Monday, April 1, 2013

A shirt, a review and a discount for you!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the awesome Jessie at Build A Sign because a couple of years ago I had worked with them to create some amazing signs for my first half marathon (courtesy of them!!). And I was so happy with the outcome of my signs, the ease of working with the company and their offer for my readers that I was thrilled to work with them again. This time it wasn't going to be a sign or bumper stickers! Instead.....

t- shirt!! I love love love clothes. I had played around on other sites "creating" different ideas for tees before but never had much luck. However, it was so super easy with Dress United. They have a lot of different styles of shirts from tees to hoodies and in a wide variety of colors. AND the best part is they didn't just offer unisex sizing! I know for a lot of you ladies this is a nice perk as it was to me. :)  You also have the option to use their images or to upload an image of your own. They also offer a variety of different fonts and colors so the possibilities are really endless, which is why it took me several days to come up with something I liked even as simple as it all was.

I'm a bit of a no frills kind of girl when it comes to shirts, especially one that would represent MY blog so I knew I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I simply chose a shirt and color, uploaded an image and added the wording I wanted. Done. Their site walks you through each step. It was that easy.

The only negative for me was ordering what I thought was the right size. Normally in a women's shirt or even unisex tee I get a medium. That was the case this time. I looked at the sizing in comparison to all my other shirts and went with the medium. Unfortunately it didn't fit. Sadness. I would say it probably is more like your typical adult small if that. So, if you do order be sure to size up 1-2 sizes on the women's American Apparel long sleeve tees!!

Here are a couple of pics I snapped of the logo. Note: The colors I used on a black tee are pink and lime green. They did not photograph well with my iPhone which is not a reflection of Dress United or their product, just the quality of the camera on my phone. The first picture is the back of the tee and the second is the front. The logo on the back is quite large and you have the option to size this any way you wish! The wording on the front is over the left breast/chest area and appears bigger in the pic due to zooming in on it. Again, you can resize it anyway you wish or place it on any area of the front of the shirt. Again, all of this was super easy to do. Despite the poor sizing the quality of the shirt itself is nice.

Now for all of my readers Dress United is offering a 30% off discount with the code BLOG30OFF4U.   So head on over to their site and create something special for your next race or event! 

Thanks again to the fine folks at Dress United for this opportunity!  

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