Sunday, December 5, 2010

>This weekend was a celebratory one for us here in TN. The team my hubby coaches for won their a row!!!... State Championship title in 3A football for TN. Fun fun!
Anyway, that meant dinner on the fly and relatively late Friday evening as well as celebratory eating on Saturday. I knew ahead of time that we would be eating at Outback Steakhouse Friday following the game so I did pretty well all day with my eating. Even at dinner I got a steak, fries and salad and shared with the kids. Annabelle had some of my salad and Peanut and I shared the steak and fries. I  know I could have gotten a different side but for once I let my boy pick the side and since he wanted fries I just went with it.

I didn't bother weighing myself like I normally do on Saturday morning because my plan was to get my 5 mile run in on Saturday and deal with the rest of the day's eating as it came. Turns out hubby and I took the kids to Cracker Barrel for breakfast but I managed to talk hubby into sharing a meal with me. We got the cinnamon french toast, eggs and turkey sausage and split it which was a wise choice so neither of us overate for breakfast. Where I went wrong was not hitting the gym for my run or any type of workout after breakfast.

We had a packed day and just let time get away from us. Late that afternoon we had a get together at one of the other coach's house and I knew they would have salad and lasagna. NO big deal, right? Big salad, small portion of lasgna. IF only I had stuck with that plan.

What I really had was a big salad, small portion of lasagna, a couple of PW's jalapeno poppers that hubby made, crackers, cheese, ginger snaps and this totally delicious yummy stuff to dip them in...
Crap, I think I also ate small brownie. Maybe I also had one breadstick..or was it a half?

I lost track of what all I did eat. Yikes! I hate times like that. I went with a plan and totally didn't follow it.
So, that meant not jumping on the scale again today. I knew I'd be doomed if I did and it would set a bad tone or bad attitude for the week. I made up for the guilt of the weekend by going to the gym and running my 5 miler today.

5 miles done in 52:05. Not too shabby!

Now, Monday is a new day and a new week is upon us! I am excited. I love the start of a new week and feeling fresh and ready to take it on. My goal is to get to at least 169 by this time next week. I think I can totally do it. Or at least the hubby has told me I can. :) At least one of us believes....

Anyway, I leave you with this pic just for fun!


  1. >Congratulations on the championship!!!! You had a good weekend - now get back on track for the week. See you this afternoon - if I don't freeze in one spot before I get there, that is!

  2. >Congrats to your Hubby and his team! How cool!