Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I had every intention of recapping my training for last week in a separate post because last week went so well. I followed every workout and completed all of my miles. Instead of a long post about all that let me just tell you that I had mile repeats at my workout on Friday. My goal pace for each mile repeat was suppose to be 8:55 then get faster. Well, I PR'd my mile that day by running an 8:09! I was super excited and look forward to gaining even more speed this spring. My only issue was being scolded by my coach for not sticking to the plan. hehe Consistency is key in this whole training thing and I know there is a rhyme/reason for the set paces as well as for sticking to them. I'm working on that!

2. I started a 10 day cleanse. You may have heard of AdvoCare before. I was approached many times about AdvoCare by several friends but shunned the idea many times. However, I got an email from a friend w/an offer and some really sweet words about how I have been an inspiration and motivation to her. So, I thought why not give it a try. I explained that I was only willing to do the 10 day cleanse and not that 24 day challenge deal. I think it has been the key to get me back on track and on the losing train while still feeling satisfied and not completely deprived. I've cut my coffee out which has been hard but the clean and healthy food choices make up for it. Plus I feel really good. And the absolute best part is knowing that I am down 6 lbs since Monday! I am however scared about the approaching weekend. Weekends are always the hardest.

3. I'm having a slight little issue with my left hip again. I think it started a week or so ago when I ramped up mileage and speed again. Seems sometimes the body is just not a huge fan of that.  My mind is going to show the hip who is boss, I think. I decided to play safe and mention it to my coach and instead of 5x1000 m repeats at the track on Tuesday I only did 5 easy miles. I don't mind easy but really was looking forward to speed. I waffled back and forth whether I should even say, "Hey, I'm having this hip thing," but decided I should do it NOW rather than wait because waiting could make things worse. I have an appointment w/my PT for Monday. I'll take things easy until then and hope like crazy that I am just having something minor go on or that I have caught whatever it is early enough it won't interfere with anymore training.


  1. I hope your hip is ok. Hooray for 8:09 that is awesome! I did a 2-day cleanse and I swear that was long enough for me. Yikes!

  2. It was definitely smart to mention the hip. You don't want to make it worse, but you should be able to keep training while it recovers. Awesome job on your speedy mile!

  3. 8:09 is incredible! Sorry about your hip. :(
    I've heard of Advocare, but have never done it. I did do a 3 week juice cleanse though. It wasn't always easy, but the benefits were so worth it!