Saturday, April 30, 2011

I kept going...

Thursday after work we had a soccer game but I hadn't ran much all week so I decided to hit the gym for a 4 miler. It was still nice out...breezy, sun was still up and there wasn't a great deal of humidity. Perfect condition for a run considering the weather we had just the day before.

I had Mr. G (my Garmin, named by my Sweet Annabelle) ready to go, iPod was playing my favorite running tunes and I was sporting my half marathon outfit. The best part was that my attitude was great. I knew I was going to have a fantastic run.

.17 miles in and something in my left leg burned. Bad.
I looked down at Mr. G to see that I was at a sub 10 min/mile so I slowed a bit but kept going. The pain worsened as I went up the hill before me, but going down and onto the flat trail it wasn't as bad.

I decided at that point to go as far as I could and would stop IF the pain got worse but as long as it wasn't worse I would run to 2 miles before heading back.

I dodged lots of mud puddles and duck poop along the trail but every time I looked down at Mr. G to see where I was I saw a sub 10 min/mile pace and just could not bring myself to stop or even slow down despite the nagging pain in my left hamstring.

I kept going. At mile 2 I was just over 20 minutes. I stopped, sent a text to my hubby that I was injured (I knew I was at that point) but told him I was going to keep going even though he offered to come get me. What was I going to do? Sit there for 20 minutes and wait for him to hold my hand as I waddled out? NO, I was going to make it back. I stopped Mr. G for about a minute to walk out a little ways and tried to stretch but when I attempted to put my leg out in front of me to stretch the burning sensation was worse! I cried. But I knew I had to make it back to my car.

I turned around, hit start on Mr. G and made my legs go. I screamed in pain as I came over the first tiny little hill. Why is it the hills hurt so bad even as small as they were? About a half mile later I looked back down at Mr. G to see that I was running at 9:18. Really!?! I said to myself and tried to slow down but something about slowing my pace seemed to be harder on my leg. So since my lungs were good with the sub 10 min pace I just kept going.

I looked down at Mr. G to see where I was 5k in just over 30 minutes. I couldn't believe my eyes or Mr. G because I knew the pain was too bad to produce the numbers. But I was wrong. Mr. G was right.

I finished 4 miles, with a pulled (and bad) hamstring in 39:28. I probably would've been jealous of myself if I hadn't been in so much pain. Does that even make sense?! Lol

The good news of the run is that I had such a great run.

Because I kept going when I should have just turned around and called it a day I have now spent the last 2 days resting (unplanned) and icing my poor hamstring. I had to cancel a 6 mile run I had planned today with my running buddy (Terri) and this bummed me so much because I haven't ran with her in such a long time AND I dropped my hubby off to head for his run. Depression.

The moral of the story (which I have learned the hard way) is to stop, turn around, go back at the first sign of such injuries. It could be SO much worse and I am glad it isn't.

And another funny-
I was telling my hubby last night as we drove by the trail the point where I felt the pull happen. He looked at me and asked why on earth I kept going 4 miles when it had just happened. I told him I was just proud for being so tough. I figured he would be proud to have a tough wife, but apparently I was only being ignorant and igorance and toughness are TWO different things.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I fought the chocolate eggs..

and the chocolate eggs won.
You've got the tune to a song in your head now, huh? "I fought the law and the law won!" ;)
Thank me later.

For now, let's talk about that Easter candy...
the discount stuff that was marked 50% off yesterday at my local Kroger.
It totally got me as soon as I was on that isle. I could kick myself now because I knew better!
I told myself I would only take 2 pieces to work today because that was one sure fire way I could have my chocolate and eat it too...controlled by the portion and no way to go overboard because the rest of the bag was at home.

Crap. I had to come home. And there was that bag of chocolate.
I sat down after dinner and ate 5. I think. I may or may not have lost count.
Oh well. We all have moments of weakness, right!?

I was just telling someone last night how it was ok to indulge once in a while because you could totally burn it off. I mean I know that I will now have to run at least 3 miles to burn off those 5 chocolate eggs. 5 pieces are 220 calories. I can burn 300 calories in a 3 mile run (or 30 minutes), give or take.

I guess you know what I will be doing tomorrow, huh!?

Did you fight the Easter candy? What was the outcome?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Speed work

Despite having a stressful week I managed to get in some decent workouts.

My best workout was probably Thursday night's run. I was going to skip running because Thursday evenings are so hectic between hubby's track schedule, Peanut's soccer and trying to get everything ready for the next day (homework, clothes and lunches ready for the next day, etc) but I was feeling relatively stressed and decided I should meet hubby at the gym after soccer anyway.

I started out thinking I would just run 3-4 miles but after about .25 I decided to crank up the pace and do some speedy intervals. Turns out my legs and lungs were completely in tune with my plan because I managed to get 3 miles of speed work done in under 26 minutes!

3 miles 25:19 8:26 min/mile

I was so happy to log this run! Usually I hate intervals/speed work but this one was great. I was determined to get sub 9 min/miles and I did just that. After the first 2 miles when I was in my 10 second recovery I had almost talked myself into running the last mile comfortable and set the treadmill to 6 mph but it felt so slow and almost like I was plopping too heavy on the treadmill. So what did I do??? I cranked that baby right back up to 8 mph and finished strong!

My hammies were screaming later that evening and even more so the next morning when I got out of bed.
I suppose that means it was quite the workout and one that I needed! I have read bits and pieces about how important speed work is. I know it helps. It has helped me increase my regular running pace a lot, but I do admit to not always fitting in speed work into my running schedule.

I will be doing so once a week. I'm not at all looking to ever qualify for Boston or the like but I do have hopes to become a faster runner.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still here, still running

But some days I wish I could run far, far away.

Life is crazy right now and stressful.
I am surviving AND I am running/workout out which is helping!

I probably have been better at commenting on blogs than I have been at coming up with good juice to blog about. By the time I get home in the evenings all I want to do is NOT think so I play mindless games on Facebook. haha

This week's running has been fantastic. Low miles, but decent running (for me) and that makes me happy.

Monday - 3.5 miles 35:28 (10:08 pace)
Tuesday - Spin class 14 miles in 45 mins
Wednesday - 3.10 miles 31:10 (10:03 pace)

Monday's run was ok for me. It felt great to just run again after a few days off. I was grateful for my time at the gym even though I only ran. Tuesday morning's spin class is my favorite. I don't have Tues evenings to go to the gym with my son's soccer schedule so I am really enjoying the change of routine and like the Tuesday morning spin instructor. Wednesday's run was great. I set my pace and ran the entire 5k without even thinking about the fact that I was running. I didn't watch the clock at all but did change my pace at the last mile. I was averaging 10:30-10:42 pace for mile 1 and 2 but was determined to get the last mile ran in under 9 minutes. Success!

Eating wise has been ok this week.. all healthy choices however my eating has been sporadic and light. Light meaning I have skipped a meal or two or three. Stress, it'll do it!

I am looking forward to Friday off with my family and hopefully a good, relaxing weekend!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I skipped Friday morning BodyPump.
Why? I have no excuse other than I just slept in. I turned the alarm clock off as soon as it started beeping.

Then Friday went to pot fast when I found out I may quickly become unemployed. My fate is still to be determined.
I ended my day without a trip to the gym but dinner out to Chickfila with the family. My first real meal of Friday was a chicken sandwich. You will be happy to know that I skipped eating ice cream later Friday evening when I took my Girl Scout troop to Marble Slab Creamery. Go me!
I never did go to the gym Friday. Slacker.

So, did I get up and run the 5k I had planned with the awesome Kelsey? No. I had to be a responsible adult and forgo paying $$ I don't need to spend just to run. Bummer. I was looking forward to it (with her and my hubby) in celebration of Kelsey's 20th birthday today.

I made cupcakes at home instead. Gah.
Like I needed those after missing 2 days of working out?? Nope.
I only ate one. And still didn't make it to the gym today.

After 2 days of barely any food (any food of real healthy qualities even), little water, even less sleep and a massive headache I have a feeling I would not have performed well in a race or even running the treadmill at my gym. But none of this is any excuse to have been such a slacker yesterday or today. I have hopes that tomorrow will be better and regardless of the outcome I hope to find time to run or workout.

I do not want pity but if you prayer, remember me and my family.
And of course any motivation to get moving again is greatly appreciated. I do not need to continue being a slacker.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I took spin again today. It was just as fun as Tuesday's class even if we did mostly hills. We did a 7 min hill climb, followed by sprints, 5 min hill climb, sprints, 3 min hill climb, sprints, 1 min hill climb, sprints. Fun class. Even with the tender booty I plan to go back to spin on Tuesday. I am really going to work hard on being in bed by 10 so that getting up at 5:20 am isn't so hard. I liked the class enough that I am willing to go to the 6am class instead of the 5:30 pm class. Sounds crazy, I know!

2. I ate bad today. I ate bad yesterday. I hate the monthly friend that visits because I let her/it take over my rational thinking when it comes to food (sometimes, not evey month) and I make poor choices. I undid all the good from spinning and all the walking today by over indulging in guacamole. Hubby says the plus is that avacados are a good fat. Love him! haha I'm pretty sure that even too much of a good fat is a bad thing. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. :)

3. We are running a 5k Saturday. I get nervous before the little races. Hate that. I would love to get a 5k PR... under 33 minutes would be a race PR but what I would really love is to run it in under 31 minutes. I think for this Saturday that is just a pipe dream seeing as it is only 2 weeks post half marathon and I have hardly done enough speed work to get me there. Plus see my #2, that surely will not help! ha. But this summer hubby and I are running the Peachtree Road Race in ATL. It's a 10k. My goal this summer (and what is left of spring) is to really hit the speed work and get under an hour for the 10k. That too may be a pipe dream but I'm at least going to make that my training goal.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pad my seat

Tuesday morning my alarm clock went off at 5:16 a.m. The hubby says, "You're going to spin this morning, don't forget." I rolled out of bed to the bathroom. I was still tired, but I dressed and was eagerly out the door by 5:30 to make it across town to the 6am spin class at my gym.

I walked in the gym half asleep, grabbed a couple of towels and headed upstairs. I met a woman on the stairs headed to the class and she told me I would be fine. I got in, set up the bike I chose and she says, "How tall are you?" I figured she thought I had myself set up on the spin bike wrong, but said to her, "I'm not tall. I always tell people I'm short. 5'3." She said I was fine and that the instructor would notice I was new and come talk to me. Great.

Just as the lady told me, Todd, the instructor came right over to me. The convo went something like this.
T- "Is this your first time at spin class?"
Me - Yep.
T - "you'll be fine. You're set up good. Just follow along, the tension knob is here and you'll know when to adjust it. If you feel you can't hang after about 10-20 minutes it is ok to just leave class."
Me - Thanks.

I was irked by the fact that he thought maybe I couldn't hang. Seriously, dude, I just ran a half marathon. I thought to myself ya know just because I ran a half marathon means I'm some sorta super hero workout machine or something. Ha! But seriously, I really did think that IF I am capable of running for 2 + hours surely to goodness I could make it through 45 minutes of spin class that would be based solely on MY OWN EFFORT and what I put into it. Right!? Right.

And I was right.

Oh and the lady beside and Todd the instructor both did inform me of the booty discomfort I would feel. Todd even said, "Guys deal with it too and it's not a huge deal." What? Like guys are special because they have extra junk to deal with? Whatever. I can do this.

And I did. My booty was not hurting at the end of class, but geez Louise we spent more time doing standing sprints (on the bike of course) than we did with our butts on the seat so how could it hurt?

Oh, but let me tell you!! Later in the day, my booty felt every minute it spent on that tiny spin bike seat. Today the bootay is a little better and I even plan to wake up at 5:16 a.m. tomorrow morning and hit spin class again.

And unless my butt develops callouses (like a friend, who also teaches spin at my gym swears she has) then make my seat padded, please!?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gone For A Run

Only I really haven't (since yesterday!). If you haven't ever heard of GFAR you should go check them out. They have LOTS of goodies for runners from handy gear to jewelry.

I am eyeballing this...

I took that from their site. ;) It sure would make a lovely addition to my charm bracelet.

Oh and the reason for this post! ha
TALL MOM is hosting a giveaway for $25 gc to Gone for a Run! Go check it out and enter yourself so you can surprise me with that sweet charm for Easter.

I kid! Go enter to win. You are bound to find something awesome for yourself!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Post 13.1 Workouts

I took one full day after the half marathon to rest. Looking back on last week's workouts and how brutal they felt for me I wish I had taken Tuesday off as well like hubby suggested but I'm a bit stubborn sometimes. And taking more than one break makes me feel really lazy!

Tuesday- 5k on the treadmill 31:45 (10:15 pace)
Wednesday - kickboxing, my first time in this class. It was ok. I felt uncoordinated! Plus 20 minutes on the ARC trainer.
Thursday - rest
Friday - 2 miles outside 21:00 (10:30 pace)
Saturday - 5 miles outside 54:19 (10:52 pace)

The treadmill 5k went well. I was still a bit sore in my thighs (hello half marthon hills!) but I quickly loosened up after a few minutes on the treadmill. I was able to maintain my pace with no problem.

I liked my Wednesday kickboxing class ok. I just felt a bit uncoordinated with some of the moves. I won't get to make this class often because it is on a day/time when I am still usually at work. I wish I could rearrange my schedule somehow so that I could get to the class but it just is not possible. I think if I took it once a week I would pick up on the moves and not feel so clumsy. I also did a 20 minute workout on the ARC trainer. I love the ARC trainer and plan to get on it more as part of my cross training. You can burn some serious calories on that thing!

Friday and Saturday's outdoor runs were tough. It is beginning to get a bit hot here and already VERY humid. I actually even said I wish it was still winter out! My lungs struggled on both of these runs though Friday's was much easier than Saturday's run. On Saturday I had actually hoped to get in 6 miles but due to time constraints (I had a hair appt!) we decided on 5 miles. At about 2 miles in I was done. I really just wanted to be back at the gym and done running for the day. It was that hard for me. I couldn't maintain what I thought was a decent pace. I was struggling to breathe between the pollen and humidity. I was struggling mentally because my asthmatic hubby was not struggling at all (or so I thought) and I couldn't figure out WHY I was having such a hard time if he wasn't. I was also having stomach issues which if you're a runner you know basically sucks, especially when you are out on a trail. I was able to control it and as bad as I truly wanted to stop at 2 miles (after taking a little break) I told hubby, "Let's just go to 2.5 and turn back. We came to do 5 and as bad as this is sucking for me I am going to do what I planned."

So, we did. It wasn't pretty. I was worried about time but my awesome hubby just told me to stop worrying about it and reminded me I had just ran a pretty tough half marathon less than a week before. He was right. I was still trying to recover and it does take the body (or mine at least) a little time to get over those types of races. I couldn't help but think (an even say out loud) though how I hated that the 5 miles on Saturday was so much harder than the half marathon was for me. Really 5 miles compared to 13.1 should be easy but it wasn't.

It is going to take my body some getting use to the heat and humidity much like it took getting use to the cooler temps of fall and winter. I'm not going to stop running because I still have too many running goals to meet! I am still working on figuring out what I want to do with my workouts though. Tonight I am planning to run and do some weights. I am going to try spinning sometime this week and will hit BodyPump at least once.

Do you take a break after a long race like a half? If not, what is your running schedule like the week following? If yes, what do you do?

Friday, April 8, 2011

To buy or not??

So, let me start by saying that my race was 6 days ago and I am still super excited about it! I've been telling everyone that I ran a half marathon. It may be a little much to tell the postman at my office but somehow I have managed to bring it up in conversation. haha

Pathetic, right!?
Maybe not. But I am just so proud.

Ok, so the real reason for this post...
Professional race pics.

These were posted on the race website yesterday.

The first picture is obviously me on the course doing my run thing. Thank you to my awesome hubby for the gorgeous bunny ears he kindly decided to give me! :) Glad the photographer could capture that. Also glad that despite the bunny ears I am smiling and enjoying the run!

The other pics are finish line photos. As you can see, I am a mess! So, question...
To buy professional race photos or not???
I know I want at least one of us at the finish but maybe just the one of us after we got our medals. What do you do with race pics?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon (13.1 - my first)

So, as we crossed the Clinch Avenue bridge to get in line for the port-o-potties my mind began racing. What am I thinking doing this? Why am I here? 13.1 miles? Seriously. I'm nuts. Gosh, 2 years ago I would be stressing over running a 5k and here I am about to run a half marathon. I'm sick. And I cried. Like almost hyperventilating crying. Hubby thought I was nuts for sure and while we were in line to use the stinkers (aka port-o-potties) I tried to hold back the tears. Once I was actually IN a p-o-p the tears were gone except the few shed over the smell in there. Whoa, someone had some real prerace jitters and I am just glad I was not the one! ha!

After the potty we headed over to the corral we planned to start in (10:01 - 11:30). We felt this was a safe place to be considering the pace we've maintained for our long runs during our training.
I originally had hoped to race at a 10:30 pace per mile but was being realistic and said that I would be happy with an 11 min/mil pace.
My biggest hope was to finish around 2:30 but at least under 2:45.

I was unable to find any of my running buddies before the race. I knew tons of people (like 6000) had registered for the event but I guess you don't really realize what that many people look like until the are crammed all together across the road at the start line! lol I knew Terri was hoping to PR so she would be ahead of me and Melissa had mentioned 13 min/miles because of the hilly course. I had no idea if I would even see Kelsey because I figured she had marathon team stuff going on before the race. I wasn't sure if she would be running with her team or solo but knew that I would see everyone after the race at some point! So, I relaxed and the gun sounded!!!

I hit my Garmin as soon as we were crossing over the pad at the start. Around the first mile or so the lovely Kelsey appeared right by my side and said, "Hey girl!" I was so excited. We ran "together" the next few miles on/off and would yell the occasional "You look great. Good job! Keep it up." to each other.

Miles 1-4.5 (ish)
We ran these at a comfy 10:15-10:30 min/mile pace. We had talked about walking the hill up Neyland Dr onto Kingston Pike but once we got there we still felt really good. I told hubby, "I'm running until I can't anymore. I want to take this hill if I can." I saw a sign as we approached the hill that said, Embrace the suck! Well what better motivation do ya need to conquer a hill than that!!? Two medic golf cart guys drove passed us and I thought Thank goodness I won't need those guys! Around mile 4.5 we ended up taking a walk break because hubby had an issue with his amphipod flying off his belt! Oops. I probably started back running before he was ready but there were just SO many people and I didn't want them to have to dodge me like I was having to dodge them when they took walk breaks.

Miles 4.5-7
As we approached Cherokee Trail in Sequoyah Hills we decided to run on the gravel trail in the middle to avoid all the people! Smart move. It was easier on our knees and we didn't have to dodge a single person. There is one killer hill in there and we walked a brief part of it up before picking up our pace and running again. Somewhere in SH we spotted a familiar face. There was some great chalk graffiti on the road ways and every time I saw Go mom! or You can do it! I got a little teary again. The people in the neighborhoods cheering on the runners were great. Lots of great signs, ringing of cowbells and the awesome Kate with her little pot and wooden spoon was fantastic! We had already decided that we would walk the hill at Noelton (around mile 7) so that we could refuel and save our legs. Hubby took a GU and I just drank some water. We ran a short part of it (to like the 2nd driveway or something..haha) and briskly walked the rest. I laughed on the inside about all the Free beer being offered at the homes going up Noelton. Can you imagine a beer break during a half/full marathon??

Miles 8-11
This part of the race was my fave. It was ran on the greenway that I did a lot of my training on. It is beautiful. I imagined the greenway would be very crowded but to my surprise we weren't really having to dodge many people at all. It was smooth running. Around mile 9 I saw this woman in gold sequins and a curly red headed wig jump onto the course and I said to hubby, "What is this woman doing?" He just giggled and she said, "Kim it's me!!!" And I was still drawing a blank. All I could say was, "What is up with the wig??" And then I realized, "OHHHH It's Kate!" HA! She and Ashley were THE BEST spectators on the course. Kate took the following pics....

If it looks like I was enjoying the run and having a good time it is because I WAS!!! My body was completely in tune with running on Sunday. We refueled around mile 9 or so and after the fun pics kept on going. We decided if we took another walk break it would be at mile 11. Mile 11 was another uphill....

Miles 11 - 13.1
We saw the 11 mile marker and began to slow to a walk, or so I thought. Hubby had completely stopped. To stretch, only he didn't seem to want to move again. I was in the groove, in fact I think I was just trotting along rather than running or walking and felt good enough to just tackle the hill, turn and tackle the next hill up to Ft. Sanders. But he was stopped. I admit that I was ticked off. He knows this too. He knew I was not sympathetic to his hamstring cramp (or whichever muscle it was). I said some not so nice things wanted to make sure he was ok so I ran back to where he was stretching and whispered sweet nothings in his ear and finally he was good to go. We made it up the 2 hills and to mile 12. At this point hubby must have gotten completely over the hamstring cramp because he was a good 15 seconds ahead of me. I debated letting him go on but before the race he said, We are in this together and I will stay right by your side. Awwww, makes me melt. Only I was NOT melting because I began to fume with anger and yelled, "HEY! What about that crap (only I didn't say crap) you said about staying by my side through this???" And some chic beside me laughed while my sweet hubby waited for me to catch up. :) I was happy again and we decided to stay slow and steady.
Once Neyland Stadium was in sight we knew we were SO close. I looked at my Garmin and knew we were totally going to make the goal. One more little slow down so we could power through at the end and we were off. A cheer from a friend of hubby's and I began to blubber...AGAIN!

Seriously, I thought I was going to hyperventilate when I saw the 13 mile marker. I was gasping for breath and fighting back tears. Then my man grabbed my hand and said, "Come on. We are almost there. It's just through the tunnel." Tears. You would've thought I was having a new baby or something.

When we entered the stadium I do not even know what was going through my mind. I was still gasping to breathe, not from running so hard but to keep from having an emotional breakdown. It sounds crazy but this was a huge moment for me. I trained hard. Hubby could see the clock. I'm not sure I even looked up to see it. He said, "Let's go fast! We can beat 2:30!" I think I told him he may have to drag me because I thought I was going to explode from the emotions!

As we crossed the pad his hands went up, mine went up and bam! 2:29:44. I grabbed my medal, thanked the volunteer and let the tears come.

We did it. I did it. I ran a half marathon. Another 13.1 miles in the running log. And we met our time goal. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. The only thing at all that I regret is not telling my family about looking for us on the jumbo tron or even looking up at it to see myself. I hope I smiled at some point but if not I am happy to say I haven't really stopped smiling since.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My first 13.1 - recap

Saturday night before the race I told everyone in my house (mom, her hubby, the kids, and my own hubby) that I was going to bed by 9 pm. I needed to be completely rested to get up at 5am on Sunday morning. I went to bed around 10pm and think I pretty much fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Before bed I laid everything for Sunday morning out so it would be ready to go.
And because I am such an awesome blogger and photographer I made sure the picture was perfect. *insert sarcasm* Seriously, why didn't I do like all the cool runner bloggy chics and lay my race outfit out all cute like with my bib?? I'm lame, I guess. But at least I did lay everything out the night before, right!?

Hubby and I set both alarms for Sunday morning around 5am. He's so cool that he set his alarm to "I Run to You" by Lady A. Awwwwww. How sweet is that? Just perfect for the morning of my first half marathon that I would be running with my one true love. ;)

We were up, dressed and out the door by 6am. But not before I snapped these pics....

Hubby in his race day tee. He was going for loud and he was proud! He also made a pbj for breakfast/pre run fuel. Yum! I had a slice and a half of pb toast! It's the perfect run fuel for me. Someone should come up with a portable pb toast option for runners.. or a portable toaster! ha I kid.

Me before leaving the house! I was still excited at this point. And I know most of you want to know about my totally awesome shirt! I'm getting there. I got the arm sleeves at the expo and loved them. They were just some basic Asics that I picked up randomly for less than $10. I figured I could wear them with a tee for the race and not have to worry about wearing a long sleeve top that I would have to deal with shedding later when I warmed up. Instead I was able to push the sleeves down once I felt warm enough. Perfect!

As for the shirt...

I entered a giveaway on ShutUpandRun and was totally shocked when I found out I had one my choice of color, style and size in a bamboo top from TWIST

I had already been scoping out the site just in case, but I never win a thing so it didn't matter. Then I go the email and was stoked! And imagine my surprise when my tee showed up the day before my first half marathon!!!! It was fate. I think they sent a bit of magic in that tee and it gave me the power for a great run.

We left the house promptly at 6am. We had to make one little stop at the store before heading over to Knoxville and I still couldn't believe I was not nervous. Once we were parked at the race venue I fiddled with my iPod to make sure I had it ready to go and discovered that the music could be heard coming from both the internal speaker and my earbuds. I was then frustrated to the max but decided I had bigger things to deal with (like running 13.1 miles) than whether someone around me could hear my music. We walked on over to where the race was to start and as we were crossing the Clinch Ave bridge the tears began to fall....

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Expo

Saturday was the expo for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon (half and 5k, too). Hubby and I got up early and headed to the expo before my son's soccer game. We hopped in line to pick up our race bibs then it was to another line for bags and shirts before needing to get back in line in order to have our timing chips checked. They were having issues with the timing system so we decided to walk around a bit and check back before we had to go.

This was the first time I had been to an expo but since I have been running and reading plenty of running blogs I knew what was to be expected at a race expo. We took $$$.  :)

We got coupons, entered drawings and of course shopped!

I got this....

It is a headband from Chicabands and I love it! I debated whether I should wear it for the race or not since I had already bought one for the race that would match my outfit. And because of that, I decided to wait to wear my 13.1 band after the race. I wore it to work today. ;)

We also got the kids a tee shirt each at the expo. They are from last year's Kids Run but at $1 each we just couldn't pass them up and the kids were excited to have them.

While at the Expo we ran into my new friend Kelsey and because we didn't get any pics together at our volunteer session the weekend before I made sure to bring my camera for pics at the Expo.

She is radiant, don'tcha think? She is such an amazing young woman. Beautiful inside and out. I am so happy to have her as a friend. And she's so tall! Or maybe I really am shorter than I think I am! haha

We also ran into some great running buddies at the expo. Since we were all dressed up and looking fine we had to snap a picture. It was funny how we all said, "Wow! You clean up good!" Ha. Makeup, hair done and regular clothes looks good on us. See for yourself!

Don't we look beautiful??

We ended up leaving the Expo early in the day to head over to the soccer field, BUT we had to return to the Expo because I wanted to make sure my timing chip was working. There was no way I was going to run a half marathon with the doubt that my timing chip may not work properly. So, after soccer the entire family headed back over to the expo. We walked around to the booths...again. This time the kids had fun and enjoyed getting some goodies.

Our favorite part of the expo was the photo booth! I wish I could upload the pics from that.  They are too funny!
Hubby decided to stay and volunteer a couple of hours at the Expo so I took the kids on home to start getting everything ready for the big day. I can't wait to share my race recap with you so please stay tuned!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I ran a half marathon!

Official time and race recap to follow.
This mama runner girl has had a wild, crazy, fun, busy, exciting weekend!
The ONLY bummer in this weekend is that it is coming to a screeching halt and I have to work tomorrow.

Friday, April 1, 2011

March Miles

If you follow me on DailyMile you may have noticed that during the month of March I participated in a challenge TallMom started, which was to run 93 miles in March.

I quickly signed up for the challenge because in February I ran 88 miles and knew that with my half marathon training and March being a longer month than February that 93 miles was totally possible for me to run. It was only 3 miles a day. And yes, I totally said that! ONLY 3 miles?? haha
It's funny how when you (or I) started adding in longer runs (beyond 7-8 miles at a time) that running 3 miles seems like a walk in the part, usually. Not all runs are easy even if they are 3 miles but when you look at 3 miles compared to 10, well obviously 3 is easier!

Anyway, I did not run every single day as can be seen by my training schedule. And I won't go into the details of that because I am sure you'd be bored to death! ha

I am proud to announce that in the month of March I ran a total of 95 miles!! I went over the challenged miles by 2 thanks to my little 3 mile run yesterday. I am very pleased with my progress for March. I'm not sure that April will see as many miles on the schedule but I do plan to keep on running after my half marathon this weekend.

Stay tuned for April goals! Have a great Friday!