek motivation and support through the blogs I read of others going through the same journey. Reading other blogs has helped me stay motivated and focused on what it is I am doing. :)

So, here are yesterday and today's food logs.

coffee w/skim milk
1/2 banana
1 boiled egg
Luna Bar
Grilled chicken sandwich (Chickfila)
w/lettuce & tomato
Protein bar
cherry tomatoes/cucumber slices
sirloin beef steak w/grilled onions

8 ounce light vanilla yogurt
fresh strawberries
1 oz. walnuts
Toasted Nut & Cranberry Luna Bar
Grilled chicken sandwich
w/raw veggies
Protein bar
baked chicken breast
salad w/dressing

So far this week I have logged about 12 walking/jogging miles! Tonight is an off night from exercise because my legs need to rest. I desperately need new running shoes and my shins/knees can totally feel that!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

>Looking for motivation and inspiration...

>Some days this daily struggle becomes much harder than it seemed the day before.
I have posted that I had been going to LA Weight Loss ctrs for a while now and it has been working well for me. Last week it became time for me to renew some weeks to keep going to the center. I decided to just use the tools I have been given to attempt this on my own and weigh in at home once a week. But...

I am such a hostage to my scale. I can't help but get on the thing. It's an addiction like no other I have ever had. Seriously, here is how me and the scale work. I will start with my morning scale routine.

-Get out of bed, weigh complete with clothes on and without emptying my bladder.
-use bathroom, hop on scale again.
-remove all clothes, weigh yet again.
Sometimes I take the no clothes, empty bladder weight as my actual weight. On days that I would go to LAWL to weigh in I would step back on the scale with my "weigh in clothes" on to see what the difference in their scale and my scale would be.
I often repeat these steps in the evenings when I get home from work, too. I am not proud of this addiction or sickness at all. I want to overcome it eventually.

The days I don't weigh I use the scale as a tool to gauge what I would eat that day or if I should intake more water. I swear this has to be some kind of illness! lol

Anyway, I get side tracked so easily. I was due to go in the center yesterday but wasn't feeling well and Mother Nature had decided to show up and ruin any good feelings I had about my weight loss for the day anyway. And if you are like me you fluctuate during that time too. So, that being said I decided to wait until Mother Nature decided to leave me alone before I took to heart what my scale or any other scale told me!

I woke thinking today is THE day the scale will move down substantially for me. I was SO very wrong. It moved up about 8 ounces and while I realize it's ounces and could be any number of things it still was a little frustrating for me. So, I know today what I need to do to make it go away and have the tools to work hard on getting there.

I guess what I am saying is I need to overcome the relationship I have with the scale. I need to learn to stay off it so many times a day. If you have any useful tips or ideas, motivation or inspiration I greatly appreciate it all! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

>What went in my mouth? 9-13 -- 9-15

>I haven't posted daily WWIMM (teehee) posts since Saturday because I have been pretty busy at work. So I thought I would do a 3 day catch up on that.

Sunday - 9-13-09
JetStart drink
LA protein bar
chili (homemade)
w/tomato, lettuce, onions
1 tsp sour cream
LA protein bar
1/2 banana
sm. tortilla
grilled chicken

Monday - 9-14-09
Skinny Vanilla Latte (tall, Starbucks)
1/2 banana
Luna Blueberry Bliss bar
2 boiled egg whites
6 cherry tomatoes
Egg salad sandwich
w/lite mayo (1 tbsp) &mustard
2 slices 40 cal. wheat bread
cherry tomatoes
LA protein bar
Reg. Roast Beef sand (Arby's)
1/2 of bottom part of bun

Tuesday - 9-15-09
yogurt w/fresh strawberries
Luna PB Cookie bar
Egg Salad sandwich (made like always)
cucumber slices
2 boiled egg whites
cucumber slices
Pork tenderloin (3 oz)
brown rice (1/3 cup)

Work outs -
Monday - 3 miles walk/jog track- total time 50 minutes
*I hope to also get in a few more days this week. I did workout Sunday but didn't post it here since I had already posted about it in my NSV post. I am trying hard to get back into a running routine because I have my 3rd 5K coming up in a little over a month! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

>Huge NSV for me yesterday!!!

>And for those of you not down with the lingo...NSV = Non scale victory!!!!

Anyway, I had some time for myself (alone!!!) yesterday so I had planned a couple of quick errands and while I was out decided to stop in Old Navy. I went with the intention of picking up a top I saw online (Deal of the Week, anyone?). After browsing around a little while I decided to try on jeans. I have NEVER had much luck with jeans at Old Navy and honestly didn't expect to have much luck yesterday either. Well, to my surprise the pair I tried on first were too big! I loved the style though! I was so happy they were too big! So, I proudly asked the sales guy to get me a size smaller to try. He brought the right size just the wrong style of jean so I finished trying on everything I took into the fitting room with me and walked around the store a few minutes more.

I decided to go see for myself if I could find the smaller size in the jeans I had previously tried on. Lucky for me I did!! I pulled those jeans on and they felt so good! I was ecstatic!!! I chose two tops and the jeans and went on my way. :) I was also very excited with my shirt purchases too because I was able to go down from an XL to an L in my tops!!! Yay me! This was the boost I needed for the day and since I was already dressed in my workout attire I decided that while I was feeling so motivated that I would hit the gym!

I got in about 2.70 miles on the treadmill in 30 minutes following the Couch to 5K program. I felt like I needed a little more of a workout so I jumped of the treadmill and did another mile or so on that in about 10 minutes. I felt so good!

Here are the three items I purchased at Old Navy yesterday...

I can't wait to do a little more fall shopping! I think next month I will definitely treat myself to a new sweater and some tees.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

>What went in my mouth - 9-12-09

>Well, I woke up feeling much worse today than I felt yesterday. This did not make for a great on plan eating day for me. I did eat and ate within plan some and got all my water in even though the Claritin I took this morning has made me feel like I could drink a lake full of water and not be hydrated! Anyway, I am hoping this crud passes soon. Here is what I had today...

Breakfast - hubby brought home some donuts. I had a lemon filled one. :(

Snack- skipped

Lunch- LA protein bar

Snack- skipped again

Dinner- we ordered take out from Ruby Tuesdays. I had...
sirloin (4-5 oz)
steamed broccoli
1/2 baked potato (little butter, sour cream, cheese and bacon)..I know, bad.
3 oz red wine

I wish I could say I feel good about today's food choices but I don't obviously. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope that my sinuses clear a little so that I feel like eating all of my food for the day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

>What went in my mouth - 9-11-09

>Breakfast -
2 slices low cal wheat toast
2 scrambled eggs

JetStart drink

Small salad w/grilled chicken
rf dressing
pineapple 1/2 cup

LA protein bar

small burger w/half bun (it's on plan, I swear)
6 baby carrots

LA protein bar

My eating times were a bit off today since I weigh in. I do not like to weigh in after having eaten or drank anything. I always weigh in and then eat breakfast. :) And since I wasn't feeling up to par I was not hungry this morning for my morning snack which is normally a protein bar so I saved my 2nd bar to have at the football game tonight.


>This is what I have felt like all day long. Tired, sleepy, sluggish. You get the idea.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and the whole left side of my face/ear/nose feeling like I have some kind of sinus/allergy thing going on. I don't know about you but when I wake up feeling that way it doesn't bode well for the rest of my day. It makes me grumpy. Today was one of those days, but I think I said that already. ha ha

As I mentioned before, I weigh 3 times a week at my LAWL center. Today was to be day 2 this week for me (Monday was a holiday). When I got on my scale at home I was a little discouraged and thought, "Maybe I just won't go today and will go tomorrow instead." I picked up my toothbrush to start brushing my teeth thinking the whole time, "What have I got to lose by not going really?" That's when it hit me and I looked in the mirror and said aloud, "Weight is what you have to lose you big dummy."

And weighing in today is just what I did! I'm glad that I went ahead and got that over with for the week. It was a little disappointing since I was up a few ounces BUT they are only ounces and it gives me something to really work towards this weekend and before my next weigh in on Tuesday.

I have done really well with food today and staying on plan. When I feel sick it is usually very hard for me to get all the important healthy foods in. I was so tempted to run down to the local Five Guys Burgers and Fries and get a big juicy burger but decided that would NOT help me reach my goal for the weekend. So, I stayed 100% on plan.

My goal for the weekend is to stay on plan. I also would like to find the time tomorrow to workout and/or run. I've signed up for my 3rd 5k which will be on October 24. I have a little over a month to get prepared for this. So, I really need (and have) to step up my workouts. I know I can do it. And now I just have to really set my mind to it. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

>What went in my mouth - 9-10-09

>Breakfast- JetStart (special LAWL drink that I love)

AM Snack- LAWL protein bar

Lunch- Salad w/just enough Asian dressing to taste
Egg salad (made w/2 large eggs, lite mayo, and mustard)
2 slices 40 calorie wheat bread

PM Snack - 6 baby carrots (raw)
2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner- 1 cup blueberries
8 oz. low fat vanilla yogurt
4 oz. grilled chicken breast
low cal. wheat bun

Snack- LAWL protein bar

I also had 80 ounces of water and one 16 oz Diet Dr. Pepper today.

I have to give kudos to myself too (is that allowed?? lol) because we always have a group of high school offensive linemen over on Thursday nights. I usually make lots of baked yummies. Today I spent a couple hours making about 4 dozen cupcakes (maybe 5) and 3 dozen peanut butter kiss cookies. I had some major will power!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

>"Before" pics


I had hubby take these when I got in from exercising tonight. I walked around 2.5 miles tonight. I had intended to do some jogging BUT see those nice black workout pants I have on?? Well they have gotten too big so that when I run they slide down. No sense in me showing off my under lovelies to those nearby! LOL

I hope to soon get rid of that gut! Man that thing is huge. Gross. And I am sure you can see all of my other problem areas. I am feeling more motivated and determined to get there. And as was once heard in a song,

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

>Weigh in and measurements - take 1

For those (or my one follower of this blog) that follow my other blog you know that I have been going to LA Weight Loss center for about 4-5 months now. I also weigh in there 3 times per week and meet with a "counselor" to discuss my food journal and any questions/concerns I may have as well as listening to their encouraging words. I also get measurements done at my center every 8 weeks (I think). In addition to that I try to workout at least 3 times per week (hoping to increase this soon).

Anyway, today was my first weigh in there for this week. SO, I will use that weight as my starting weight for this next part of my journey. Ugh. I cannot believe I am actually posting this in the blogosphere but it is about keeping me in check with what I am doing, right?!? Right...


I am of course less than thrilled with that number BUT it's better than what it was when I started in April/May. So far I am down a little over 22 pounds with at least double that to go. But I will take it one pound at a time if that is what it takes.

I took some measurements Sunday. I am not sure how they compare to the latest one's LAWL took but I figured I would post the one's I did for now.

Neck- 14

Chest - 42

Waist - 37

Hips - 48

Thigh - 27.5

Bicep - 15

Calf- 16.5

The only measurements done at LAWL are chest, waist, hips and thigh. I like to do the other to keep those in check as well. My plan is to post a weekly weigh in here and monthly measurements with an updated picture as well once a month. I haven't had a chance to get hubby to take a "before" picture of me but plan to get to that this week too. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 7, 2009

>Fresh starts

>We all need them.
I am creating this new blog for my fresh start.
I've been a yo-yo dieter for a long time. I've struggled with my weight for longer than I care to talk about (right now). And I am ready (seriously) to do something about it once and for all.

I plan to use this blog as a tool for my own motivation to keep going. I found inspiration recently here. If you need great motivation and inspiration click the link I just posted! You will find SO much to help you along your journey as well.

Here is what I hope to use this blog for:
*Weekly weigh in's
*Measurements (every 2 weeks)
*Progress pictures
*Food journal
*Workout log

I may even post the occasional recipe or two! And of course tips that have helped me along the way. Stay tuned for a "starting" pic and all the details of my "fat" self! ha ha