Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey Nuun, don't make me sad.

So, if you're a Beatles fan you might have just hummed the title of this post to the tune of Hey Jude! ha. That's just me trying to be witty. See when I get nervous and the shy in me comes out I try my best to be funny. Please, oh please, say it worked just this once!?

Ok, onto the real stuff here y'all.
I told ya before that my favorite hydration company Nuun chose me as an ambassador this year and I am THRILLED about that. But I want more than to just share my complete and total Nuun love with the world.
See runners have what they like to call a running bucket list (or at least I do). Different runners have all kinds of races and events on their bucket lists. This can be anything from a PR to something like qualifying for and running Boston Marathon. For me and 2013 it includes running Hood to Coast with the Team Nuun!!

Last year I pondered the idea of submitting my application but I let my  nerves, being shy and lack of confidence take over and didn't do it. I was like, "they won't pick the girl that barely runs a 10:30 mile to run with them," or "why would they pick the girl with the most unknown blog in the blogosphere to run on their team?" So, I didn't finish my application.

Well, I found myself getting over my fears this year (with the help of my biggest fan and supporter, my hubby) and submitted my application. Will they pick me? I don't know. I've gotten much faster thanks to great coaching, my blog has grown but really I don't want those to be the only factors in why they would or would not choose this former fat mother of two for their completely awesome relay team!

I wondered for a while if I had what it takes to even make a video. Am I creative enough? Do I have a story to tell?  What would be the one thing about me that would be compelling enough to be picked? I had no clue (still don't) but I put my fears aside (sort of, I still hate rejection!) and went for it. With the help of my amazing hubby we put together the following video. And now all I can do is sit back, relax and know that even if I am not chosen and can't cross Hood to Coast off my bucket list for 2013 I can cross off "get over the fear," from my list of goals for 2013.

Without further hesitation here goes....

Fingers crossed Nuun picks me to continue my running journey as part of their Nuun Hood to Coast relay team for 2013!


  1. Great video, Kim! I loved looking at all your photos! I hope we both make the team and get to run together. Congrats on all your accomplishments and for being a great ambassador for running and for Nuun. xo ~Jesica from

  2. Tough Chiks for #NuunHTC! Love the vid! Fingers crossed we can run HTC with Nuun together :)