Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Terri and I met for an easy 3 miles tonight. Goal was "marathon pace," which hopefully will be around 10:30 min/mile. We met at my house and ran a regular route I frequent. It's still a bit warm out and this evening it was windy. The breeze was pretty great but did make it tough a few times when it was pushing against us on the front side. We only had one little pup encounter that I had not had any other time running this route. Here are the splits..

Mile 1: 10:12
Mile 2: 10:24
Mile 3: 10:14

Overall I am happy with this run. I do wish I had done more "marathon" pace type runs before now. I know I did this during the long run and those are the runs that count in the end. I had a great moment going into mile 3 as we headed back to my house. There's one portion of road that is at a decent incline/hill. This portion has always taunted me and been tough. I've purposely gone the other direction OR added extra distance on the highway to avoid running this hill. Tonight I ran it. When we got to the top I said, "Secret. That's the first time I ran that whole hill." Little victories.

I'm still ready. More tomorrow though... bed time!!!


  1. running a whole hilll is a HUGE victory, are you kidding me? I was panting during the half marathon, on a entrance ramp to the freeway, so I'm sure hills are TOTALLY worse!!! lol

  2. Oh congrats on nailing that hill! Definitely small victories give great satisfaction. There is one trail I run that has a MASSIVE steep hill on it. The locals call it "heart attack hill" and there is actually a bench at the top placed specifically for people to rest on after climbing the hill. We used to always walk it and one day I challenged my friend to run the whole thing. She didn't quite make it the first time, so we went back down and did it again! It was a huge victory for us both.

  3. How exciting that your race is coming up so soon! I remember feeling so weird the last week, only running a few miles each day. I wish you the best of luck!