Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekly Recap

This was suppose to be posted over the weekend but that didn't happen. So, here I go with my recap of last week's workouts. After 2 weeks of snow and ice storms I was happy to be back to a full week of stellar training. I missed a couple of workouts due to snow and ice. And as you know my one race for January was cancelled. Winter weather isn't a huge deal to me until it interferes with my running and workouts! I'll be glad when spring is upon us and the threat of snow and ice is long gone.
Here's a recap of my week:

Monday - 5 easy miles (47:37) w/core work
I did this run solo on the local greenway. Then went inside my gym to get my core work done.

Tuesday - 2 mi warmup, 12x200m repeats, 2 mi cool down plus core/flex drills.
This was my regular Tuesday morning speed work w/the KE group. My set pace for my repeats was to be no more than a minute and I managed to keep all 12 repeats at right at :58.

Wednesday - 5 easy miles (47:09)
I opted to get these miles hammered out on the work tready since I just wanted to be home and didn't have anything else on my schedule.

Thursday - Scheduled rest/or Xtrain
I purchased a couple of Bob Harper's dvds. I chose to do Totally Ripped Core for about 30 minutes just to have some kind of burn for the day.

Friday - 5 easy miles (47:01)
The schedule called for 2 mi warm up, 3x1 mi repeats, 2 mi cool down. However, due to potential snow our KE practice was cancelled. So, the option was to do an easy run or go some place to get the speedwork in on our own. I SUCK at self motivation when it comes to speed work, so I opted to go easy with the 5 miler.

Saturday - 8 miles easy (1:17)
This was a training run w/the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon training group. I was about 5 minutes late but got there just as the group was leaving. Luckily, I was able to jump out of the car and take off running. It took me just a few minutes to get warmed up and find my groove. I only had 8 miles and most everyone there was doing around 14. The course was the back half of the Knoxville Marathon. I was unfamiliar with that area since I had only ever ran that portion once and that was at the marathon in 2012. So, at the 3.5 mile mark and the water stop I stopped to see if I could get directions back. Thankfully some of the folks were only doing about 7 miles and they had a course map! score. It was very very cold on Saturday and I only noticed at the end of my run when my hair had formed icicles.


Overall I am pleased with how this past week went. Full training and really I only missed a short 2 miles on my plan. But I still managed to log a total of 31 miles for the week. I'm going into this current week well and am looking forward to a race coming up on Saturday.

How was your week last week? Did you get all your workouts in? Are you planning any races this month?

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