Thursday, May 31, 2012

TTT - Challenges!

This post is going to be all about challenges!
I'm excited to be going into a new month. I'm not going to get into my goals for June (or the fact that I didn't reach my May goals) just yet but I do want to take a moment to let you in on a few challenges I am going to participate in next month!

1. Plank a day! I will be doing some form of planks daily during the month of June. I'm looking forward to this (yes) because I do like some planking and I can always always use some work on my core/abs.

2. I'm joining with Run to the Finish and the Green Smoothie challenge as well. One green smoothie a day for the month of June! I'm hoping this will boost my weight loss efforts a little. I leave for my beach vacation on June 30th and would love to see a dip in the scale before then!

3. Another Mother Runner is hosting a challenge for the month of June also. I had to get in on that. I've read and loved (more than once) both books by the ever so awesome Dimity and Sarah. I know you've heard of them and if you haven't get yourself over their blog. The challenge? You must move 5 days a week, take one rest day and then post a pic of your finished calendar. And I'm pretty sure there will be a prize! Count me in!

What's on tap for you for the month of June? or this summer? Do you have any challenges going on?

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on my PT and the appointment today with the orthopedic dr. And I can't wait to post about my weekend fun (it hasn't even happened yet and I'm thrilled).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WW- He works out

[caption id="attachment_1381" align="aligncenter" width="207"] Just call him Iron Boy! [/caption]

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day long, ride..with friends

As you know weekends are usually long run weekends for us and our fave running crew. Last weekend and the one before I skipped a long run due to this little injury. I had my husband dig out my bike and have been on it some during the week but hadn't ventured into the long run thing with it. This weekend I had my chance.

The crew was getting together Monday morning for their long run. My husband and I decided to meet them at 6am for a run (him) and ride (me). I gotta say there is something crazy about getting up at 5am on your extra day off! I was happy to do it though. We met the group and were on our way just minutes after 6am. The plan was 4 miles before we'd be back at the start to pick up a few more runners.

I noticed right away that it was a bit tough to ride along side my fave runners as they ran. They ran at a decent pace (for running) but it felt a bit slow for me on my bike. I was sweating but it was already warm and humid that even that early. However, I didn't feel like my heart rate was up that much for the first little while. I rode ahead a bit at a faster pace just to get a bit more of workout. The group had gotten a bit ahead of me at this point since they turned back at 2 miles to meet the others but since I was able to really pump my legs and pedal faster I had caught up with them and was ahead of them again. Even though I couldn't stay with them the whole time riding along while they were running was still fun.

I turned back at 8 miles to go back to meet my husband. I was going to have him just meet me back at our gym with the car but realized about the moment I hit send on the text that I had the key fob for the car with me! Oops. So, I high tailed it back to him at around 15 mph on my bike which felt like a great workout and in no time I completed another 3.5 miles at just the right time! He was almost back at the car. Lucky for him I had my camera and let him snap a pic of me on my bike.

Following the ride/run, my husband and I went back to our gym where we swam laps for 30 minutes. I'm really trying to love the swimming thing so I keep going back for more! It was really hard at first but each time I feel more confident. I feel like I will eventually be both good on the bike and in the pool.

Between the bike and the pool I logged about 12 miles for the day and even though I didn't burn the same amount of calories I would have if I had ran the 14+ miles the group ran I still felt like I had a decent workout for the day. I look forward to getting back out there with them again only I am anxious to be on my feet!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

when you can't run...

[caption id="attachment_1375" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Seriously, this IS how you do it![/caption]

you volunteer because it is the next best thing! I was planning to run a local 5/10k race yesterday (10k for me) but since I became injured that was out. The only other way to get myself to the race and feel a part of it was to volunteer. I was assigned as a course monitor which is something I had not done before. Good thing it was super easy. I had to wear a snazzy yellow vest, wave an orange flag and cheer for runners. I was the best course monitor out there yesterday, even if I am the only one who thinks so. teehee I also was able to cheer for all my awesome running buddies as they raced their way to the finish. And of course my husband was there as Knoxville's best race paparazzi once again.

So, when YOU can't get out there and run I encourage you to volunteer! It can be just as much fun and is very rewarding!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's Thursday, it's almost bedtime and I am lacking any kind of creativity to blog tonight. So, I've got a little randomness for you in the way of Three Things Thursday.

1. PT - physical therapy.
I've had 2 appointments with the physical therapist so far. The first one wasn't so bad. The most recent one? I am still sore in my left hip from that appointment. He has warned me each time that I will be a bit sore afterwards. I just didn't think I would still be sore 2 days later. I'm now one week down with 5-7 to go. I'm only scheduled for a total of 6 weeks but he told me this week that my type of injury can require 6-8 weeks of PT. What he said following that is what took me by surprise. "You're looking at 6-8 weeks of therapy and then another 6-8 weeks of adjustment back into running. So basically you are looking at a total of 16 weeks before you are back to running the number of miles and the pace you were at when this happened." Say what? Ugh. I'm remaining optimistic. I saw my dr yesterday for a post PT follow up and he asked what the PT said. I told him, "Labral hip tear." At which point he said that my next stop would be the orthopedic dr's office. MRI to determine the severity of the tear. I have been handed lemons and rather than making a sour face and whining continuously about it I am adding sugar to those bad boys and making lemonade. I feel like I will get good news from the orthopedic dr.

2. Workouts.
I'm still in the gym! This is the good news. My workouts are not quite as intense as I am restricted from any kind of impact. So the CrossFit workouts my husband and I were doing are not allowed which isn't a huge deal. We were only doing a couple a week and some time off from those isn't going to kill me. I can not take BodyPump right now which isn't fun. I love that class but again there are just certain things I cannot do and it doesn't make sense to only go and do a couple of portions of the class. So what am I doing? Upper body weights, core, swimming and biking..oh and let's not forget that boring elliptical machine. I use to think that the elliptical was like running but without the pounding pavement/impact but the more I do it the less it feels like running. I do break a sweat but I'm not quite finding that release that running gave me. Biking and swimming are somewhat the same. I'm still adjusting to the swimming thing and actually reached out for some help there because it IS something I want to greatly improve on. The biking is fun. We biked 8 miles tonight and while I wasn't a huge sweaty mess I know I was still getting a decent calorie burn. I'm going to have a great time learning these new things and making myself better at them.

3. Races.
Obviously my race schedule for the year has a hiccup in it. This weekend was to be the one I'd race my way to a 10k PR. Not gonna happen since I cannot hit the pavement in my beautiful Brooks Trance 10s, but I will be hanging out at the race as a course monitor and cheering on 1000 of Knoxville's finest runners...including all my favorite running buddies!! The next best thing to running a race is volunteering for one! I'm sure I'll manage to write a post all about this weekend's race. I'm really excited to be on the other side of it as volunteering is just so rewarding.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

[caption id="attachment_1370" align="aligncenter" width="224"] I want to make more of these! [/caption]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chlorine in my hair

Since I can't have the wind in my hair while I'm running I have decided that chlorine must be the next best thing. Though my hair stylist might disagree! haha I'm not ready to pull on a sexy swim cap just yet but I did get myself in the pool tonight!

It wasn't what I expected at all. Nothing like I remember swimming to be as a kid though I am sure there was lots of unneeded splashing. I enjoyed being able to break in my new swimsuit. However, swimming is tough. My form could use some work but my breathing....well, it is going to take time. It's a good thing I do have time.

6 weeks to be exact.

In fact, after my PT appointment today I learned that there is a possibility it could be longer, but like I said before I am doing my best at behaving. So, while running is my first love I am going to learn to love having chlorine in my hair. The first swim was much like my first run, hard. And just like running swimming takes practice. And I plan to keep working at it.

That's all I have for now. Stayed tuned for more details about PT and keep your eyes open for a giveaway coming soon!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 days down

It has been a whole 5 days since I last ran. Most days I am completely fine with the fact that I cannot run for a while. I'm injured. It sucks to have to say that because other than the occasional clicking/locking in my hip and slight pain I feel fine. I'm adjusting to this because I know there are still some things I can do to stay active as long as no impact is involved.

Friday was a rest day, like usual and my husband and I had a date night. I didn't count the little bit of dancing I did as activity even though I worked up a slight sweat but it was good to hang with my running friends all dressed up with "underwire and eyeliner" in place for a fun night!
[caption id="attachment_1364" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Date running shoes or shorts allowed![/caption]

Saturday morning wasn't exactly as I had planned. Plan was to hit the gym and jump in the pool. Did not happen. We slept in a little, went to breakfast then had to pick up the kids...all before 10am. One of the kids was sick so we couldn't go to the gym. We ended up taking the car to wash and vacuum then going to get groceries. My activity for the day basically included that, plus putting away said groceries. I took about a 45 minute nap before deciding to get out to the garage and get my bike down.

[caption id="attachment_1365" align="aligncenter" width="300"] She needs a name![/caption]
She's shined up and her tires have plenty of air. She just needs a name. I took her for a test spin around the neighborhood logging almost a mile. I'm thinking I should get a bike rack so that I can take her for a ride on my usual running trails. That would turn my mood from less then thrilled to completely excited quickly!

You see it has been a total of 5 days...FIVE days.. since I last ran. That's probably the longest streak of no running for me in almost a year or better. Like I said, I have been mostly fine knowing that not running and doing my PT stretches/exercises is key to my healing but yesterday (and so far today) have been tough mentally on me. I'm reading all my friends race recaps and seeing their race photos from the weekend and it stinks knowing that I have not logged a single running mile in so many days.

So instead of allowing this to make me grumpy and depressed today I am going to throw my gym clothes on and log some miles on the elliptical. It won't be the workout I want to help clear my mind but it will make me feel better to get my sweat on!!

I'm 5 days down with 39 to go!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you get knocked down, get up.

One of my husbands favorite football coaches and heroes is Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and in speaking of adversity he says, "If you get knocked down, get up."

Yesterday I got knocked down. This morning I got up.

It all started at mile 17 of my marathon on April 1st. We rounded the corner for another uphill and I knew at that moment something wasn't right in my hip. It hurt, a little, but was not a pain. Honestly, it just felt annoying. I took my mind off of it and kept running.

And with the exception of the Monday after my marathon I have kept running. I've kept running and working out on a hip (or in my mind a groin) that was angry. It felt better on my rest days but if I am being honest it still wasn't exactly normal feeling. I was convinced it was nothing more than a little muscle strain or tightness. I kept running and stretching through it. However, on Friday of last week (a rest day) I was in a great deal of pain just sitting in my desk chair at work and as the day grew on I became concerned. I knew that if I was the slightest bit concerned I should call my doctor. I thought long and hard before I finally just dialed the dr's number. They could see me on Wednesday (yesterday).

I stuck with my plan for the weekend. Long run Saturday. My husband and I planned an easy 6 miler on the local greenway that connects with our gym. I had a great run, minimal pain. Just slight annoyance in the hip/groin area. I iced the rest of the weekend. Going into the week I felt really good, confident that my appointment would go well. Monday I had a great run/row workout but again just a little annoying ache in my hip. Tuesday we did a family run/walk and that too felt pretty good. Wednesday all day I thought it was so weird that I had almost no pain. That is until just an hour or so before my appointment.

I tried to convince myself that the "pain" was all in my head and that I'd be going to the dr and he'd tell me I was fine, just take some rest. Sigh. If only that was the news I had gotten....

My doctor was on vacation so I was scheduled with another doctor. Thankfully he too is a marathoner. He at least appreciated my ugly toes and high fived me for that (and my 85 lb weight loss!). Then after I described what has been happening since mile 17 he said, "I'm sending you for an xray, physical therapy and writing a prescription for this anti-inflammatory. I will check on you in a week." Crap. I text my husband that the doctor confirmed that it was not my groin but my hip and that he wasn't overly concerned that it's major but that it's definitely not good.

I went to xray and moved my left leg around in some bizarre ways for the tech then headed over to make my PT appointment. They got me in right away. After spending a few minutes with my PT he confirmed that I indeed do have an injury. Bummer. He moved my leg and twisted, pulled and stretched me in ways that caused me to wince from the pain. Yes, pain. It was not my groin. Instead he said, "Hip labral tear."

Not great. Not totally bad but not great. I was devastated though. I didn't even have to ask what it meant for now because he had already told me. The good news is that I could heal quickly and if I am smart and do as I am told will likely avoid ever needing surgery. What it means for now is that (like my doctor said) there will be NO impact activity for at least 2 weeks, 6 weeks of physical therapy and I could be back to running by mid-summer.

What can I do??
Elliptical, bike and swimming for cardio.
Core and upper body weights for strength.
This is good news because I am not totally side lined.

I did shed my tears over the fact that running is out for a while. I worried about the fact that not running meant fewer calories burned and fewer calories burned means that it will be even harder to keep the weight off. Stress me out! My biggest fear has been injury and weight gain. But ya know what? I gotta suck it up. This is for real. I have to find a way to overcome it. So, I decided right then that it was out with the negative. This won't keep me down! NO way!

I went right out and bought this beauty...

I'll be joining the grannies in the lap pool.
I will also be dusting the cobwebs off my bike and filling the tires with air. If I can't log my miles on the road in my running shoes then I will just have to do it on my bike!

I'm taking this little injury as nothing more than a little bump in my big road to success. I may have been knocked down with the news yesterday but I am choosing not to let it keep me down. I'm back up and moving forward. I hit the gym tonight and logged over 5 miles on the elliptical. Then I came home and got to work on the recovery part of this...

15 minutes of stretching as my at home PT. This part hurts but I know it will strengthen me and get me back on the road and in my running shoes soon.

For me this whole injury thing is just further proof that I am an athlete or as some would say, "one of those crazy over obsessed runners." Call me what you want but don't call me a quitter. I may not reach my May goals but I am going to come back from this stronger!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

[caption id="attachment_1355" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Mmmm Froyoz[/caption]
This isn't my typical WW post and actually it's gonna have a few words. Tonight I drowned my sorrows in a little Froyoz. Yep, I said sorrows. And yep, I let some not so great treat soothe me. I'll have details tomorrow from my dr's appointment today. It was an emotional afternoon for me but don't be sad for me. If you know me, you know I am tough! Tomorrow is a brand new day. I will have a new outlook on it and I will still be able to reach all of my goals. There is just a little bump in my road for a bit.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Motivation

Focus less on how far you have left to go and look at how far you have already come!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Low mile week/Saturday long run

This past week my goal was to be awesome. I won't go into this coming week feeling like I was not awesome last week but it was definitely a low mileage week. Let me explain why...

It seems that since about mile 17 of my marathon on April 1st I have been dealing with either a hip issue or a pulled groin muscle. I really feel like it is the latter based on where most of the irritating "pain" is located. I put pain in quotations because it doesn't really hurt all the time. It's mostly only annoying really.

Due to this issue and the sinus/allergy thing this past week was pretty low on miles. 16 miles is all I logged actually. I can't tell you the last time I logged so few miles in a week. It's not a lot of fun. I love high mileage weeks!

Here's what I did accomplish this week.
Monday - 3.5 mi run (32 mins/9:01 pace) plus BodyPump
Tuesday - ARC trainer (2.5 mi)
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - 4 mi run (36:36/9:07 pace)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - 6 mi run with my husband (57:22/9:29 pace)

I mostly felt good all week as far as my hip/groin issue. It has only bothered me during core work and after a run and it's mostly tight. I've been icing it and stretching but finally made the decision this week to call my doctor to see what else I can do. My fear is making it worse and with my race schedule this year the last thing I need is a bonafide injury to sideline me! I am staying positive because really it doesn't feel hurt at all, just tight and annoying.

Yesterday's run felt great! I told my husband that if I was in any pain we stop and just not run. But I decided to start slow and just run. It was so amazing. The weather was wonderful - cool and breezy. We even got a late start (10am) for our run. We decided on the local greenway to avoid hills because the uphills are what really aggravate my issue. We reached our local library at just over 3 miles and I decided I need a potty break. Since we hadn't stopped at that point and were running 6 miles it would have been our turn around point anyway, so the little potty break was great/perfect timing.

Here's splits from the first half of our run.
Mile 1 - 9:49
Mile 2 - 9:35
Mile 3 - 9:51

The second half of the run was just as great except the guy on his bike who was NOT friendly and whizzed past me on the right without even a warning that he was coming up behind me! That drives me nuts and it scared me to death. We did take one short walk break for my husband because at some point I had picked up the pace and wasn't running his regular method.
Second half splits.
Mile 4 - 9:45
Mile 5 - 9:16
Mile 6 - 8:56

And it looks like I might be getting the whole negative split thing. I was not tired at the end of this run so I am thinking starting slow and working up to a faster pace is as smart of a plan as I have read! And seeing that we finished 6 miles in 57:22 makes me hopeful that if all goes well at the doctor this week I might just be able to pull of the 10k PR I am hoping for in a couple of weeks.

And don't worry. My plan the next couple of days is to take it relatively easy at the gym and not aggravate my issue anymore. I will definitely keep ya posted on the issue and what the doctor says. If you can send any spare good thoughts my way though, I would greatly appreciate it!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday (+1)

1. This week my goal was to "be awesome." I think I do pretty well in the awesome department most weeks. Last week was not so awesome though so I wanted to kick things up a big notch this week. However, I woke up Monday with a sore throat and it's gotten a bit worse since then. Yesterday was the worst day and I took an unplanned rest day. I want to say that I think the rest over the weekend was probably my body's way of warning me this sinus/allergy stuff was getting ready to hit me. It did. But it's improving! Today I was back on the awesome train!! I've been within my calories this week and even with an unplanned rest day I have still had some great workouts and runs this week.

2. I love love love Nike "attitude" tees. I got a new one over the weekend and since I was alone at work today I dressed down. I wore my new tee! Sexy and I know it....
[caption id="attachment_1344" align="aligncenter" width="300"] I work out[/caption]

3. My husband let me pick out a couple of things for Mother's Day. I shopped around on Running Warehouse's website and found a running skirt I thought would be a good fit for me. I have issues with most compression style shorts because they either ride up or squish the skin on my thighs so much it looks awful. Finally, Brooks came through and I found the perfect skirt. The problem? I am still having trouble convincing myself of my current size. Rather than ordering the medium based on my current measurements and other clothing labels sizing I still found myself ordering the size large. Of course when it came in the mail on Tuesday I was super excited about being able to test wear it this week. Ah, but I wouldn't get to! Too freakin' big, which yes is a good thing but I should have known better. So, I sent it back today and now I wait on the size medium to get here so that I can do as Brooks says and "Run Happy!"

(+1)= 4. I also ordered myself a pair of Zensah calf sleeves. My husband loves his and I've read that other runners do as well. So, I got myself these beauties to wear on my long runs....
[caption id="attachment_1345" align="aligncenter" width="224"] Yay for yellow![/caption]
And I love them, so much so that I was thinking about sleeping in them the night I got them. Can't wait to try them out on a run.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Racing through 2012

I should have sat down and figured out my race schedule for 2012 in January but at that time all I had on my brain was the marathon. With the marathon behind me I have been able to look ahead to the rest of the year and consider some races I want to run. Below is a run down of this year and the races I have done or plan to do.

February - Strawberry Plains half marathon (2:10:31) PR by 9 minutes!

April - Covenant Health Knoxville marathon (4:58:33) My first 26.2!
Dogwood Classic 5k (26:35) a huge PR and took 2nd in my division!

May - KTC Expo 10k

June - Summer Solstice 8k or Amica Half marathon (leaning towards the 8k as it's a distance I've only done once.)
We are also doing a "fun run" with the running crew. Camping and a moonlight run in Cades Cove!

July - The Scream half marathon. This was is 2400 feet DOWN hill! They don't call it the scream for nothing!

August - Hotter N Hell 5k (I'd love a PR, if not a distance PR a course PR should be attainable. I completed last year in 31:05)

October - Allstate 13.1 Atlanta (Hoping for a PR on this one too. Last year I ran it in 2:23:03. My distance PR is 13 minutes faster. A course PR would be awesome but a distance PR would be amazing!!)

December - EPIC One Epic Run. It's a trail run, social and fun mostly. You have 24 hours to cover as much distance as you want. The loop is 3.6 miles (I think). My goal for the run is 30 miles or so then I can say that I am an ultra marathoner. We'll see. I'm doing it even if I only make marathon distance.

So far this is my schedule for the year. I really DO want another full marathon but with football season starting up already it looks like another marathon may not be in the books until January or some other time after the start of 2013. And of course my goal for the year and running is train smart and remain uninjured. This past weekend was the first time I haven't done a long run (or even ran) since last year sometime. It was weird but the rest was nice. However, I am ready to get back into my long runs. The long run are my favorite because even if the long run is 6 miles I still feel so accomplished at the end of the long run.

What races do you have planned for the remainder of 2012? Which runs and distance are your favorite?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Confession of a Lazy Runner

Today I didn't do a long run. Gasp. I know, right. It's pretty shameful I suppose.
Tomorrow I am not going to make up my long run. Say what!? I have not lost my mind. I haven't even lost my love for running. I am not injured or hurt really. Nor am I breaking any of my May goals by skipping the long run.

I do feel kinda odd only logging 16 miles for the week but hey that is 16 more miles than a real lazy person would log in a week so maybe I'm not totally lazy after all. Truth is I did kick butt Monday through Friday in the gym and running.

Monday - I joined my buds in the Tin Roof Running Crew and ran with D. He and I logged some miles in the heat and humidity and didn't totally suck with our pace. (3.5 mi - 33mins - 9:24 pace)
Tuesday - Remember the Tuesday Torture workout I posted? Mercy. Logged more miles that day too. (3.5 mi - 30 mins - 8:34 pace)
Wednesday - 4 elliptical miles then another lifting session.
Thursday - Solo 5k on the local greenway. An actual negative split run!!(3.1 mi - 29 mins - 9:24 pace)
Friday - Agreed to an early morning class with one of the hubby's former student/athletes. All core class. I went early and did a fast tready run. (2 mi - 17:46 - 8:52 pace)

We (my husband and I) had planned to get up this morning and run a little 6 miler from the gym. I went to bed saying that I wasn't going to be in a huge hurry to get out the door to run for once since I wasn't meeting anyone (most of my running crew is away running races). So, when I heard thunder and a monsoon at 7am I knew for sure that I wasn't rushing to jump up and throw on my running shoes. I also knew that I didn't have it in me to hop on a treadmill for 6 miles. The last time I did that was before the marathon and it sucked. The treadmill is just no fun for me anymore unless I am running fast or doing some kind of interval workout. It's just boring for logging miles.

So, I got up, took a shower and took my time deciding exactly what I would do today.
What did I do? Well, the family and I went to our local farmer's market. We scored some fresh, locally grown spinach and mustard greens that will make a lovely salad for me this week and a cute thornless blackberry bush that my husband planted when we got home.

My husband WAS going to run today. His plan was to run the Foothills Parkway (downhill) in prep for a half marathon we have coming up this summer. So, the kids and I drove him to the top of the mountain and watched him run. We stopped at every single pull over and snapped pictures like this...
[caption id="attachment_1330" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Daddy runs downhill! [/caption]

I didn't just drive the car down and snap pics from the window. Nope. I wasn't totally lazy. The kids and I played. I have proof that I moved my body..

Overall I am just here to say that I'm not burned out on running or working out. I am not really injured though I don't find taking 2 rest days this week is a bad idea with my silly hip/groin issue. And even though I didn't burn tons of calories running my butt off today (nor will I tomorrow) I did have a great time spending the day with my family. I was also happy to be behind the camera for my husband today even though he wasn't racing. I still captured some pictures of him running. The kids and I also had a great time playing and being silly.

What did you do today? Do you have a lazy confession to make?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May

First, let's recap April, shall we!? I didn't really set any goals for April other than to run and finish my first marathon and to PR a local 5k.
~ I ran my first marathon on April 1 (4:58:33) with my friend Terri.
~ I PR'd my only other race in April, a 5k (26:35) and placed 2nd in my division!
~ I kept up with my weekend long runs even after the marathon.
~ I started back up with my strength and cross training workouts post marathon.

What are my goals for May?
~ step it up at the gym. Get stronger, be faster!
~ lose 3 lbs or at least lose more inches!
~ food is fuel, period!
~ 10k race PR

These goals seem easy enough and so far today I have been successful with at least the first one! Here is my workout for tonight:
Run 800 m Row 400 m
Run 800 m Row 400 m
Run 1200 m
Deadlift 135 lbs x 10
Run 400 m
20 kettlebell swings (24kg kb)
Run 400 m
20 overhead squats (40lb weight bar)
Run 400m
20 burpees
Run 400 m
20 pullups (chest to bar)
Run 400 m
20 box jumps (24")
Run 400 m
20 DB squat cleans (20lbs ea)
Run 400 m

Running was done at 7.0-7.2mph. Rowing was just fast.

Ahhh, yes. May is definitely off to a great start. I'm so thankful for my husband for pushing me in the gym. I whined a little and he cut one exercise short(hey, deadlifts!) but honestly I could have done all 20 if I had just quit whining for 15 seconds and sucked it up. Next time!

I also took my current measurements tonight. Below is a comparison between what they were in December and what they are today.

Neck - 12.5 remained same
Waist - 30.5 (Dec) 30 (today) -.50 inch
Hips - 36 remained same
Chest - 35.5 (Dec) 34.5 (today) -1.0 inch
Thigh - 23.5 (Dec) 22.5 (today) -1.0 inch
Calf - 14.5 (Dec) 14 (today) -.50 inch
Bicep - 11 (Dec) 10.5 (today) -.50 inch

So, since December I have lost a total of 3.5 inches overall. My weight pretty much remained the same between last month and this month and I am sitting between 153-155 most days. I would love to get to 150 by the end of May. It's going to take a lot of work but really even if the scale doesn't move I am still happy with the results I am seeing. I can finally see the changes take place in my body.

I even let my husband snap a picture that I never thought I would want to show a soul but you know what? I have worked hard and am very proud of my hard work. The picture I am going to share shows that not all victories are seen in the number on the scale. In April I realized that my size 12s need to go for good right along with the size larges. I'm now an 8/10 and medium which has been difficult for me to accept. Sometimes I still see myself as the bigger girl and feel the need to hang on to the bigger clothes but no more! As my husband said, "The tags in your clothes don't say L or XL anymore."

[caption id="attachment_1323" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="I'm beginning to see abs! "][/caption]
Even though I hate my stretch marks I am still proud that I have them because I have two beautiful children that aided in earning those bad boys. For once in my life I am finally able to look beyond the stretch marks and loose skin and can see the beginning of my abs forming like they should! This makes me happy and proud. It also makes me want to work harder in the gym to achieve more results.

I am going into May with a positive attitude. I will work hard and I will achieve my goals for the month!
What are your goals for the month of May?