Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

~ I haven't posted a lot since the events in Boston.  My running coach and several friends were there. So, even though I was not there it still hit pretty close to home. I didn't really feel like I needed to write a whole post regarding my feelings on the even since I wasn't there. Most of what I might have said was so similar to what others were saying about the events. They were tragic and something I never have even began to think about when I have lined up at the start of race. I am thankful for all of those involved in apprehending the suspect(s). I hope for everyone that answers come soon so that those involved can gain some sense of closure. I'll continue to pray for those families who lost loved ones and those that were injured. I can't even being to imagine what any of them are (or have been) going through.

~I seriously am desperate for pretty toenails. I've mostly taken pride in my runners feet. These babies have taken me many many miles over the last 5 yrs and more so really in the last 2. I've lost at least 4 toenails and not just once but several times. Here we are in the beginning of spring and sandal season yet my toenails are a hot mess. I refuse to spend $$ on pedicures because when you're missing toenails you just should not subject those poor folks to such sights. lol I've tried to just paint my toenails myself but again I've had to paint flesh on a couple of toes, so weird. Ahh but here I am really really hopeful that I can get something done with my piggies to at least ease my mind that I don't have the ugliest toes in E. Tn.

~ I haven't posted much lately on my workouts (well unless you follow me on DM) or my race schedule, but I am very excited with how things are progressing. Workouts are going very well and today I did my first 800m repeats workout. I kinda liked it. I'm also pretty excited about my race schedule. I'm hopeful I can snag some PRs soon. My focus for summer running is going to be getting faster on shorter distances (5ks 8ks 10ks) and begin marathon training. I'll be running my 2nd full marathon in the fall!!

~ I think I need an ab/core intervention or challenge of some sort. If you know of a great one please share it with me!!

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