Thursday, July 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

~ Remember that missing earring? I forgot to tell you all the great news that started out my racing weekend! I got a call on Friday afternoon that I didn't answer due to not recognizing the number. It was Runner's Market letting me know that someone had turned in an earring that may fit the description I left of my missing earring. I was doing the happy dance as I listened to my voice mail. I was filled with so much hope. I Tweeted that the missing earring saga may be solved and my friend L asked if I wanted her to go by to check for me. Sweetness! I had shown the girls my not missing earring after I noticed it's match was gone so L knew what to look for. She was close to the store and since we were going to see each other that night it would work out. She text me as soon as she had the earring in her hand and I immediately text her back the picture of the not missing earring "1+1=2" and in the case of earrings 2= a pair! With the one she had (my missing earring) and the not missing earring we had the perfect pair! I was so so so happy. Just the night before I had resolved myself to the fact that my earring was long gone. I am so thankful for the awesome person that found my earring and took it into Runner's Market, thankful that RM called to let me know about it and mostly thankful to L for going by and picking it up for me.

~ Did I mention how my workouts have gone this week? I'm in another training segment for a couple of half marathons I have this fall. I have lofty goals for the half I plan to run in October and that race is now 11 weeks out. So, this week was week 1 of my 12 week training plan. After that killer downhill half Saturday this weeks training was rough! I ran Monday, Tuesday and today. I lifted weights twice this week and am looking forward to tomorrow being rest day. I had to change my schedule up a bit because I am the crazy person that signed up for another race this weekend! Overall I am pleased with just having been able TO run this week because let me tell you my body is still somewhat trying to rebel after that race. My calves are still tight and my left calf may hate me completely. I'm also certain my upper body and abs are ready to quit after what I put them through this week. I'm happy to have logged miles and hit the weight room this week.

~ Uh yeah, you read that right. I am running another race this weekend. Saturday I am running my 3rd 10k. I have NO goal for this race other than finishing. If I knew I wouldn't hate myself I'd even vow to leave my Garmin home and just run the race to log the miles but I can't even begin to think seriously about that. I am going to just run and aim for not being last. I hate to say that I am still recovering from the downhill half but I feel like I am. I am also still recovering from injury. It was a huge disappointment for me to go into the half last weekend with a time goal in mind and then not make it. I got over that but I don't want the same disappointment this weekend when I don't meet a time goal. Every race doesn't have to have a time goal and doesn't have to be a PR. It's taken a lot for me to realize that especially lately. Don't get me wrong, I think there is still part of me that is hopeful for a PR but I've also seen the course map and I'm trying to remain realistic.

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