Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update to May Goals

I had 3 goals set for the month of May.
~Get back to the long run.
~Lose 5 lbs.
~Re-focus the eating.

So, how did I fair?
Well, I don't want to call myself a failure because failing just isn't an option. I also will NOT make excuses as to why my goals were not completely met. And believe me, I didn't meet them in the sense I had hoped to. But like I said, I did not fail.

~I might not have gotten back to the double digit runs. My longest run since the half marathon still has not been over 5 miles at a time. BUT I did add regular/weekly spin classes to my schedule and each class has me riding/spinning a bike for no less than 10 miles each class. And believe me I totally count those miles in my weekly totals because it takes A LOT of endurance to keep up in spin class. So, while I didn't reach the original goal to get back to my regular runs I feel like I didn't fail because my mileage was totally adding up each week.

~ I didn't lose 5 lbs. The lowest my weight got was 163 at my latest *real* weigh in, which was Thursday. I weigh daily but usually only chose one day (Thurs) as my actual day to count the weigh in. Since I am getting to the tail end of my weight loss (I'm within 15-18 lbs of my long term goal) it is gettin tougher to lose even a pound. So, I realize setting a goal to lose 5 lbs in a month is a lofty goal. But I will get there. I might not have gotten there in May and it may take me another year to lose the last 15-18 lbs but I will do it. I still do not feel like i have failed.

~I sort of refocused on my eating. We eat relatively well for the most part every day. We have treats once in a while but don't have all out junk food fests regularly in our house. However, there is always ALWAYS room for improvement in that department. But today I started Paleo. You may have heard about it. I recently bought The Paleo Diet book and have been trying to read a little as I go. It's still very new to me but I will try to post more about it the deeper I get into the book. Today I did fairly well with staying right on track. More on Paleo later.

And stay tuned for running/workout updates as well as my goals for June!

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