Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Road to Indy - wks 2 and 3

Week 2 total mileage - 32
Mon - 5 mi easy - Done!
Tues - 7 mi total -
Track day/speed work - 2 mi warmup/3x1 mi repeats (goal 8:30/20- 8:00/8:18/8:20) 2 mi cool down
We also went to BeautyHunters bootcamp. It's free and amazing!
Weds - scheduled 5 mi, skipped to sleep in!
Thurs -  rest day, ran 5 mi to make up for Weds miles
Fri - 11 mi - did this before work. Automatic Rock Star status earned for that!
Sat - 4 mi easy

Week 3 total miles 28 (I logged 26)
Mon - 4 mi easy
Tues - 2 mi warmup/20 min tempo @8:40 pace/2 mi cool down (total mi 6.34)
Weds - 4 mi easy
Thurs - rest
Fri - 30 min core class/3 mi run (should've been 4 mi but I screwed my hubby's schedule up...oops)
Sat - 8.5 mi (part of this was a race, recap soon!)

Some of you do follow me on Instagram and Twitter but if you want to follow my photographic journey to Indy Monumental Marathon you can find me here and here.

Since it's been a while I obviously forget all the details of my training weeks. I'm in week 4 now and came down w/laryngitis. Crazy. I feel fine but wasn't feeling great on Monday. This has caused my schedule and mileage to be a little off this week, which is a major bummer to me but I needed the extra rest to strengthen my immune system!

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