Friday, April 5, 2013

Reflection and Preparation - my favorite race

Two years ago I made a decision to take my running from the casual 5k to the half marathon. At the time I had been running for almost 3 years and my longest long run was probably a very slow 5 miler but I was determined to make 13.1 mine in 2011. With my hubby by my side the entire race I finished standing. Our goal that day for our first half marathon was 2:30 or less. We actually finished in 2:28:05. Below are some photographic memories we made that day.

A year later, on a training run in January (or was it as late as February??) 2012 where I ran my first 14 miler, I made the decision to go for the full marathon in April. What did I have to lose by training and going for it? Not a thing. And with a dear friend by my side I ran, walked and cussed (yep!) my way through 26.2 miles. I of course had wanted to finish in 4:30 but knew that my goal for my first marathon was to finish. That I did! April Fool's Day 2012 I crossed the finish line on the 50 yard line in Neyland Stadium after 26.2 miles in 4:58:33. The best and most supportive race paparazzi ever was there to capture my finest moments that day.

This year a new event has been added to the race. There will be a 2 person marathon relay. A friend and I have paired up as team "One Sock Gone." Those of you that know me in real life or have been around the blog long enough know exactly what that team name means! haha Let's hope I won't need any spare socks (or arm wamers) on Sunday. I'll be covering the first half of the course and handing off at 12.8 miles to Dave and meeting him just outside Neyland Stadium for our grand finish! Of course we have a goal in mind and I've studied my race plan and will do my best (as I always do) to stick to it and meet my goal, but at the end of the day if I have a good time and race with all my heart I know it will be an awesome time again.

This race is my absolute favorite event to participate in from the training to the volunteering and finally the finish line! If you are ever in Knoxville and need a great race you should definitely check out the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. They have a race for everyone from a kids mile on Saturday to a 5k, half marathon, marathon, 4 person marathon relay and this year a 2 person marathon relay! It's the best place to eat your hills for breakfast.

I've put in the training and now it's time to put it on the road. Check back here on Sunday (or Monday depending on the after party!) for a race recap!

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