Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Recap

Last week's training did not quite go as planned. As previously mentioned I am dealing with some hip irritation. I was contemplating keeping this to myself and not telling my coach when I showed up for speed work at the track on Tuesday, but the smarter side of my brain knew better.
So, I mentioned it and we went from there.

Monday - Easy 3 in just under 28 minutes, plus striders and core work.
Tuesday -  5x1000m repeats w/2 mi warm up and 2 mi cool down
                 Actually only ran 5.5 mi easy in 53 minutes because of hip.
Wednesday - unscheduled rest day to let hip take a break
Thursday - Scheduled rest day changed to easy 5 miles (48 mins)
Friday - 3x1 mi repeats w/2 mi warmup and 2 mi cool down
             Was changed to 7 miles but hip needed the extra rest.
Saturday - 9 miles easy (1:29)

Overall I am pleased with the fact that I ran 23 miles for the week. I had 32 on the schedule but am glad that I took it easy this week to allow my hip some rest. After tearing my labrum in the spring and being out for so long recovering I am a bit paranoid about becoming injured and sidelined again; especially when training is going so well.

My long run on Saturday was probably the most challenging run from the week even though we had planned to keep a fairly slow pace for the run. By mile 6 my hip was very tight and I wanted to be done but my friend reminded me that we only had a 5k to go. It's a lot easier to get through a run sometimes when it is broken up that way. By mile 8 I could really my left hip/back were over this run and I took a break to stretch things out when my friend says, "One mile to go. You can do anything for a mile." Yep, that's the truth. So we pressed on. Our goal was to keep a 10 minute pace for the run and by the time I got back to my car I noticed our overall pace was 9:53. Mission accomplished even if my hip and back were not pleased!

Never fear though, on Tuesday of last week I had already put a call into my PT. I saw him today and will have a full account of how that went soon! Hope you all had a great week last week and are headed towards the same this week.


  1. hope the PT gets you fixed up quickly!

  2. You had a great weekly mileage total, Kim! I can't wait to be at that total when my time comes! And I am happy you told your coach about the hip and I hope it's feeling better!