Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day long run...er, ride..with friends

As you know weekends are usually long run weekends for us and our fave running crew. Last weekend and the one before I skipped a long run due to this little injury. I had my husband dig out my bike and have been on it some during the week but hadn't ventured into the long run thing with it. This weekend I had my chance.

The crew was getting together Monday morning for their long run. My husband and I decided to meet them at 6am for a run (him) and ride (me). I gotta say there is something crazy about getting up at 5am on your extra day off! I was happy to do it though. We met the group and were on our way just minutes after 6am. The plan was 4 miles before we'd be back at the start to pick up a few more runners.

I noticed right away that it was a bit tough to ride along side my fave runners as they ran. They ran at a decent pace (for running) but it felt a bit slow for me on my bike. I was sweating but it was already warm and humid that even that early. However, I didn't feel like my heart rate was up that much for the first little while. I rode ahead a bit at a faster pace just to get a bit more of workout. The group had gotten a bit ahead of me at this point since they turned back at 2 miles to meet the others but since I was able to really pump my legs and pedal faster I had caught up with them and was ahead of them again. Even though I couldn't stay with them the whole time riding along while they were running was still fun.

I turned back at 8 miles to go back to meet my husband. I was going to have him just meet me back at our gym with the car but realized about the moment I hit send on the text that I had the key fob for the car with me! Oops. So, I high tailed it back to him at around 15 mph on my bike which felt like a great workout and in no time I completed another 3.5 miles at just the right time! He was almost back at the car. Lucky for him I had my camera and let him snap a pic of me on my bike.

Following the ride/run, my husband and I went back to our gym where we swam laps for 30 minutes. I'm really trying to love the swimming thing so I keep going back for more! It was really hard at first but each time I feel more confident. I feel like I will eventually be both good on the bike and in the pool.

Between the bike and the pool I logged about 12 miles for the day and even though I didn't burn the same amount of calories I would have if I had ran the 14+ miles the group ran I still felt like I had a decent workout for the day. I look forward to getting back out there with them again only I am anxious to be on my feet!

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