Monday, July 1, 2013

Road to Indy - week 1

I mentioned on Friday's post that I just started training for marathon #2. I will be running the Indy Monumental Marathon in November. My training started last week. Here is how my week looked:

I was to run a total of 28 miles for the week.

Mon - 4 mi easy w/core workout and 6x100 striders
Tues - 2 mi warm up, 2 x1 mi repeat, 2 mile cool down plus D-flex/core
Weds - 4 mi easy w/core workout and 6x100 striders
Thurs - rest
Fri - 4 mi easy
Sat - 10 miles easy

This is what I actually did.

Mon - 4 mi (38:26) w/core workout and striders

Tues - dflex/core 2 mi up (19:27) 2x1 mi on track (8:12, 8:13) 1.75 mi down (16:38)
Goal for repeats was not to PR but to get back in a comfortable rhythm after a week off. Goal met.
Weds - 4 mi (37:14) w/core and striders
Thurs - off
Fri - Bootcamp then 3 easy (28:46) Had to cut a mile short due to stomach issues.
Sat - 10 easy (1:39)

Overall I felt great getting back to the swing of things this week. I only added one extra workout this week and that was Bootcamp before my run on Friday. I probably will not do that again and will stick with BodyPump on Wednesday morning. Bootcamp, while I love it, was just a bit too intense for a pre-run workout and since it changes weekly I never know what to expect or how my body might respond. So, I think it is safe to get my total body weights workout in through BodyPump on Wednesday mornings.

Our long run Saturday went well. We started early (6:30am!) to beat the heat. While it was a bit cooler it was super humid and I was soaked by the end of the first mile. I was glad by 8am that we decided to get the early start.

Today kicks off week 2 of marathon training! My easy runs now jump from 4 miles to 5 and I'm excited to see how that goes.Week one on the road to Indy done. Bring it on week two!

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  1. Woo hoo! Nice job. I'm so excited you are doing an Indy race, as well. I can give you great recommendations for post-race eats!