Thursday, March 3, 2011


What's that number got to do with anything?
It is the number of mindless calories I have already consumed today.
Poor planning on my part. I didn't pack my food for today, but I had GS cookies on my desk.
And I might have stopped to get my little birthday boy a special birthday breakfast. I also might have eaten the portion of it he did not want.
YES, I do regret the mindless eating. Dang it. It will NOT get me to goal.

I plan to forget about those mindless calories and move forward with my day. I plan to choose wisely for lunch and dinner.  I also have a workout plan in place...
~ I will run 3-3.5 miles tonight.
~ I will also do a weight training workout after I run.

I realize I will not exactly be able to burn the 510 calories I wasted on crap food today but I will at least feel better knowing I moved my body and burned some calories.
Tomorrow will be 100 % better in comparison to today.


  1. >LOVE your honesty! WE ALL have days like that. no worries, you kick it up a notch tomorrow :)I had a day with girl scout cookies last was brutal and the cookies WON! Ha! I think they were those big ones with the chocolate on the back, shortbread cookie...ahhh, the memories :) Ha

  2. >Good - put it behind you and move on! Can't wait to run together Saturday!

  3. >eh, it's alright. Blame the cookies!

  4. >BUT....lifting weights help build muscle and it burns calories during RECOVERY! so there you have it! And my hubby always tells me to lift first because that helps use your immediate fuel, in your muscles, so that when you do your run you are more likely to tap into your stored fat. I don't know if that is true...but hey couldn't hurt? Right?And I have a huge problem with mindless eating!! AHHH!!!! You'll get back on track!!Thanks for stopping by my blog to enter my CEP giveaway! =)

  5. >Oh, Girl Scout Cookies. Like five of my co-workers are selling them for their children in my office and it's starting to get a little bit ridiculous.I know that for me, squeezing in a workout on those mindless days is definitely what helps me to get back on track.