Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. First I want to start this post with something women runners can appreciate. Join me and my fellow running pals in backing this product. It's a GPS sports watch for women (and men!) that has safety features that no other running/sports watch has. You have 15 days to make a pledge, become a backer and help get the ball rolling for this product to be available for us. For more info you can  visit the website  and also view a video.  I've been trying all evening to come up with the right words for this product but the video and sight says it all. It would be awesome if they get the backing they need to get the BIA on the market for runners/cyclist and other athletes. Please consider making a pledge!

2. Today was my last PT appointment (for now). It went ok. I had made so much progress prior to my arthrogram that it's just discouraging going into these last two appointments this week and barely making any progress. Today I kind of just sucked it up and embraced the pain during my appointment. I know I'm tough, I kept telling my PT that it sucked having to be so tough while it was painful but I just really wanted to have some improvement at this point. I also told him that the worst thing the other doc could tell me would be to stop running. He said, "Well that is exactly what he will say." But you know what, I'm running now and it's mostly pain free. And my PT knows this. He hasn't told me not to. In fact he told me to lift weights (a LOT), run when I can and to just keep doing my exercises. He knows I'm going on vacation next week but told me if I have any issues while working out/running on vacation to give him a call and he will give me some things to do and maybe get me in there before I see the other doctor. I'll take today's little bit of progress after such a huge set back.

3. It's not very blog worthy but I am happy to at least report that I am starting this vacation 5 lbs lighter than last year at this same time. 5 lbs in a year doesn't sound like a great deal BUT what IS a great deal is the difference in my body's measurements.  I won't bore you with all those measurements but this time last year I was still in a L shirt and 12/14 bottoms mostly. I'm now a solid M (despite what my lil brain tries to tell me) and a 8/10 bottom. That is success worth being proud of no matter what the pesky scale tells me. :) And while I will be on vacation I will NOT go completely off my healthy eating schedule but I will not deprive myself of the treats I love while on vacation. I'm headed to the beach for a week of sun, fun and relaxation!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WW- Liquid Awesome

[caption id="attachment_1446" align="aligncenter" width="142"] I like to say that's not sweat I'm covered in but liquid awesome! Results of a hot evening run! [/caption]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

~ Is it hot where you are? If not, consider yourself lucky! However, in looking at a map of the US on the weather report this morning it looks like we are all dealing with hot temps. Has this made an impact on your running like it has mine? Ugh. I ran w/the TinRoof crew last night and my pal M. It was brutal. I struggled, a lot. We kept a speedy enough running pace and even with all the walk breaks I needed (due to the heat and my hip) we still averaged a 10 min mile. Not bad. However, I know it would have been such a better run if the heat had not played a role and if I was 100% healthy. 3.1 miles done though!

~ I'm looking very forward to my PT session today. My hip feels tons better but I still have a bit of tightness in my hamstring and back. Hoping that now that the severe joint pain is better I am able to accomplish more today. I feel like I can so fingers crossed that feeling goes with me into my session. I'm also hoping he has been able to view my results and has a plan of attack that will be positive. I only have the 2 sessions this week then vacation next week before seeing the new Dr. I'm hoping these 2 sessions and a week of vacation will be a good thing!

~ Speaking of vacation.. I think I did mention that. I leave this weekend for a week long stay at the beach. I don't usually worry about my vacations as I have been on this whole weight loss/fitness journey long enough to know that just because it's a vacation doesn't mean it is a free pass to only sit on my butt and be lazy or to make poor eating choices. Lucky for me (and my family) we stay in places with full kitchens. One of the first stops we make upon arrival at our destination is the grocery store to stock up on healthy food that we have carefully planned out via our weekly menu/grocery list. I also make a plan ahead of time as to how I will remain active while on vacation. We usually scope out a place that has a gym or at least check to see if one is available before we leave so we can pack accordingly. If you are looking for tips on how to survive a vacation away without coming home a few pounds heavier check out for tips on Travel and Weight Gain. You can be a vacation success.

~ Some giveaways you should check out...
Too Tall Fritz Fave Training Items Giveaway
Mommy Run Fast's Big Book of Marathon Training Giveaway

~ That's all for now folks! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to Summer Virtual Race

Being on the injured list has knocked me completely off my summer racing schedule. Thankfully I was still able to join Running, Loving, Living for the Welcome to Summer Virtual 5k/10k race. I signed up for the 10k. I would have loved to be able to complete this outdoors but with how my recovery has gone the easiest running for me right now is the treadmill, set to a decline! It's less impact on my hip but I will take it for now if it means being able to run. I've not tried any distances longer than my 7 miler last weekend, which was outside, since my procedure a week ago. I knew the 10k would be a bit of a lofty goal as I hopped on the treadmill Saturday morning but told myself if at the 5k point I didn't feel like I could run anymore I would stop and sign up for the 5k instead.

My run went well from the beginning. I set the treadmill to 6.3mph and -2.0 on the decline. This little bit of downhill running would be great training for my half marathon in July (or so I am telling myself). I had a good run going on with the treadmill and at 5k I needed the bathroom. I took that time to stretch and roll things out just a bit before finishing up the next 5k portion of my 10k run. I felt mostly fine. NO real hip pain but the issues with my back and hamstring that were a result of the procedure. After the last 5k I did about 15 minutes of foam rolling and stretching things back out. This felt really good!

I finished the 10k in 58:38. I can't say I would have accomplished the same outside on my regular route though unless I was 100% healthy. Regardless, it felt good to run.

I was glad to be able to run inside in the a/c since the temps were already close to mid 80s and it was so humid out. Summer is definitely here in East Tennessee! How have you acclimated to the heat with your runs? Are you getting plenty of hydration well in advance before you set out to run?

Friday, June 22, 2012


Today was my follow up with my orthopedic dr to get results from Monday's MRI/arthrogram. There's not a whole lot to say except what the dr told me.

I do, in fact, have a couple of "subtle" tears in the left hip labral as well as a cyst on my left femur. He said that the cyst isn't of much concern but that it could be causing some hip impingement. He also told me that he isn't a hip specialist and referred me to his partner who is. I see him on July 9th (post vacation). He will be able to tell me his thoughts regarding surgery and other options. The dr today did tell me that these things don't normally just heal and go away on their own but that at this point it didn't look like surgery needed to be done.

What does all this mean? I honestly do not know.
I have 2 more physical therapy sessions next week and I am looking forward to those. I am also looking forward to hearing my PT's thoughts on this. He suspected a tear in the first place and has done a lot of work with me to make the progress that I had made before Monday. My appoint with the PT Monday had to be cancelled due to the pain I was in. I knew I couldn't bear being touched when I didn't even want anyone speaking to me all day. haha. Yesterday's appointment was basically a bust too. The procedure on Monday just jacked my whole left side up so bad.

I had made real progress before Monday in PT. For instance, I was able to barely bend my left leg up towards my chest to 90 degrees when I first saw the PT. 4 weeks later I was able to almost bend and touch my chest with my left knee. Yesterday I was back to barely 90 degree. Major set back. After a few minutes trying to work on my left hip flexor the PT decided to just help me with the back issue. So we did stim and ultrasound to work out the newly extra tight middle back muscles.

All that to say, I really am not sure. I have logged a total of 6 running miles this week. As long as I am running there is minimal to know pain. When I stop running it hurts. This is new this week as before with the PT and adding running I felt fine as long as I took it slow and didn't over do things. Since the procedure on Monday we have a very different story. I have barely been able to move since then so adding any running at all is slow and painful. Basically at this point I just want to be well enough to have a successful half marathon in July and in October.

I just want to be a happy, healthy distance runner. I'm going to take every step possible to get back to that girl.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Procedure from Hell-O!

Monday morning I was scheduled to have an MRI. Not just your ordinary MRI though. My particular MRI of my hip would also include an arthrogram procedure. I did some Google searching prior to my test just to kind of prepare myself for what would take place. Normally I would not get so worked up over an MRI. I don't like tight spaces or loud noises but I'd been through the process of an MRI several times before and knew what part of that to expect. Even after doing some Google searches and finding videos such as this and descriptions of the procedure such as this I still was not overly thrilled with the procedure or even sure of what exactly to expect. I guess I was in a bit of denial because maybe they weren't actually going to do this particular procedure on me after all.

Boy was I ever wrong. They did it.

I could not ever get anyone (dr's offices, PT) to tell me for sure what was to be expected. Just an MRI, easy. You'll do fine. That's all I heard. No one ever said, "Yeah, they're going to be putting a huge a$$ needled into your thigh and move it all the way to your hip joint." I even asked at the radiology department the day of my procedure when I was checking in if it would be a typical IV in the arm to inject the dye or my hip. The lady either didn't understand my question or knew I might run (haha) the other direction and out the door.

I admit to being a huge wuss when it comes to needles. I hate them. I don't like IVs or blood draws but I really do not like needles of the larger scale. Especially those that will be put so deep into my body!

Once I was changed out of my shorts and tee shirt (don't think I didn't go dressed like the runner I am!) and into the lovely paper shorts w/the lovely tape opening in the back I was sent to another holding room where I paced the floor and chewed off the remaining 3 fingernails I had. The sweet lady, her name now escapes me, came back to get me and led me to the x-ray room. This is where most of the panic went down.

She proceeded to have me sign some papers and let me know the risks of the procedure. 1. infection and 2. wait, was there a two? I couldn't tell you because I vaguely remember even signing my life away as the mere sight of needles and her explanation of the procedure made me light headed and dizzy. No, they hadn't even started the procedure yet. I was still standing. But not for long. Before she could even finish explaining things to me I begged to lay down.

Once I was on the "bed" she put a large pillow under my knees. She went on to explain that the lovely turqoise swab she was putting on my left hip was anestheptic cleanser and couldn't be washed off until after 24 hours following the procedure. Ok. Then she kept telling me their step by step run down of things. That's when I got that feeling in the pit of my stomach. By this point I was crying like the big baby I am and she offered to bring me a wet cloth for my forehead. I think I used it on my entire face. To wipe the tears, to cover my eyes, to protect me from the horrible abuse they were about to put me through.

Dr. Cotton (ironic name, huh) came in and began to explain to me further what his steps would be. I wanted to joke with him about his name meaning he was going to be extra gentle with me but figured he had heard that garbage a million times. I say a million because the lady and dr. both assured me he had performed this procedure millions of times, thousands daily. I call BS on that part but whatever. Just do it and get on with it, please!

I was on a bed, paper shorts down on the left side, an X-ray thing above me (thank you Dr for wanting to make sure you were hitting all the right stuff) and then that's when the ringing in my ears started. Crap. I was going to be sick or die. I feel sick and dead just talking about it still. This stuff really creeps me out. I would never survive in the medical field!

The needle to numb me went in. It felt like a mere prick and was fine. The next part is what would be the hell. Large long needle with a butt load of dye in it would now go through my thigh all the way down down down, down some more, wait not deep enough... ahh yes, there into my hip joint. I had to move my legs/feet in then out then in and out again. This was hard having one numb leg with a needle IN it!

I won't say that I felt this happening other than pressure. Lots of pressure. And thankfully 15 minutes or so later that part of the procedure was over. I begged to lay for a few minutes which ended up being only about 15 seconds before I was whisked off that table and into a wheel chair. And within seconds I knew I was going to toss breakfast. And I did. Which was a major bummer because breakfast was good!

Anyway, I'll spare anymore of those details.
I had already been informed that the actual MRI would take around 40 minutes. I wasn't overly nervous about that but wanted to make sure my entire head wouldn't be in the long white tube. It was not. They just occasionally moved me in/out every 15 mins about an inch or so. Not so bad. I even napped during all that.

What I was not entirely prepared for was the after. No one told me that I would be in so much pain (even days later). I rode in the car on my back all the way home, went straight to the couch where I napped for an hour or so. We then went to lunch where I thought I would be able to get up and go in with my family. Not so much. Every time I stood up I was dizzy and knew I was close to passing out. Not a fun day.

I had big plans of taking my daughter swimming at the pool that day since I had taken a vaca day from work. She was not a happy camper knowing that Mom would be planted to the couch all day long.

Around 2 pm the numbing meds wore completely off and I was in a whole other realm of hell on earth than I had ever been in. I had to get my husband to call the dr's office for me to ask if the pain was normal and what I could take for it. They said they'd call me in some pain meds but never did. I immediately cancelled my PT session for the day because the last thing I wanted was to be touched. Heck, I didn't want to be spoken to.I was miserable. I wanted death and fast! Or something.

My PT has told me that it's good to get the procedure so that next time they have to do one they'll be able to compare the two. Let me tell you, God and anyone else this right now... I will NEVER have that procedure ever again. IF and that is a HUGE IF I do ever find myself being told it is necessary then let me tell you, I will be knocked completely out and better wake up with an IV drip of morphine.

Just say no to arthrogram.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

[caption id="attachment_1432" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Post run planking![/caption]
in celebration of Plank-a-Day's 1 year birthday we followed our Wednesday night run with a plank. thanks, L for the picture as proof!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saturday Seven

Saturday morning I met the local Lululemon group and some runner friends from the group for a long run. My goal was to just run the number of miles the group decided on (7) at a slower than normal pace for me since this would be my longest run during my injury recovery. My husband was only planning on 2-3 miles since he was racing a local 8k later that night. None of the regular runners I actually run with were running so I was going to stay back with a couple of other friends. I tried my best to stick to my plan but ended up going a bit faster than the girls, oops.
I was really just excited to be able to run long since it had been a while. Before my injury even 7 miles wasn't that long but now I'm having to add my mileage back up, slowly.

We ran along a route that I did one of my very first group runs with Terri and Melissa. It's a hillier run but one that I forget is hilly until I am actually running it. I probably should have steered clear of hills so soon but it was still a decent run. I won't bore you with splits this time around. I finished my 7 miler in 1:11 (10 mm pace). I took walk breaks when my hip said I needed to and I ran fast downhill since that felt good. I ranged anywhere from 7:30 pace to 14 (walking) and I was fine that my splits weren't negatives.

After the run my husband and I chatted with a couple of other friends before heading to Market Square for breakfast and the Farmer's Market. This is my favorite part of Saturday! Here are some of the things we did after the run.

[caption id="attachment_1425" align="aligncenter" width="225"] This is what I call post run resting. [/caption]
[caption id="attachment_1426" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Post run unhealthy frozen coffee drink made by "Lance," skim milk please! [/caption]
[caption id="attachment_1427" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Cowgirl hats go well with running clothes, huh!? [/caption]

We had a great time enjoying the morning together post run. We did a little more shopping and had planned to be home in time for naps before the evening race my hubby was running and that I was volunteering for, but you know how the best laid plans go. I'm proud of my husband and all my running buddies for braving the heat for the 8k Saturday evening. I enjoyed working the best water stop in 8k history and cheering everyone on. Of course the after race "party" was fun too!

Again, I am glad that I was able to log some miles and meeting another group to run with occasionally was nice too!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Randoms

~ I want to first start this randoms post out by telling each and every one of you that reads here, that commented yesterday or has shown me support along the way....THANK YOU!!! You guys listen (read) to what I am saying and are encouraging, motivating, inspiring to me! I appreciate each one of you. I was going to reply back to each comment yesterday individually but I decided an open thank you was better. So, from the very bottom of my heart thank you, please know that I read each comment yesterday and most of you brought me to near tears. Knowing you've been there or that you understand what this journey is like first hand and can relate to what I go through daily is comforting. I cannot express to you how much the encouragement you have provided me means to me. So, thanks, again. :)

~ I have not posted about my workouts at all this week. I'm not sure I ever got around to it last week but I won't go backwards. Here's what I have done this week-
Mon - 2 mile down hill run (18 mins)
Tues - 13 miles in Spin class
Weds - 5 miles WNR/social group run (50 mins and some change)
Thurs - 1/2 mile run before BodyPump
I'm kinda bummed with myself that I haven't done any swimming or biking (other than spin class this week) but I am super excited to be able to run. Taking 3 weeks off from running was hard and the thought of another 3 weeks was kind of depressing. I was also thankful to have my social running buddies (and my husband) keep me company for a bit of my run last night.

~ Therapy is continuing to go very well. I had another appointment today. My PT says he is just shocked at how well I am improving considering the length of time I was injured before even seeing the dr. He said with my type of injury the healing process is usually a slow one. I've been doing my exercises and taking the running thing slow so I suppose that's helping. Today's appt was mostly stretching and heat (which felt good) and while it isn't painful like it was before it wears my hip out, but PT says I am getting stronger even though I feel terribly weak. My MRI is Monday and I am really nervous. I think I mentioned this before. It's not that I am nervous of the results, they will be what they are no matter what. I am nervous about the needle and dye. I have bad memories from an MRI when I was 17.

~ I would like you to know that after my whining yesterday about how imperfect I am those few little lbs I was upset over on the scale decided to back down and get the heck out of dodge. I'm not in the clear yet though, I know this. I will say that I didn't stick with the Green Smoothie a day challenge for this month as I felt like that was hindering my efforts, which sounds like a complete oxymoron BUT anytime I have tried to do a green smoothie for breakfast I have seen the scale go up. It's weird because anytime I make smoothies they are less calories and fat than any other thing I would usually eat for breakfast. It's not rocket science and may just all be in my head but for now I'm going with it. Eating food works better for me. Also, I've kept count of the salad eating I have done this week. I'm up to 7 as of lunch today. That's a lot of veggies and a lot of fiber. You know what they say about fiber! ha

~ For the first time in my 3+ years of running my husband will be running a race while I am not. I will be volunteering as the best water station worker ever at a race this weekend while my husband runs. It's a local 8k that prior to my injury I had planned to run. It's described as a course that is not one to PR on, which was fine I just wanted to run it. But I will sit back and enjoy my volunteer spot as well as cheer on all my favorite runners! Plus I hear the after party is just as fun for those not running as it is for those that are. Oh and don't worry, I will be getting my run on Saturday morning with some from the group. I'm very much looking forward to our Saturday.

~ And in case you missed the first part of this post....THANK YOU. xo

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm not perfect

I think it goes without saying though.
I don't need to remind all of you that I am human, not perfect. I make mistakes. I mess up. I "fall of the wagon," (really don't like that term). And I struggle.

I've probably blogged about this before but maybe not often enough. This thing is NOT easy. What thing?! Health and fitness? Weight loss? All of it. I do well enough most days but in all honesty I have days even weeks when I struggle so bad.

If you've read here long enough you know I am a chronic weigher. I get on the scale more times that necessary for anyone. I have a morning ritual that is as ridiculous as anything you've ever seen. Wake up, get out of bed, undress, weigh, pee, weigh. I do the same thing when I get home at night if I make it back to my bedroom before dinner. It's pretty pathetic and shameful really. Often times it can set the mood for my entire day and how I view myself.

If I don't like the number I see I get mad, I say some pretty awful things about myself and let it just consume me and my thoughts. And while you would thing seeing a higher number than I like on the scale would make me push harder to work towards my goal there are times I make excuses for it and don't put forth the work needed.

It's not always the work in the gym I'm talking about. You see the fitness part of this whole journey isn't hard for me usually. I LOVE working out, I love the daily calorie burn, I love the feeling of accomplishment and I love that usually that is quality time spent with my husband. Where does the struggle come from? What makes it hard? Food. Sometimes no matter how well I eat I damned if I do and damned if I don't.

I can follow a healthy eating plan, no processed crap, tons of fruits and veggies and lean meat and step on that scale even after a good, long, hard run and be up a few pounds. YES, few pounds! It's very discouraging. I think it is also something that others don't see me go through because I rarely talk about the struggle side of my journey. Unless of course you're my husband then um, well... He catches almost all of the negative and does try to be as encouraging as he can. Supportive. And you all know how I feel about having a good support system when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss. It's a need, a big one.

Right now my struggle comes from the fact that I am not able to run 3-4 days a week like I had been. Running has been my "crutch" so to speak in keeping lean (don't laugh, I know I'm no skinny girl but running gives me a sense of lean that these other workouts don't) and feeling fit. While I may not have lost any of my fitness during my injury I feel like I have taken a step backwards in healthiness. I burn a lot more calories running than I do swimming or on the elliptical. The injury has kept me from being able to take some of the classes I love and in turn has thrown my whole workout routine off.

What does that mean? It means my weekly calorie burn isn't as high. It means I have to (or should be) working harder with my "diet" so as to not see a little rise in the scale. But let me be honest with you here. It's not what I am doing. I had high hopes of doing so. I still do all the same things I did before.. weekly menu planning, buying healthy foods, pre-planning and packing all my meals for the work day. But where have I slipped up? Sugar.

Wanna know something about sugar? That crap is evil. Yes it is crap. Sure I have been good in the past about packing my little daily after lunch treat and limiting myself to just one or two mini chocolates but that's not where the problem lies. The problem lies with the fact that I sometimes lack impulse control.

"Hey, bring me a fountain Diet Coke and a Reese cup."
What? Yes, folks, that is a text I recently sent my husband. He obliged. And I did partake. Then I spent the next 2 hours beating myself up about being fat and gross and unhealthy. I've worked really hard the last 3 years to lose weight, become an athlete and live an overall healthy life which has made me a happier person overall. But the lack of impulse control when it comes the evilness that is sugar is not a good thing, ever.

This is just me keeping it real and being honest with you. I often feel like I have to hide behind this strong girl with tons of will power image that I feel like so many have of me. Sure I AM those things and have been. I want to be a good example, as I feel I am usually, for others but I also want others to know that every day is not a perfect picture of health for me. I try hard for it to be but I struggle. If I didn't struggle I don't think I would even be considered a success at all.

How does that even make sense? Maybe it doesn't. What I'm saying is, if I sat back and told you this was easy and I didn't struggle I'd be lying. I'd like to paint a perfect picture so that selling health and wellness and fitness was more appealing to others. That's not real life though. I've not met a single person on their weight loss and fitness journey that has ever said, "Oh yeah, it was so easy for me." Uh huh. If that was the case no one in America would be overweight and everyone would finding ways to stay active and fit.

Such is not the case.
It could be easier based solely on mindset and how much we are willing to do for ourselves. That being said (and this may sound as though I'm talking out both sides of my mouth but hang with me) for me to be able to get over that negative demon (remember those haters I have living in my head??), the scale obsession, the sugar binges, the ugly of any of it I am going to have to realize that I am human, I will make bad decisions and the only way I can overcome that is to not dwell on them day in and day out but rather pick myself up, brush off the dust and go back to what I know is "right" and will work for me to become the success story that I have shared with so many.

It's funny how when I started this post I thought it would be more for you to understand who I am and what I go through daily on this "journey" (I hate to call it a journey since it is now my every day life) but I feel like the further I have gotten into it that it's more of a reminder for me. A reminder that I knew from day one this would not be easy. A reminder to myself that I need to focus not on the negative or how far I still have to go to reach my goal but on how far I have come since the day I took the first step. It's a reminder that it is ok to let others see both sides of this. It's a reminder to myself to stand proud every day and appreciate what I have accomplished.

I am not perfect but I am always trying to be a better me.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Motivational Monday - I'm real life

This is me taking another opportunity to motivate you. I was interviewed this week by Dr. Sherry Pagato FU blog for a Real Life Biggest Losers series. I am always a bit timid when it comes to really sharing my story with others. I talked some to my husband tonight about this. I'm not sure if I am more afraid that people will judge me based on the fact that I was so fat before or if they'll think I'm just looking to brag on myself now. All I know is that I am timid about sharing my story on outlets like Facebook and with close family/friends because I'm ashamed. Sure, they all knew me when I was very heavy and they know me now, I am the same person I just look a little different.

I decided to just be proud of my progress and if people want to judge me based on the fact that I am sharing my story (over and over) or post pictures regularly of my progress it's totally fine. I'm very proud of how far I have come and am trying hard to focus on that as opposed to how much more work I have ahead of me to reach my ultimate goal BUT at the end of the day the only thing I want to achieve my sharing my story is to inspire and motivate others.

Like I said in the interview, "Believe you can and you will."
If you want to read the interview you can do so by clicking here.

This is me, my life and it is real.
No fad diets, no weight loss surgery, no pills/drops... it's watching what goes in my mouth and putting forth the work in the gym. It's realizing that it isn't easy, requires a lot of patience and there will be days I mess up but it's knowing that every single day it is worth it.
And if I can do it you can too.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm in it for the long run

I am happy to report that I have been able to lace back up my beloved Brooks Trance 10s and hit some pavement this week.

I started with a test run 5k on Wednesday with my husband. It was mostly a great run. Pace was a bit faster than it should have been for a test run and the only issue I had was a little tightening around 2.5 miles but since we were only doing a 5k I knew I could make it. Run over and no pain. Yay! I took Thursday as a rest day because I wanted to be semi-fresh for Friday's PT appointment.

I wasn't sure what PT would hold since my appointment earlier in the week was elliptical work followed by some lower body (mostly hip) exercises that had me sweating like you wouldn't believe. I was prepared for Friday's PT appointment (meaning I left my makeup and fixed hair at home!). I told my PT about Wednesday's little run/walk and how it went. We did 10 minutes of head compress on my hip before he had me hop on a treadmill Friday morning. I was stoked. After 5 minutes on the treadmill at about a 6 mph pace we went on about doing my stretches plus all the hip exercises we did earlier in the week. I felt really good and hopeful.

When I was leaving and we were discussing my next appointments the PT says, "Just keep up what you are doing, keep your appointments and as long as you can tolerate it running is ok as well as your regular workouts. But only if there is no pain. This may be more muscular than labral." Best news in 3 weeks! It totally made my whole Friday so much better.

I wanted to go right after my appointment and run some more but I kept with my regular workout plan for the night which was swimming. But because I hadn't done a decent Cross Fit workout in 2 weeks my husband and I did that before we hit the pool. Great workout to follow a great day.

What would Saturday bring??
The plan was a long run. Now, hear me out on the long run plan. I'm having to basically build my mileage back up. I know right now that even though running has been ok'd I cannot just go out and have an all out long run like I would have a few weeks ago OR given I was injury free. No. This long run thing is going to have to be a slow learning process again much like it was when I was training for my half marathons last year. While this injury hasn't put me back at square one I am now at a point in my running (because of the injury) that I am more aware of my body and am listening to each little ping of discomfort.

For my long run today I planned to do 5 miles. Now before the injury I could pull of 5 miles in about 47-49 minutes no problem. I knew I could not go out like that today. I'm still healing. We (my husband and I) decided that we would use the Galloway method during our run today. Our plan was actually to take our walk breaks at each mile. We managed to hold a running pace at around 8:50-9:15 most of the run and with our walk breaks at each mile held our pace to just under a 10 minute mile. I was super happy to have finished my 5 miler today (pain free!) in 50:03. We spent a good amount of time after our run stretching and doing what I call "making love to the foam roller." If this injury has taught me anything it is that stretching and foam rolling is VERY important post run.

In the past I didn't always listen to my body. I didn't stretching properly after my runs. Usually for me stretching was a few little moves in the parking lot while Terri and I finished up our chat post run or doing a hamstring and calf stretch in the gym after a treadmill run. Now I spend at least 15 minutes stretching everything after every workout. If you don't stretch, believe me it is worth it. And I often refer to my foam roller as the runner's torture device. It hurts to use it but it's a good hurt. I've learned to love that big blue foam roller that I won so long ago on a blog giveaway. I can't imagine not having that as part of my running gear.

So, while I am not logging a ton of running miles still and I won't be hitting double digits for a few weeks I am still happy to say that this whole physical therapy is working or at least helping. I am hopeful that it does go like the pt is now thinking and that my injury is more muscular than labral because a muscular injury is easier to deal with than a torn labrum. I still have an appointment for an MRI in a little over a week. I'm more nervous about the procedure than I am about the results. I know the results will give me some insight about where to go from here as far as healing and what kind of mileage I can look at putting in.

For now, I am just going to continue healing through physical therapy. I will continue my workouts and add back a few of the things I was doing before the injury a little a time. I know that I won't give up even if I get the worst news after the MRI.

So, here's to healing and the long run!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I declared today a rest day. I was looking back at my DailyMile log and realized I have done some sort of exercise every day since May 28th. And considering I am injured I have managed to log 65 miles since then! Now, it hasn't all been running miles obviously but that is still a lot of miles. I've done that mostly on the elliptical, biking and swimming. I have ran twice. Not too shabby!

2. Last night I wore my new Brooks Running skirt to run in. It's the Brooks PR Mesh Skort II. I got it as a Mother's Day gift, that I picked out myself. Anyway, someone asked about a review on it. I have worn it out and about, to the gym on the elliptical and on my bike. It did well for all of these. Last night was the first time I actually ran in it. Perfect! It has short shorts attached under the skirt. They are slightly compression but what I love is that the band around the legs has a little tacky type band so that they actually DO stay in place. I have issues with other compression type shorts riding up when I move. These didn't do that. After my run I told my husband that I'd be getting a couple more of these skirts! It's also the first Brooks product other than shoes I have worn. As far as fit goes I'd say it is true to size. I usually wear an 8/10 or M. I had originally ordered the large and it was just too big. The medium was a perfect fit.

3. This picture is being passed around Facebook and Pinterest. I love it and I'm sure you will too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And she ran

You didn't think I'd let National Running Day come and go without logging a few miles on my feet did you?
If you have been around here long enough you know that I am stubborn, pain or not I am going to run. Luckily for me physical therapy is going well and I haven't been told "no, absolutely no running." So, I decided to run today.

Now let me tell you this before you go thinking I went and did something dumb. The orthopedic dr just said, "I just wouldn't do anything that aggravates it too bad," when I asked about running and mentioned that I have a half marathon coming up in July that I REALLY hoped to run. Honestly the one thing that aggravates my hip the most are the intense PT sessions!

My plan for tonight was to just take it slow and run based on how my body felt. This would be my first run (real run) in over 2 weeks so I knew I wasn't going to be able to go all out. I told my husband before the run to just let me run based on how I felt and to not fuss at me.

We ran the first mile with no problems at all. (9:19)
We took a short walk break before running to mile 2. (9:44)
And just before mile 3 I had him take a picture of me for blogging purposes. (9:30)

[caption id="attachment_1405" align="aligncenter" width="239"] National Running Day 2012[/caption]

I will say that at exactly mile 2.56 I knew my hip had had enough running. It wasn't painful but it was getting a bit tight. It was more from the pace than from the movement/running. I could have slowed down but decided to keep running until I hit 5k distance and then stopped at that point. We had already made the decision to run out far enough so that we'd have a mile to walk back to the gym. I did want to run the entire 4 miles but that would have been really pushing it.

Once we got back to the gym I made sure to do all of my PT stretching and even foam rolled, which if you're a runner you know is like one little torture device that hurts so good.

Overall the run was great and I am really glad that after over two weeks of not running I haven't lost my fitness or much of my speed. I still have a ways to go before I will be back to 100% of course but I plan to do all the right things to get me there.

One day at a time, one run at a time!

WW- Happy Running Day

Thanks, JESS for sharing this one!!

[caption id="attachment_1402" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Run happy!![/caption]

I'll be hitting the pavement this afternoon for a short, easy run.
How are you celebrating National Running day?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Under the pale moonlight

This weekend my husband and I were kid free! This is a rare thing for us. We had planned on having one free night but when he told me Friday morning that we scored two free nights I was stoked. The plan was to meet our running friends on Saturday afternoon in Cades Cove for the annual moonlight run. Friday night we had a nice dinner at home and then I sweet talked my honey into going to the park. I was just interested in a little walk but since I wore my Garmin it turned into a run/walk. My hip felt well! This was a plus for me and I got excited just thinking about the fact that my PT is helping.

The plan for Saturday was to get up and hit the gym for my swim. We ended up sleeping in Saturday morning instead and when we got out of bed decided to forgo the gym. We went to the Farmer's Market instead. Much better idea than the gym, especially since we both had plans to do the loop (hubby to run, me to bike) later Saturday night. We scored some great things at the market. I love buying local! We hadn't eaten breakfast yet so we stopped at a little stand that had mini cupcakes, mini muffins and the best granola bar I ever laid eyes (or taste buds!) on!!
[caption id="attachment_1393" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Deliciousness!! Can someone please tell me how to make these?? [/caption]

This granola bar was seriously SO good that I did not want to share even a tiny bit with my husband, but because I am so nice I did. Then we both wish we had bought more but since it was $3 for the one bar I was a bit leery. However, next time we go back to the Farmer's Mkt I will be buying way more than one bar!

After we shopped around a while we decided we should have lunch. We had a nice little date. We shared a burger and fries and then came home to pack the car for camping in the Cove!

My plan was for us to be up there by early afternoon but it took a lot longer to pack everything than we planned plus we got caught in traffic on the way up thanks to a rock slide repair and a minor fender bender. Oh well. We still managed to get to our camp site by around 3 or so. The run wasn't scheduled to take off until 8pm so we had plenty of time to hang out and chat with our running friends. We sat around and debated not going around the loop at all. I mean sitting around a camp fire, roasting marshmellows for s'mores is more appealing than an 8-11 mile run (bike ride!), right!?!?

And some debating we did. For real. Had it not been for our organizer of events the rest of us probably would have been into the coolers and onto the food early in the evening.

But at 8pm it was time. I was the only person out of 42 runners that was on a bike. Bummer. My running friends are great though. They're all very encouraging and told me it was great that I was injured yet still out there getting it done. So true!

Here's the whole group before we took off...
[caption id="attachment_1394" align="aligncenter" width="300"] KTC Socialites [/caption]
Such a fab group of runners!

Some of the girls decided before the run that they were only going to do the 8 mile loop. I use the term only because the next longer loop was the full 11 miles. I wasn't sure I'd be up for 11 so I decided to hang with them. I guess I really didn't hang with them since I went ahead of them mostly but I knew they were close should I have trouble. I stopped to take a few pics along my ride.

[caption id="attachment_1395" align="aligncenter" width="225"] the happy runner as she rides[/caption]
Note: I'm wearing a long sleeve jacket. It was a chilly night! We'd been in the 80s all week long and the temp dropped by 20 degrees before the start of the run.

I also snapped some pics of my buddies...
[caption id="attachment_1396" align="aligncenter" width="300"] yay running friends![/caption]

The moon was quite full by the half way point but there was still too much light to capture any great pics, at least with my little camera. The half way point was on a gravel road. I was a bit nervous about this given the fact that I am still not quite great on the bike but I did just fine. The only issue I had was once we got to the end of the gravel road and were making the turn back to camp... traffic was insane!!! The cars honestly scared me. Even when we are running the traffic is a pain but being on the bike and being a bit unsteady I was nervous.

If you know anything about Cades Cove you know it is quite hilly. Not a huge deal for me usually as I have ran it at least 5 times, but let me tell you it is a different beast on the bike. Even still I am proud to say that I only walked one small portion of a hill and probably wouldn't have even walked that if I had not decided it was the right time to turn on my headlamp. The whole back half of the loop was super dark! I was out there alone too since I had passed my running friends for the final time.

Towards the end of my ride as I was getting closer to the exit I noticed that the temps really had dropped. I could see my breath! I also was hoping that the exit and camp site was closer than it was. My quads were on fire from the hills and the fact that I had been pumping my legs non stop the last 4.5 miles of the ride. I can't tell you how many times I told myself I wish I was running instead. Cades Cove is not an easy run but I knew after being on the bike running it was easier than riding it!

And while it was suppose to be a moonlight run I never did see the moon that well. I knew it was up there and that it was full but the back half of the loop has such great tree cover that the moon wasn't visible like I imagined it would be.

Once back at camp s'mores were made and brats were roasted over the campfire. We stayed up chatting with friends until after 1am and even though we forgot our pillows and pad for under our sleeping bags it was still one of the most fun nights I've had. This was the first time I had done real tent camping and I loved it. The whole experience was great. I'm thankful for my running friends/group and love the social aspect that running has brought to me.

Fun, fitness and friends... what more could a girl ask for!?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Motivational Monday


So far June is shaping up to be a great month for me. I am on track with the challenges I have taken on.
The green smoothies are going well as are the daily planks. I don't have issues so far with making it to the gym and getting my activity on. In fact I have already logged 16 miles for the month and we are only 4 days in. Stayed tuned to hear all about our fun filled and active weekend!

What are you doing to be successful this month??