Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Making it through a rest week

Y'all my schedule this week is all about actively resting or something. Actually my schedule for this week says -"REST WEEK Run when you want, no more than 3 miles and no more than 4 runs."

I worried about how I would handle this week with trying to shed a few lbs and a chance to win my DietBet game since I wouldn't be logging all those miles this week. So, last week when my DietBet started I really focused on getting back to cleaner eating and smaller meals. I normally don't struggle too bad w/that but have been a bit more relaxed since I log 30+ miles a week. I know how that crap sounds - It's baloney to think that I'd ever be able to outrun my diet and NO I don't think I can. In fact, y'all I KNOW I cannot. And if you have been here long enough you know that I know. :)

My point is this- I am still a few lbs heavier than I was on April 1, 2012 when I ran my first marathon. I don't love that. I want to be either at the same weight or lighter on November 2, 2013 when I run my second marathon. So, I am trying hard hard hard to get these lbs off. This week has been hard though without all the extra miles.

I raced Saturday (you can read about that here) and since then have been on rest days. I thought I would get up Monday and do a light, easy few miles just for the sake of the calorie burn. I even packed a gym bag and planned to hit the trail with my hubby that evening. What did we do? Hit up the local Panera for a quiet dinner (I had salad) while the kids were at VBS. Total rest day.

Tuesday - same thing. I had hubby pack a bag and we had planned to hit the gym for a couple cardio miles and weights after we dropped our kids off at VBS. What did we do? Dinner out (I had salad, again).  Totally rested again.

Now, wait. I say I totally rested. I've been participating in a "squat challenge" with some gals online and have been doing that. 70 and 80 squats Mon/Tues. So not complete rest, right?! 

I cannot recall a time I have rested from running for more than a couple of days in the last 8 months when I began training with Knoxville Endurance and my awesome coach, Bobby. (you can read my little testimonial about KE and my coach here). Anyway, this week was (or is?) suppose to be about rest from the sport because next week I begin training for marathon #2 (more about that soon). So, I took 3 solid days in a row of rest. I hardly know who I am but I do know that rest is good.

Last night I decided that Wednesday would be a double header. Ok, fine.. this isn't baseball but whatever. I got up this morning and went to BodyPump for only the 2nd time in the last 8 months. Four hours post Pump and my arms still feel a bit like jelly. That means I did the work. And that feels good! This evening is a fun social run that I am looking forward to as well.

I am only slightly concerned about tonight's run because  in the back of my mind I have worried about what 3 days off may have done for my fitness. Has my pace suffered? Will my breathing be off? Those sort of things weigh on my mind more than they should. I know how crazy that sounds. I also know that rest is vital. A break in training is a good thing. It is what I need mentally and physically so that next week when I hit the track for speed work again or when I lace up for my easy runs and my weekend long run that I am 100% focused and my body is fresh to tackle the next 16 weeks of marathon training.

I'm half way through this week of rest and I already feel like it has served me well.
So tell me, how often do you take a break from the sport? Do you feel re-energized and focused? Do you worry about how it will effect your training?


  1. You are so wise to take a break! I didn't and that is how I strained my quad. Hopefully I have learned my lesson.

  2. Don't be do hard on yourself, sometimes a break is good!! You have done amazing things & inspired yourself and others :-) I can ONLY dream of running 26.2 on purpose!!! Lol