Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

What the what!? It's been almost 10 days since I last blogged. Yikes.

I'm not lazy, but super busy. Going to bed early so I can get up even earlier and get my workouts done. I'll be up and out of the house 4 out of 5 days this week just to beat the heat.

There's a lot to be said about the weather all over the country right now I know. The tornado damage in Oklahoma is so very sad. I promise to only say this about our current weather... humidity sucks. It's so hard to run (well) in the humidity. However, I have had some decent runs. I attribute that to the fact that I've been going early.

Now that school is out I can make Monday morning practice in my own city which is nice because it's so close, on the greenway and the run is done early so that I am home to enjoy my family even sooner after work!

Also, now that school is out and I'm finally (after 8 months of coaching/training) use to my training schedule, I will be adding in at least one BodyPump class per week back to my schedule. I start that tomorrow morning. I'm super excited about it even if it does mean one of two things.
1. I need to also get my 4 easy mile run in before/after class.
2. Get my 4 easy mile run done after work.
Of course because of heat/humidity I am leaning more towards the first option, but still trying to work on the logistics of that. That means it's 9:30pm here and I don't have my bags packed nor am I in bed yet. Must.get.busy.

I have a race this weekend. A local 10k that I am nervous about but looking forward to just running. It's not a PR course (according to my coach) and obviously the temps won't be ideal, so the goal? Finish and have fun. Since I have a total of 10 miles on my schedule for the day it will definitely be an interesting day. I'm looking forward to it even if nerves are involved because last year I wanted badly to run the race but if you recall I was freakin' injured! Gah. I did have fun volunteering but I'm happy I get to run this year.

Speaking of that. I have worried almost all year long about being injured again or my hip injury flaring back up. I'm happy  my training has been going well and I've been able to think less about that.

So much fun stuff going on. Gotta keep this randoms short and sweet but I have some good stuff coming soon!! Happy Tuesday!

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