Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome to Summer Virtual Race

Being on the injured list has knocked me completely off my summer racing schedule. Thankfully I was still able to join Running, Loving, Living for the Welcome to Summer Virtual 5k/10k race. I signed up for the 10k. I would have loved to be able to complete this outdoors but with how my recovery has gone the easiest running for me right now is the treadmill, set to a decline! It's less impact on my hip but I will take it for now if it means being able to run. I've not tried any distances longer than my 7 miler last weekend, which was outside, since my procedure a week ago. I knew the 10k would be a bit of a lofty goal as I hopped on the treadmill Saturday morning but told myself if at the 5k point I didn't feel like I could run anymore I would stop and sign up for the 5k instead.

My run went well from the beginning. I set the treadmill to 6.3mph and -2.0 on the decline. This little bit of downhill running would be great training for my half marathon in July (or so I am telling myself). I had a good run going on with the treadmill and at 5k I needed the bathroom. I took that time to stretch and roll things out just a bit before finishing up the next 5k portion of my 10k run. I felt mostly fine. NO real hip pain but the issues with my back and hamstring that were a result of the procedure. After the last 5k I did about 15 minutes of foam rolling and stretching things back out. This felt really good!

I finished the 10k in 58:38. I can't say I would have accomplished the same outside on my regular route though unless I was 100% healthy. Regardless, it felt good to run.

I was glad to be able to run inside in the a/c since the temps were already close to mid 80s and it was so humid out. Summer is definitely here in East Tennessee! How have you acclimated to the heat with your runs? Are you getting plenty of hydration well in advance before you set out to run?

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