Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Five

1. It's been over a week since my last post. Insert slacker status on the blog.. ONCE AGAIN!! I know you're shocked. I took my rest week seriously y'all and this week I am BUSY. Marathon training is in full force as of Monday this week and so far going well. I'm excited about my little road to Indy. I'll have more on that later. I do think I am going to do weekly training reports (starting Sunday) where I recap the week. I wanna keep a nice little log of my 2nd marathon journey.

2. I am not kicking my Diet Bet's butt yet. I was doing well the first week plus even with being on the road but again my body is at a standstill. I've limited my cupcake intake, been eating more fruits/veggies and of course running like a crazy person but the scale won't budge. I've decided I'm ok with that but dang... I still want to lose 3 more lbs to at least win back my $10. If I don't, fine. But I do think I will start another challenge or join one at least. Surely with marathon training gearing back up I can get back to last yr's marathon weight!? I mean, I'm not totally concerned w/the number on the scale because my clothes fit well BUT it would be nice to shed a few lbs instead of hanging steady at the same number for so so so long.

3. So, Tuesday my oldest hit double digits. Y'all I have a 10 year old daughter! It is hard to believe that time has gone by so fast. I keep thinking about how much SHE has changed over the last 10 years but at the same time I have reflected on how much I have changed as well.

4. I took Bootcamp before my run this morning. It's been a while since I had gone to that class. It was decent but definitely not a favorite. It's only a 30 minute bootcamp so it's very fast paced. I just did not care for the specific "routine" today. And I swear I did something to my dang shoulder, must've been that dumb 25lb kettlebell I used for tricep extensions. Yeah, probably shoulda used a lighter weight at least for today.

5. I left the windows down in my car on Wednesday after a sweaty run. I wanted to air the sweat out. Guess who woke up at 4am during a thunderstorm on Thursday morning and remembered the windows in her car where still down!? Yep, moi. Oops. I'm still trying to get the nasty stench from the rain out.My hubby has worked hard this week to vacuum, shampoo and Febreeze the heck out of it to help me out. Just a word of advice, those Febreeze commercials are way way wrong!


  1. Oh no....I've totally done that with my windows too! Hope it's ok!

    You look fabulous and can't believe your daughter is 10! So beautiful and growing fast!

    My running has been a little off this week, not feeling it so hoping tomorrow I find it again!!! You inspire me!

  2. Oh no!!! Rain in the car is awful. Better than what happened to my mom many years back! She left the car window down, and the inside was swarming with BEES when we tried to get in it!!! I am terrified of bees/wasps, so obviously that didn't go so well!

    You look wonderful, and happy birthday to your girl!!!