Wednesday, February 10, 2010

>Pardon me while I whine

>I am having a very off day today. I don't really feel well...headache, ringing ears and just blah. I'm tired and am thinking I just shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure I went to bed around 11 and got up around 7, but who knows. Maybe I do need sleep.

Whine over.

Here is how last night went.
 I went to the gym after work yesterday. My run did not go as planned. I am disappointed really in how it went. First of all, it was hot and stuffy in the gym (more so than normal and especially in the particular area I chose to hop on the treadmill). I typically run on one of the treadmills with a fan on it and while I am running the "wind" blows in my face just right. ha. Yesterday I kept having to take walk breaks every few minutes. I HATE that. After right at 1.65 miles (and 22 minutes later) I kind of gave up on my run. Really. I know how bad that is. But fear not...

I hopped on an elliptical and set it to a Level 5 workout for 25 minutes. That took me another 2 miles and it was MUCH cooler on that side of the gym. So, I got a decent workout in but I am still not pleased with my run.

What's ahead.
I have approximately 46 days until my first 5k race of the year. Of those 46 days I will probably only get to run/workout 30 days/times. Those other 16 days I have Girl Scout meetings, Girl Scout cookie booths, my son's 4th birthday and party, basketball practice and games, Valentine's Day (which isn't a huge deal), hubby's birthday and my birthday. And honestly, I hate to even say we sound busy or actually are busy people. Busy shouldn't be an excuse to not workout or run. And I am going to try my hardest to NOT let it be an excuse.

My goal is to run my 5k in 35 minutes (at least). I would be happy with 36 though. For now I want to shoot for 35. I won't accomplish that by having runs like I did last night though. So, I will keep on pushing myself to do better. I guess the plus side for now is that I can actually run, right!?

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