Monday, October 12, 2009


It feels like I have been away forever!

Last week was chaotic even with me being off work. I had so much planned to do with the kids (and I was watching a close friend's son). We had a fun week planned. After I went to my Orthodontist appointment on Thursday morning I had planned to come home and since it was nice was going to get outside with the kids. I came right home to change clothes and check email and that's when the day went downhill.
I found out by email that a close and dear friend from high school had passed away unexpectedly that morning. Sadness. My day was shot between emails, Facebook messages and my phone buzzing all day long. All I could do was make plans to be sure I left in time to get to GA.

So, that's where I was all weekend long. I didn't even have time to think about posting my scale victory from Friday. It was a busy week and I had worked pretty hard at the gym. I wasn't sure if I was expecting a huge loss or  little loss but was just hoping to see a loss! And we all know a loss is a loss, right!? Right. :)
Anyway, Friday's grand number was......


I will take that! I just hope my weekend of too much time spent in the car, a drink with a friend, a few dinners out, and the lovely monthly visitor making her appearance aren't all going to be huge factors that blow me off the scale this coming week. I make take all of that into consideration and hold my weigh in this coming Saturday instead. I guess I will wait and see. For now I am just happy to announce that my Monday has started off pretty well.

Have a great week! :)

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