Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The hippy issue

Last year I was injured. I hurt my hip sometime last spring after training and running my first marathon. After dr visits and time with the physical therapist and one horribly torturous procedure I learned that i had torn the labrum in my left hip. I rehabbed for 4 months and was back on the streets logging miles in no time.

Fast forward to now. My mileage is ramping up and my pace is increasing. Guess what!? That crazy hip issue is rearing it's ugly head AGAIN. I don't have time for that!!
I saw my PT twice this week. The first appointment went well and while I had some pain later in the day I managed a very good run that evening.

Today was my 2nd appointment which also included 15 minutes with the massage therapist. Holy smokes, that hurt!

So, what's the issue now?
Overcompensation on basically my entire left side. My SI joint is slipping slightly when I run causing all those muscles to work extra hard. I'll have a few more PT appointments and probably one more with the massage therapist and hopefully I'll be good to go.

I'm trying hard to remain positive about the whole thing because really being negative about it won't get me far, however it is really really frustrating. I want to run. I want to stick to all the mileage and workouts on my schedule. I want to do speedwork and run hills and get up at 4am to see my friends. But I know that rest and therapy are going to be what helps me succeed in my upcoming races as well as marathon training for the fall.

So, while I have 32 miles on the training schedule this week it is likely that my total run mileage will be only around 20. I'm ok with that. I may have to run all my runs slow for a while since speed aggravates that issue but again I am ok with that. Healing is what is important and even this stubborn woman knows that.

I'll be patient just a couple of more weeks while my hip/back improve. For now I will focus on strengthening my core and logging the miles I can even if they are slow. Wish me luck!


  1. Ugh! Just a minor set are a machine so you will overcome this!
    Hang in there :-)

  2. That has got to be tough! Sounds like you are doing all you can do to overcome it and prevent any future problems!

  3. Oh, bummer! I hope your strength training will do the trick... sending you lots of healing wishes!