Monday, July 29, 2013

Etowah River Run 5k - race recap

This race is a special one for me. It marks my running anniversary or runningversary (if you will). Five years ago was the first time I laced up a pair of running shoes. Five years ago was my first race - the Etowah River Run 5k. With my best pal by my side we made the 3.1 mile trek from the road, to the trail and finally the finish line in 48:32 in July 2009.

This was then...
The next year I came back with my hubby to run it. Finishing then in 43 minutes and some change.

Deciding we had not had enough we came back again the next year where I finished in 35:02.

I have improved a  ton in terms of not only weight loss (-90lbs) but running since that first time and even the other 2 times running this race. I had high hopes for this year. My goal was of course to beat my current 5k pr (25:51) but I knew either way this would be a course PR for me.

I got my race plan on Thursday and was excited. I knew it was doable based on the course and my training. I was rady mentally and physically to go get it.
This year the race was chip timed, which was a huge plus. In past years they relied on runners to stop after the finish and record their time on a piece of paper!

We got our race packets race morning, did our warm up and hit the port-o-potties before doing a few striders and lining up. At the start line there was an announcement made that due to some recent storm/tornado damage the back part of the course on the trail there might be holes. I was not worried at all. I figured it would be like one of the trails here where there would be a few ruts in the trail but nothing we couldn't dodge.

I held my pace as close to my race plan during the first mile as best as I could.
Goal - 8:00-8:10  Actual - 8:12

Around mile 1.5 my stomach began to talk. I'm kinda over the GI issues actually. I begged w/my body to relax.
Goal - 8:00 - 7:50  Actual - 8:44 (boo hiss boo)

Then it got tricky. We were basically single file on the trail/cross country portion of the race. When I saw an opening and I was able to pass people I did. The grass in the infield towards the finish was mega high. Not something i recall before in this race and definitely not what I expected this time. It made it difficult for me to really pick up my pace despite my best effort.

Goal - all out  Actual - 9:08

I finished though.

Garmin - 27:32
Actual - 27:34.03 (.08 away from 3rd place in my age group...mega pisser)

I am still very very very happy with how this race went despite how bummed I was to not hit my race goal. A course PR is still something to celebrate and the big picture is even more important for celebrating. 21 minutes faster than when I ran this the first time 5 yrs ago and 7:30 faster than when I ran it last 2 years ago.

This race also told me that road racing is quite different than trail/cross country courses. And that my friends in Knoxville are so much faster than those folks down south. ;)

More stats on where I finished:
154/364 overall
36/150 women
4/15 in my age group

I'll be back next year, hopefully. It was a fun weekend with my hubby (and family).

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  1. Your improvement over the years is huge! Great job!!