Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I said I was going to get better at posting. Sometimes I tell little white lies. haha

I ran a few times last week. Some good, some fun, and some were crappy. Literally.

Last night we had my Peanut boy's last soccer game. I was dressed to run so that I could hit the gym right after the game was over. It was warm out and humid so I opted to just get on the treadmill rather than hit the trail. I pushed myself really hard and got my 5k in at 29:45. I have high hopes that one day I will run a 5k outdoors in under 30 minutes. For now I will just be proud that I had a good run and managed under 30 for my 5k even if it was on the treadmill. Still a good run!

I met for a run on Friday after work. The weather was great and the company was even better. We had no set mileage to cover or a pace. I think we had done about 4 miles in roughly 43 minutes before we both kind of slowed down for a walk break that ended up being another 2.5 miles. It was nice to chit chat and just walk though. Thanks, Kelsey for meeting with me. Can't wait to run with you again! Always fun running with friends!

Saturday I had planned on meeting my friend, Terri, for 6 miles at the greenway near my gym. We met at 8am. She had tummy issues on the way and we actually ended up running a little over .10 before Terri needed to turn back for a pit stop. No problem! I went with and all was fine in just a few minutes and we were back on the trail running at a decent pace. I started having my own set of tummy issues about 2.5 miles in so we made a decision to turn back and just try to get in 4 miles. I had a walk a few times and even came to a dead stop around 3.6 miles before really needing to call it a day on the running. I had a whole other set of "running" problems to deal with now. I told ya, some runs are just crappy...in every sense of the word. Go ahead laugh. I am laughing now that it's over. Thanks, Terri, for joining me and understanding! We'll definitely get back to the long runs soon!

And that is how it went with my last 3 runs! I printed off a 10k training plan though deep down I am not sure I really need it for training purposes as I think I could go run a 10k tomorrow if I needed to, but I thought it would be helpful in having a true plan to stick to. I'm hoping to get a decent time (my wish is under an hour..lol.. but I will be finen with anything under 1:05) for the coming up in July. Fingers crossed the heat and humidity doesn't get the best of me!


  1. Great job getting three runs in this week! That's awesome. As a novice runner its great to hear that everyone has more difficult runs sometimes.

  2. You should TOTALLY be proud of your under 30 5k on the treadmill. I actually find that I run faster outside than on the mill, even though I can control the darn thing. If you can do it on the mill, you can do it outside. Keep up the goodwork!!

  3. oh those "Crappy" runs have me cracking up right now :)

    ahhh, be proud of yourself and glad you're laughing off your rough run!!!