Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CHKM 2013 - part 1

This weekend was chalk full of running fun. Friday the family and I mostly took it easy while we prepped for the events of "marathon" weekend. I had signed us all up to volunteer at the expo where we worked to hand out race day shirts to lots of amazing runners. It was a family affair and we enjoyed hanging with friends most of the day.

I've said it before and will say it again... I love to volunteer for our local events. If you get a chance to give back to your running community this is the best way. Races cannot happen without the help of volunteers!

We picked up our race packets Saturday as well and walked around the expo for a bit. Nothing too exciting for us. There were some good vendors but nothing that I really couldn't live without. It seems like there may have been more vendors the last couple of years because it was (or seemed to be) easier to move around.

We had signed the kids up for the kids run that evening so we stayed in Knoxville rather than driving back home. That might be something we regretted the next day. Anyway, I didn't take my camera for the run because I also had to do my easy 3 shakeout run still for the day. This too would be something I regretted waiting all day to get done.  So, since I didn't have my camera I was happy that a friend snagged some great shots of my son and I running our mile.

I ran with my son and my hubby ran with our daughter. My son and I finished in 9:29 and my hubby/daughter duo finished around 12 minutes. I'm so proud of both of my kids!

After the race we had dinner out with friends and then headed home to get ready for our race the next morning. As usual race day outfit was planned and all gear was laid out before bed.

Normally I will have stalked the 10 day forecast and stressed over what to wear. I didn't do that this time around. I listened to the weather but didn't give it much thought on how it would impact my race or even let it control too much what I would wear. I chose a tank and my running skirt for Sunday's race. I think the temp was around 45 or so to start and I started out with arm sleeves but shed those at the start line. I was happy with that decision once I started running. It's crazy what cold weather running has done for me as far as dressing. I use to be really bad about overdressing even in very cold temps. I think the skirt and tank was a wise choice since the temps were set to rise to mid/high 60s by the time I would be finished running.

Our running group (the KTC Socialites) decided to meet early for a pre-race group pic. I always love this part of running/racing. My group and training partners mean so much to me. Though we may all be different paces we are all still there running the same race and supporting each other. It's such a great feeling.

After pics we all headed to the start line. It was at that point we all split into our respective corrals and waited for the gun to go off. I was super nervous and felt as though I had been placed in the completely wrong corral (A) but knew it was based on our projected finish time. A friend and I just decided to stay in the last 3/4 of our corral and to the right. I'd do what I could to keep my pace according to the race plan my coach sent me. The National Anthem was sang, the hand cyclists were off and BAM gun... GO!

Stay tuned for the good stuff. :)

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