Thursday, February 25, 2010

>They're starting to taunt me....

My living room has been my workplace this week. 
I'm my daughter's Daisy Troop Leader.
We picked up our Troop's cookie order on Monday.
123 cases to be exact.
Of those 123 cases, about 15 came to my house (maybe more??).
I've been sorting through GS Cookies, delivering GS cookies and trying my hardest to resist giving into the temptation of these delectable goodies.
Until today I had been limiting myself to one cookie each day.
Today the count is 3. 

I logged every single morsel of my food today into Spark People and was very much under calories where I normally am today. So, that being said I had planned to only treat myself to 2 cookies and of course account for them in SP. But then....

A Samoa spoke to me from within a little plastic baggie.
And I answered it by chomping down on it. 

I don't always give in to the temptations. 
But it was just taunting me so bad today! 

How often do you give in to temptation?

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