Friday, August 13, 2010

>The post where I get brave...

and show you my legs.
Because I am half crazy.

No, really. I joined another challenge. 
Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty has issued a Legs Love Lunges Challenge.
It sounds fun and you know it! 
Lunges and squats are great for the legs and bootay. So, join us?
Check out the link to Amanda's blog above for all the fabulous details.

And here I go for my bravery. My legs...front, side and back.
I don't have the most lovely legs in the world and probably never will. But I am anxious to see what kind of changes I might see in them at the end of this challenge. And since I have never taken pics like these of my legs before I am happy to have them for the future to look back on as progression of this journey.

This week has been an off week for me due to my daughter being sick but I have done about 80 lunges and as many squats. Heck I even did them last night while I was brushing my teeth. You can pretty much do them anywhere...I've done them in the kitchen while prepping dinner. ha
Side lunges, jumping lunges, alternating lunges with knee kicks. 
Have fun and work those legs!!


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