Thursday, September 30, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>1. I overcame a fear last night. It might not be a big deal to some but for me it's pretty big. I live in the sticks in a small subdivision but close to a busy highway. I typically run on the treadmill at my gym or in the park/trail nearby. Last night my kids were both asleep when I picked them up so we just went on home. No gym for me. So, I decided to go run when the hubby got home. My plan was to get in 30-45 mins of running but that didn't happen. However, I overcame the fear of running on that blasted highway. Something about speeding cars and tractor trailer trucks just didn't get my adrenaline flowing in the past. Last night though, I DID IT! And it was a pretty good run. 2.46 miles in 25:53, which I recalulated my route in the car today and found out it was actually 2.5 miles. So, a good run (for me) and I am proud. :)

2. Where are the good people going?? I know my blog is boring, uninteresting and not updated very often (I fail a but seriously people are starting to leave. Sadness. :( I love my followers. What can I do to make you stay??  I'll do anything. Oh, and soon, like next week...I will be hosting my first giveaway on this here blog. Hint: it will involve one of my fave running books.

3. This week has been good for me. I have stayed on plan eating. I had gotten addicted to trail mix recently. I snack on one that I buy at my local grocer that contains dried cranberries, golden raisins, a mix of nuts, choc chips (white and dark) and maybe a caramel or butterscotch chip. VERY tasty. BUT I was not measuring out my portions. Huge mistake. This week I started measuring my portions/servings and I think it has helped A LOT. I hope to have a weigh in victory tomrrow. I will report back either way.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

>Dear Santa,


I desire the above wrist device that would come in handy while I am out attempting to add miles to my

which will also need replacing around the same time that I would like to see the above wrist device (aka Garmin Forerunner 305) under my tree.

And if you also see fit or *if* you just cannot find it in your heart to appease my longing for the GF305 I would like to share with you some other items my heart desires as well (you know, just for ideas...wink, wink).

And Santa, it's never too early to start your shopping. Just sayin'.
X to the O.....


Thursday, September 23, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>1. I am still feeling sore all over my body from BodyPump on Tuesday. However, I plan to go back tonight.:) And I am sure tomorrow I will be complaining even more. Thank goodness Friday is my DOR. I could be sore too from my run last night (coupled with Tuesday's BP class). I ran 4.15 last night.

2. I asked you guys to tell my scale to start moving down, down ,down... it is not obeying. SO, which one of you isn't sending "happy scale vibes" my way??? LOL ;) I know it'll move. I need to take measurements and go by those especially since adding this new class to my routine.

3. I have exactly 38 days until my next 5k. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  And as I have said before, I am doing my best at attempting to fundraise for this great cause....Breast Cancer Awareness. Many of you have been affected in some way by this disease and I know you join me in hoping they find a cure one day.  I appreciate all the kind words of encouragement but did you know that you can help find a cure!?! Every donation counts in helping find a cure! I have put a button on my sidebar or you can go to Kimert's Komen for the Cure fundraising page.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

>Every inch of me aches

>Yesterday I ventured out of my exercise comfort zone. I had been wanting to attend group classes at my gym for a while but I have this phobia of mirrored rooms full of strangers in workout gear. I didn't want anyone being able to see my butt jiggle or my batwings flying or heaven forbid smell my sweat. I had walked up the stairs to the main studio at my gym on more than one occasion to only walk back down because I chickened out of going to a group fitness class.

However, I made my mind up yesterday that I was just going to do it. BodyPump began at 5:30. I changed at work so that once 5 pm hit all I had to do was load the kids (they were with me) in the car and drive the few miles to the gym. But at 4pm I began to get really nervous, questioning whether or not I could do it. I needed someone to hold my hand. My hubby had offered to go with me once before (I chickened us both out) but since it is football season he just isn't able to go workout with me. Boo.

So, back to yesterday.
We arrived at the gym early (well, before 5:30). So, I got the kids all tucked into their area and headed upstairs. There were already lots of people waiting to go in the class. Luckily, I know the instructor so when I saw her coming down the hall she gave me a big smile and assured me that I could do this. Sigh. "Don't make fun of me!"

I did it!
And today I totally feel it all over my body. My body was trembling half way through the class. I did not start out with heavy weights either. But I felt like, last night and today, this was my very first time ever working out. I had no idea that I would be so sore. However, it is a good kind of pain and I am looking forward to the next class! I am planning to make this a part of my exercise routine each week.

If you have a gym membership and they offer BodyPump classes - you should totally take one if you never have!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


>Been a long time, no!?
Almost 10 days to be exact and let me tell you....
Great things have happened!

I had a day off this past week. I dropped my son off at preschool and hit the park to run. It was a cool, crisp fall like morning. I was dressed in light layers and fueled up ready to go. I didn't have a mile goal in mind or even a time. I just wanted to enjoy a run.

And that is just what I did.
6.04 miles at an 11:35 min/mile pace. This is slower for me but since it was more miles than usual I was fine with my slower pace. Especially since I was just enjoying taking in all the beauty I was surrounded by! And I counted the little stop to read the park map and chat up the location with a couple of ladies on bikes.

Other exciting news...
My regular jeans (size 14) that were bought in December had begun getting too big. When I first got them I would wash them and then hang to dry so they didn't shrink any but in the last few months I began drying them because they felt loose. Well, Friday the pair I had on were just uncomfortably loose. This is an awesome feeling! So, while on my lunch I headed over to Old Navy just to *try* on some new jeans. Size 12. I grabbed a few pair and headed to the fitting room not expecting for a whole lot. BUT let me tell you....

My whole week was made right there in that fitting room when those size 12s went on so easy and buttoned and zipped perfectly. I think I squeeled and danced a little jig right there in the fitting room! I cannot remember a time that I was a size 12 in the last 10+ years. I text my hubby right away and said I was buying jeans and because I was so giddy over the jeans I got a new top, too! ;)

Sweet victory!

Now, tell my scale to start moving on down!

Friday, September 10, 2010

>Another heads up

>Head on over to Running Diva Mom to check out the awesome FuelBelt review and give away she has going on!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

>Got giveaways??

>Or do you at least like give aways??
You know you do...

Tall Mom's blog and check out the awesome give away she currently has goin' on. Cute cute stuff!

>Three Things Thursday

>1. Forgive my absent mindedness on Tuesday about the GU. haha I did NOT chill my GU. I used it before going out to run because I was sooooo drained and needed a bit of added energy to run. I simply did not even think about the fact that had I been running an extra long distance the GU would be stuck in a pocket some place and no where near cool by the time I needed it to refuel with. LOL I ran 4.3 on Tuesday. I felt like a slug but chalked that up to the 90+ degree temps and the fact that I rested for 4 days due to being sick. Finished in around 45 mintues, so not as sluggish as I felt.

2. Hair. I am getting mine cut tonight for the first time since right before Easter. What a shame, huh!? What is it with mom's putting things like hair cuts and brow waxing (yeah, I'm having that done too) on the backburner for months on end? lol Anyway, nothing new about my do tonight..just a trim. I am still loving my long locks. I think they make me feel like I have a little more youth in me. :)

3. Great American Cookie Co. Dude, they have such yummy cookies. I was brought one today with a Diet Coke from Sonic. I requested the Diet Coke, but not the cookie. It was a sugar cookie with a lovely chocolate frosted football on it (tis the season). What I should have done was left it sitting on my desk until after I got my daughter from school and shared it with her. What I did was gobble that thing right up. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

>How do you Gu?

>So, I am going to try one of those little Gu packets for the first time. I chose Vanilla Bean because well the store here that sells Gu only had two options. Triple Berry (or maybe Tri berry?) and Vanilla Bean. Now my question is...
Do you chill your GU?

What I am thinking is that I might like to toss it in the fridge long enough for it to be kinda cool but not so much luke warm after sitting in my bag all day. Hmmmm...

Monday, September 6, 2010

>Long weekend = Long Run

>Or in my case a lack there of. :(

Friday I was having some severe pain that I chalked up to being associated with the adjustments made at the orthodontist earlier in the week but as the night wore on the pain got worse. It was radiating through my ear and my jaw and I could even feel it in my neck a little. It was opposite the side my adjustments were made but I was still convinced that was all that was going on. SO, I did a huge no-no and removed my rubber bands for the evening on Friday.

I hardly slept Friday night/Saturday morning and the pain shooting through my ear was so bad I told my hubby I'd cry if I thought it would make a difference. When he finally got home from his football meeting I decided to just go to the clinic because even though I had tried Tylenol and such the pain was too intense to let go.

2 hours in the clinic and the doctor says to me, "Have you been able to sleep at night?" Come to think of it, not so much since Thursday! lol He made notice of my very scarred ears and asked if I had ever had problems. Yes, sir, my entire childhood! And apparently in my adult life I cannot escape the horrible ear infections! 1 oral antibiotic, 1 antibiotic ear drop prescription and a prescription for pain relief ear drops and I was on my way to feeling better! So I thought.

I stayed in Saturday night and slept most of the morning Sunday. I still had pain yesterday but finally ventured out with my family for a quick dinner and a local fireworks display (which also happens to be the largest in the country to celebrate Labor Day). This morning I felt some better and the pain is not as intense.

I am bummed because this long weekend had me hoping for a long run. I even told my hubby Friday night that my goal for this weekend was a 6.5-7 mile run. Which would be my longest run to date. However, here we are Monday afternoon and I haven't even ran a mile.

So, is it worth it (to my training or my body either one) to have taken this weekend off? Should I attempt to run this evening still or just pick up tomorrow where I left off on Thursday? ahh, decisions!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>This is my first time writing a Three Things Thursday post.
Firsts are good!

1. I got a new scale yesterday. Much to my surprise it was as accurate as I could have hoped for it to be. I had been having issues with my old scale. On any given day it might read 160 (which I have NOT hit) or zero (as in a big ol goose egg 0) or even E (as in ERROR!). So, because I had no real true weight the last couple of weeks I had convinced myself the scale would tell me I was back up over 180, like as much as 186...yuck. BUT to my surprise I was sitting right where I was at my last weigh in before the scale decided to quit on me. 177. Thank you, new scale! :)

2. I've got new followers! Welcome and thanks for following me. For some reason I don't show up in the reader for a lot of people. I made some changes earlier in the year and lots of people say I don't show as updating the blog when I am indeed doing so. SO, if you know how to fix that please help a girl out because I am by no means tech savvy.

3. I am taking 2 days of rest this week. Only two. Hold me to that? Sure you will! ;) One day was Tuesday and the other tomorrow (hello football season!). Saturday will be a long run and Sunday...well, Sunday will be something, anything as long as it means calories burned and my body moving.