Monday, June 10, 2013

This is my #What'sBeautiful story

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I have the hardest time writing my version of What's Beautiful.
I've had plenty of time to think about it since this campaign started but I've put it off because so many things have gone through my head.  Am I being the best version of What's Beautiful that I can be? Am I truly redefining the female athlete in my sport?

The answer is YES.

I started a little journey 5 years ago and even though I didn't think I was an athlete or even beautiful at 248 lbs, I was both. I just didn't know it at the time.

I did not come in first or even in the middle of the pack at this race that day (my first 5k in 2008) but I was not any less of an athlete or beautiful person as those folks that did. I didn't come in dead last that day either. My placement that day didn't matter really. What mattered was finishing.

What matters even more is that I have never since that day given up. I've ran through pain, injury, tears. I've ran through snow, rain, heat. I've ran on good days and bad days. I've had great races and bad races. I've Prd and I haven't. The most beautiful thing is that since then I have kept pushing forward through it all.

What matters is that all those in betweens are what has gotten me here.

I had someone recently ask me how I lost all the weight. I answered simply, "watching my diet and running..a lot." The reply I got from her, "Ugh, I thought maybe it was something easy that I could do."

If you're reading this and ask the same question. My answer to you is this.. it may not always be easy but YOU CAN do it. You can write your own beautiful story even when it is hard.

What do I hope to accomplish through this campaign?
Here is what I wrote for my goal to be (you can find my page here)...

To finally whole heartedly accept myself as an athlete, accepting the challenges before me and knowing that I'm not the girl I was when I started my fitness/running journey 5 yrs ago. Run, race, train my way to marathon #2 with more determination than I did the first time!! #I WILL.

So, that's my beautiful story and my goal. Be sure to check out my page or join my team here


  1. You. Are. Beautiful. Know it. Own it.

    I do love when people get disappointed when you don't share some crazy weight-loss method. As if you suddenly found a get skinny potion. Pshaw. I would say I wish but what's the fun in the easy?

  2. Awesome story! You are beautiful!
    Most people do want a quick fix, but as we know, it's definitely not that easy.

  3. You are so beautiful ans so inspiring. I am where you started and I am working through all the hard work and pain right now. But I have a goal and I will do it.

  4. Awesome post! Good luck training for marathon #2. :)

  5. Awesome!!! Inspiration!!! Its hard work!!! No easy way!! Smart choices!!

  6. You were beautiful then, and you're beautiful now!!!! So inspiring!!

  7. Such a beautiful story! So proud of you.