Saturday, October 24, 2009

>I Raced for the Cure....

and I sincerely hope they find one!
I had set a goal of $150 as my personal fundraising efforts but thanks to some fantastic friends, family and bloggers I exceeded my goal and raised $400! Thank you everyone for your support!!
I woke up at 5:50 am this morning to get ready for my race.We were to meet my great friend and race buddy (Toni) at 6:45 am. I got all of my stuff together last night and had two choices of outfits to wear. The only thing I couldn't find was my watch. I really needed it to help keep track of my time. I was bummed as it was nearing midnight and I couldn't find my watch to save my life.
My wonderful hubby, who had just walked in the door from coaching a football game, graciously grabbed the keys and headed to Walmart to pick me up a new watch. Love him!! :)
I went to bed with a bundle of nerves and woke up relaxed.
I didn't get nervous again until we got to the start line!

Runners ----> That's us!

Toni and I headed out for a warm up jog. It was still dark out!

Running in memory of my Nana who lost her battle to breast cancer in January of 2008.

Where's Waldo?? Ha ha
Can you spot me in the pink hat?

Approaching the finish line...Notice thelady in black with her hand out..

I kicked it up a few notches and ran right past her. ;)
Crossed the line at 39:20.
I had a personal goal of 38 minutes but told myself I would be thrilled with anything under 40 even if it was 39:59! Yay, I did it! My last 5k time was over 43 this was a huge improvement since July!

Between a smile and tears.

My wonderful hubby and I. Thank you, Justin for supporting me 100% every step of the way.
I can't think of anyone else I would want by my side. xoxo

Me and the kids post race!
We were sure to stop by the Pink Ribbon tent to pick up tees for them. :)

These babies are tired tonight!!

I was sweating really bad afterwards. Funny, my friend's hubby said, "Man, your hat is so ruined!"
I thought he meant just wet.  I took it off when I got home and then noticed the discoloration!
It's going straight in the washer!

Toni and I. Thank you my friend for doing this with me.
I appreciate you. It means so much to me that you too wore a sign on your back in memory of my Nana.
I am looking forward to our next race! Rock it!

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