Wednesday, December 29, 2010

>A runner's Christmas

"Runners have the best buns!"
Let's hope I can make this a true statement in 2011.

A Marmot running jacket to keep me a bit warmer!
It's the loveliest shade of green.
"Because I CAN!!!"

And because I believe in saving the best for last...
My hubby was just entirely too good to me this year.

I got a Garmin Forerunner 305. And yes, I am cheesin' big time. I was super happy.
I have used it once since I got it and LOVE it. I can't wait to use it for all my runs.
I've been away and haven't blogged much but I did catch up on some blog reading since getting home today. I hope to get more caught up while I am off this week and to get some regular posting going on. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I'm excited for the new year!!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>1. I want to run a half marathon (my first!) in 2011...March or April. So, I am thinking of either the one in my city or traveling nearby (Georgia possibly) to run one. Hubby thinks I should travel for my first half marathon rather than stay local. I think staying local has more positives but he thinks travel would be more fun. I actually can see his point, too. Traveling would mean a sitter and better post race celebration. LOL I just know that I should register for whichever I decide to do soon because while I am training I have nothing concrete to train for. Does that make sense? I can train for the distance but I want to actually be training for a specific race. It makes sense to me. :) What would you do?

2. I can hardly believe that Christmas is already here (well, in a day or two) and that this year is coming to a close. I feel good about what I have accomplished in 2010 and am really looking forward to meeting more goals in 2011. I have goals. Do you have goals? I am going to share (again) my goals soon.

3. I am officially off work until Jan. 3, 2011. Wow. that is a lot of time off. Yay for vacations at home. I plan to enjoy the time with my family as well as getting in some much needed workouts and runs. Can't wait to see what kind of running stuff Santa has left me under the tree. Hopefully he did bring some running stuff! I've been a good girl! ;) Are you planning to run on Christmas Eve or Christmas day? I have a run planned tomorrow. I'm telling myself the magic number is 5. We shall see.

Monday, December 20, 2010

>The bad run

>First of all let me say that Saturday the hubby and I ran together and it was great. My plan was to run 6 miles but we ended up only running 5.55 in just about an hour, which is pretty good. I am still amazed that I have been able to run longer distances with fewer walk breaks. I tried my best to stop just short of 2 miles and take a walk break but hubby just wouldn't let me. I'm glad to have such great support in him. Saturday's run was a great one but it left my  legs and knees hurting! It probably didn't help later in the evening when we had a wedding to go to and I decided to wear boots with little heels. And the walking we did later that night at the mall (in those same heeled boots) probably added to the leg/foot/knee pain I was already feeling but it didn't take away the fact that we had a great run earlier in the day.

The bad run came tonight when I jumped on the treadmill after work. It just didn't feel right from the beginning. The air was stuffy, my right leg capri tight kept creeping up over my knee and my legs felt like lead. It was just tough and I had to stop to fix my pants leg just at a quarter mile. Boo. I kept going once I got that taken care of but within another quarter mile I could feel how heavy my legs were and knew this run was not going to be my best. So, what did I do? I ran until I hit a mile and stopped. 10:30 min/mile. Not bad but it definitely was not the 4 miles I was hoping to run tonight. :(

Even though I had a not so great run I ended up turning my workout into a good one.
I hopped off the treadmill and jumped on the arc trainer.  Have you used one of those before?

It looks like the one above and I hope one day my buns will look like that chics! haha
Anyway, I set it to about 8-9 on elevation (it goes to 10) and 40 on resistance (goes to 100) and got in 20 more minutes of cardio on that bad boy. If you have never used an arc trainer you should. I swear I burn twice as many calories on that thing. 400+ in tonight's 20 minute workout!! Not bad.

Once I finished with that I walked over to where hubby was and lucky for me he was just finishing up his workout. So, he talked me into doing a few other exercises. I can't remember what all I did but I remember some kettle bell squats and swings and upright rows....oh and there was some ab work that he swears I will feel in the morning. I'm sure I won't be thanking him for that tomorrow.

Anyway, I am happy that I was able to turn my bad run into a great workout. Tomorrow I plan to do BodyPump and then hopefully a quick run (even if it's only 2 miles....I need some miles!).

And because I didn't update my "Maintain Don't Gain" weigh in last week I will say I was only down half a pound. I am happy with that but won't lie because I did want it to be more. Oh well, 'tis the season and so long as I am not gaining I am a happy  mama. :) Now, I just hope I can bring in a different number this Thursday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

>I got a secret!

>Ok, fine, so it isn't a secret really. is having a sweet deal on one of my fave books.

Run Like a Mother - the book is on sale for $6! Now, let me tell you that I already own the book and have given away one to a reader here earlier this year. For some odd reason I immediately hit order when I saw RLAM share this news on Facebook earlier today. So, guess what?!?!?!

There is a shiney, new, yellow covered RLAM book headed to my house in a couple of days. (I'm sure hubby is going to wonder why I felt the need for another book for which I already own the same of.) Haha

What does all this mean?
Well, it means that if you feel like waiting on a belated Christmas gift then you should hang around this blog a bit longer because I am going to give one away. OR if you feel your luck has run out and you just do not have the patience to wait on my upcoming giveaway then go ahead and order yourself this great book. However, don't wait too long because at that price it's not going to last!

So, yay!!! Stay tuned. I can't wait. :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

>Running right along

>So, I have failed to post since Thursday but I am sure you didn't expect much less from me. haha
Friday was the first time in 15 or so weeks (Thank you, Football season) that I made it to the gym on a Friday night. All of my Friday nights during those 15 or so weeks were spent at the football field watching hubby's team whoop up on their opponents! Fun times.

This past Friday night was different in that I let an Arc Trainer whoop up on me for my scheduled 40 minute crossing training session. Fun times. But not as fun as football. Of course football in frigid temps would have made the Arc Trainer look like a fun time, if perhaps we were comparing the two. Anyway.....

Saturday I had planned to get in 5-6 miles of running but as plans often go with me...
they changed!!! Surprise, right!? No.

I postponed Saturday's scheduled run because we just had a super busy day. We watched the local Christmas parade, I took my Girl Scout troop to sing at an assisted living home and then out for pizza and Christmas celebration (of sorts). And as if that all was not enough to pack  into one day our church Christmas dinner was also that evening. My family (me, hubby, the kids) went to that. By the time that was over my gym was closed. Even though I said I was going to do more outdoor running I draw the line when the temps hit the teens. I just feel there is no way to get or stay warm at that point and sweating just makes the cold worse. Besides that it was dark out. ;)

So, I saved my run for Sunday. I left the house around 4pm for the gym and told myself that I would run 6 miles. And I did.

Now, you all may (or maybe you don't) know that when I run I do take a walk break here or there. I admit it. And I am not ashamed of the walk break at all. If I need it I am going to take it and I know my body will thank me for it. :)

Sunday's run was a bit of a new thing for me. I think I learned that I usually try to go out too fast. I told myself going in on Sunday that I would just go steady. I set the treadmill to 5.7 mph or 10:43 (I think) minute/mile. I was comfortable there. And there I stayed for an entire 2 mile run. I think I could have kept going had I not been in shock that I just ran 2 miles without stopping to take a walk break. I was happy to see 21 mins and some odd seconds on the clock.

I told myself that I only had to do that 2 more times to get in the 6 miles I was shooting for that day. However, once I hit 2 miles in the next set I decided to keep going. I took one teensy little walk break and finished off until the counter on the treadmill read 4.02 or something like that. Then I took a little .08 walk break to cool myself off.

6.1 miles 
65 minutes 54 seconds
10:48 min/mile

I was quite pleased with my little Sunday run on the treadmill. Sure, I would have loved to been faster. I'd have also loved to tell you that I was able to do that outside, but as luck would have it we got snow on Sunday and if I can't brave the teen temps for running you better believe I cannot brave snow on the ground. haha Maybe one day!

I would love to say that I ran yesterday or even today but hubby got sick with a violent case of the icks...stomach bug or something bad he ate so I was on kid duty. LOL And today, well I have no good excuse for not getting up at 5am to start my car and head to the gym before work. Shame me, if you must!! I'm sure I deserve it. I will be kicking it into high gear tomorrow though because tonight's dinner (work Christmas celebration) is at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse... help me! ;) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

>Three Things Thursday

>1. Yesterday I ran outside with the so awesomly, fabulous Terri. I have been lucky enough to have met her via Blogland and even luckier that she lives close to me! We attempted to run together Monday but she was needed by a friend and of course I understood that. What a great friend she is! Anyway, we decided to try and meet to run a quick 3 on Weds. Let me just tell you what a TROOPER Terri is... first, she didn't tell me she had worked out already that morning and second, she told me close to the end of our run that she has an upper respiratory thing going on! And to add to that she's been having back issues! She rocks, y'all. We met yesterday at my gym and ran a little trail nearby. It was roughly 3.02. Neither of us timed it or kept track of our pace, but let me tell you....when I said a quick 3 miler that is exactly what it felt like to me! Her pace the whole time was great and it was the first time for me (running that trail) that I only took a couple of brief walk breaks. I honestly feel like I could have ran the entire thing had I just pushed myself a little harder. And this was only my 2nd cold weather run ever. I've said before about how great Terri is at being positive while running and yesterday was no different, she was cheering me on the whole way. I just love that!  So, again, I wish to say thanks to Terri.

2. Tonight I went to my regular BodyPump class. Last week I already felt like I wasn't getting much out of the class because they were doing some transitioning into new music and moves. They do this so that your body doesn't get to use to the same moves and all of us who work out know how good a change in routine is great for the body. I enoy the class for the most part every time I take it. However, the last 2 times I have taken it I feel very much like I have not gotten enough out of the class even though I am increasing my weight and giving it my all. Tonight I really feel like I just didn't get much at all out of the class. I didn't like the music, the reps were different and there is one teacher that just doesn't get real pumped up. Add to that the fact that I barely was sweating when I left. A friend at the gym noticed when I left that I wasn't sweating and commented on that. I immediately told her that I just didn't get much out of class tonight. Ugh. I'm not sure I will attend class Saturday and I will definitely miss Tuesday's class so if I take it again it will be this time next week. Maybe that is why I am not getting much out of the class. Who knows!? But at this point I feel like I need a new weight routine.

3. I love saving the best for last. I thought about making this a new post all together but why not just do it this way!? Today was my weigh in at the gym for the Maintain Don't Gain challenge. I knew this morning when I stepped on the scale at home that it was going to be a great day to weigh in. :) So, I went first thing this morning to the gym. You may  know from reading previous posts that I had a certain number goal in mind. I DID IT! I hit that magic number today and am now officially in a new set of numbers. I am down a total of 60 lbs and if all goes accordingly I will do more than just maintain over the holidays! Take that!!! Ha. I am down a total of 10 lbs since Nov. 1. I am very excited about this. Next goal- 20lbs.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

>-28 and counting

>I was looking back at where I was weight wise this same time last year. So far since Dec. 09 I am down about 28 lbs.
Tomorrow is my half way point weigh in at my gym for the Maintain Don't Gain challenge that is running for 10 weeks through the holidays. I have a goal weight in mind for tomorrow but anything lower than my weight at last week's weigh in is good enough for me. If I don't reach that goal tomorrow then I know I have a little more work to do to meet that goal before January rolls around.

In the running department this time last year I was doing good to finish a 5k in less than 38 minutes and that is with several walk breaks. This week I have ran 3 miles (and yes, I know that is .10 short of a 5k) twice in under 33 minutes with fewer walk breaks than any run to date. I will talk more about my runs this week later on. I've slacked in posting lately! haha

Anyway, I guess this is quite a boastful post but I suppose that is OK. I feel like it is good to take pride in one's self and your own accomplishments. I have a long way to go yet but I do like looking back at where I was and where I am now. I think it keeps me in check and nmotivates me to keep moving forward.

Thank you for following my journey and cheering me on!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

>This weekend was a celebratory one for us here in TN. The team my hubby coaches for won their a row!!!... State Championship title in 3A football for TN. Fun fun!
Anyway, that meant dinner on the fly and relatively late Friday evening as well as celebratory eating on Saturday. I knew ahead of time that we would be eating at Outback Steakhouse Friday following the game so I did pretty well all day with my eating. Even at dinner I got a steak, fries and salad and shared with the kids. Annabelle had some of my salad and Peanut and I shared the steak and fries. I  know I could have gotten a different side but for once I let my boy pick the side and since he wanted fries I just went with it.

I didn't bother weighing myself like I normally do on Saturday morning because my plan was to get my 5 mile run in on Saturday and deal with the rest of the day's eating as it came. Turns out hubby and I took the kids to Cracker Barrel for breakfast but I managed to talk hubby into sharing a meal with me. We got the cinnamon french toast, eggs and turkey sausage and split it which was a wise choice so neither of us overate for breakfast. Where I went wrong was not hitting the gym for my run or any type of workout after breakfast.

We had a packed day and just let time get away from us. Late that afternoon we had a get together at one of the other coach's house and I knew they would have salad and lasagna. NO big deal, right? Big salad, small portion of lasgna. IF only I had stuck with that plan.

What I really had was a big salad, small portion of lasagna, a couple of PW's jalapeno poppers that hubby made, crackers, cheese, ginger snaps and this totally delicious yummy stuff to dip them in...
Crap, I think I also ate small brownie. Maybe I also had one breadstick..or was it a half?

I lost track of what all I did eat. Yikes! I hate times like that. I went with a plan and totally didn't follow it.
So, that meant not jumping on the scale again today. I knew I'd be doomed if I did and it would set a bad tone or bad attitude for the week. I made up for the guilt of the weekend by going to the gym and running my 5 miler today.

5 miles done in 52:05. Not too shabby!

Now, Monday is a new day and a new week is upon us! I am excited. I love the start of a new week and feeling fresh and ready to take it on. My goal is to get to at least 169 by this time next week. I think I can totally do it. Or at least the hubby has told me I can. :) At least one of us believes....

Anyway, I leave you with this pic just for fun!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

>Keeping my eye on the goal

>This week marks 5 weeks of the "Maintain Don't Gain" challenge at my gym.
Last week I did not report official weight results of my weigh in because quite frankly they weren't good! And because the result was not good I chose to ignore it. But the truth is my weight was up a few lbs. This was mostly becuase I had some issues along with my little monthly friend being on the verge of visiting. I also weighed at the end of the day rather than in the morning and honestly I hate end of the day weigh ins. Anyway...

Today was my week 5 weigh in.
My start weight (according to the gym) 5 weeks ago was 179.6
Today's weight (gym scale, again) was 171.1.
Total weight loss in 5 weeks = 8.5 lbs

I could not be happier with my weigh in today. I knew when I got on the scale at home that I was going to be down because on my home scale I saw a great number. I did not expect for the gym scale to register LOWER than my home scale. I weigh at home nakie and of course at the gym I have on clothing. This was a huge surprise and a very much welcomed one! I am 2 lbs away from the next set of numbers and I so badly want to get there.

I am focused now. Today was a great eating day. I stayed on plan. I kept with my training plan and went to BodyPump tonight. It was also great.

For now, I am keeping my eye on the goal because at this point it is not too far off!

>Three Things Thursday

>1. I want to run a race in December. It's probably not going to happen because I can only think of two upcoming races near me that aren't too expensive and they are both 5k's. One is this coming Sunday but it isn't likely I will run that one because we will be gone Friday and possibly Saturday with football shenanigans. And this will likely be the first Sunday in 15 plus weeks that hubby will be home. Hopefully, he will be home. And I am sure that his idea of family time is not running a race in the freezing cold with his crazy wife. The other race is next weekend (I think) and it's for a good cause as well and cheap entry fee ($5) but the drawback is they are just handing out leftovers to everyone. Leftovers meaning tees and such from random races through the years. I don't particularly want to end up with a tee shirt from a race I didn't run. Again, it is for a good cause and basically a social event, but I can't commit to it. I don't even have a reason as to WHY I feel the itch to race in December other than I must be crazy.

2. I told myself I was going to get outside more and run this winter. So far that hasn't happened. But technically it's not even winter yet, just freezing cold out. I am blaming the time change. By the time I get off work at 5 and get the kids checked into the gym around 5:20 I barely have 20 minutes (if even that long) of daylight left to even run in. The trails near my gym are lit but dude it is scary out there all alone in the cold! I also find it hard to motivate myself to get out there in the cold and run. My hope is that since hubby's schedule is going to change a bit once football is over we can run some together (or maybe my new running buddies and I can meet for some Sat. runs...hinthinthintahem).  I know I will get out there, I just have to do it.

3. Thursday is my weigh in day at the gym. Last week I was up due mainly in part to my little monthly friend making a surprise appearance and another issue I was having. Fun times. My hope this week is to see at least the loss from what I was up. There is a prize tomorrow. All those people losing weight for the first 5 weeks of the challenge will get their name in the bucket to win a $50 Visa giftcard. I want that card so bad! LOL BUT I want a loss even more! The truth is though that I haven't worked as hard as I could have to lose, but come on did anyone really "diet" on Thanksgiving? Maybe but not me. I ate that piece of pecan pie and I did eat the mac n cheese. I didn't feel guilty either. Am I now wishing I had done a thing or two differently? Yes, but only because I REALLY really do want the scale to be down when I weigh in. Fingers crossed.