Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

~ Every Tuesday I get up at 4:03am and head to Knoxville for practice with KE. Usually I have a speed workout. And of course last night when I got in bed at 8:35pm I was all set and ready to go to practice this morning. Ugh. It was after 10:30 pm before I fell asleep. THEN I was wide awake at 2:30am. Needless to say that when my alarm went off at 4:03am I hit the button to turn it off. I totally didn't get up for my practice. I was bummed about missing the time with my friends as well as not having my workout done early. It meant I'd have to go to Knoxville after work and get my workout done with the night crew on the track at the University. No big deal I guess.

~ I was getting dressed for my workout a little before time for me to leave work when I noticed my favorite Sugoi running tights were busting with tiny holes at the seams in the booty/crotch area. No bueno. Ugh. I continued to pull them  up. Then I put on my shirt, which thankfully was pretty big and kind of covered my butt. However, this was not going to work. At.all. I darted out of the office quickly and hit up Target where I handed over $27 for a pair of mediocre running crop pants but at least when I did scissors and bird dog at practice tonight no one was exposed to my lady bits.

~ I did manage to make it to the track for my workout on time. My workout was to be 8x400 repeats but my coach gave me a choice between that or 12x200 repeats. When I got back from my 2 mile warmup and had not decided on which to do he told me to do the 200s. And so I did. It was a great workout. I wasn't sure how I would feel doing my 7 mile workout in the evening but so far I feel fine. I'm up way too late but I feel good. I'm sure I'll sleep great.

~ I'm in the process of building my race calendar for the year. That is one tough task. So many great races out there! I had waffled with the idea of a spring marathon but after talking with my coach more tonight I have decided to wait until the fall to tackle full #2. So, now I am looking for a great fall full to add to my calendar. It's fun researching all that is out there. I'm open to suggestions if you have any.

~ Chip times were posted today for the half marathon I ran Saturday. My official time was 2:04:08 and I am still totally happy with that. I've really made some great progress.

ahh that's all I have for now. I hope you killed your workouts and had a great day!

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