Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three for Thursday

1. I didn't run yesterday. I didn't even step foot in the gym. Shame on me, huh. I am not beating myself up over the break. I did a quick 10 minutes at home..crunches on a stability ball and some pushups. Hardly a workout at all! Today I plan to hit the gym for at least a 5k run on the treadmill since I'm a wuss and don't want to run in the chilly drizzle that we are being blessed with today.

2. I had an orthodontist appointment today. They all wished me well on my upcoming race, sweet. It was also time to change both arch wires on the top and bottom of my braces. YIPPPEEEE! I was like a little teeny bopper girl and said, "So, yay! That means you can change my bands to match my race day outfit!!" They laughed. Yep, I am a big ol' dork and totally had my bands changed to pink and black to match the shirt/pants and BICband I plan to run in Sunday.

3. I feel bad for not signing up to volunteer for the events this weekend. I would love to volunteer for the kids run and cheer all the little running kiddies on as they run their 1 mile race. However, we will have family in from out of town and I feel major guilt with having guests in that we don't see often and then me running off (no pun intended) to go do something else. I feel like even though I volunteered a few hours of my time last weekend for the event that it wasn't much especially compared to others and the amount of work(and volunteers) they need. So, that being said...if you read here and are local please let me know if you can volunteer Saturday or Sunday and I will gladly email you the link to sign up! We runners appreciate it!

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