Tuesday, May 28, 2013

KTC Expo 10k - race recap

Rather than bore you with my usual lengthy race recap I am going to keep this one short and sweet and just hit the major high points. Really there was only one low point and I will also hit on that.

I was excited to get to run this race this year (even though I said I didn't want to) because I was injured last year and had to sit it out. I was able to volunteer last year so that was at least fun. Difference in last year and this year weather wise:

Last year - 80 degrees and humid as all get out
This year - 55, cool and very very low humidity

Packet pickup was on Friday night. This race had a portion of registration proceeds going to the Boston One Fund. The bibs and shirts were designed by someone local. Each word/phrase in the heart represents someone local to our area that was in/ran Boston on 4/15.  I thought it was a really nice touch.

I did my warm up and a quick potty break before meeting the Socialites for a quick group pic.

After the pic it was time to line up. It's still weird to me to line up so close to the front of the pack but so far it works and at least with this particular race, even though people were passing me I was not out of place.

Goal for this race was mainly to finish. As I said before, my coach told me several times this was not a PR course/race. Then I got my race plan and remember emailing him back that I was intimidated. Based on the race plan it meant I would have a pretty significant PR and my start pace was at least a minute per mile faster than my last 10k.

The temp was just right and my body was completely in tune for this race. It's a bit downhill the first 2 miles, then flat the next 2 miles before running up a decent hill or two in the last couple, and finally finishing downhill.


7:19 (.21)

The first 2 miles were well below my goal pace. Mile 3 was just slightly above goal pace while mile 4 was below. Mile 5 was a slight little walk/water break where I had to beg for water (ask the water station volunteer 4 times for water) and the last mile was a bit slower than goal pace but still within range. The downhill finish produced quite a speedy pace for me.

Finish time: 53:41

This was good enough for an almost 8 minute PR, my first time breaking an hour for a 10k race AND....

 Another 1st place Athena win! Check out that cool trophy! Since they only went 1 deep for awards in my division I'm not entirely sure how many other women raced in my category but it really doesn't matter. I hit my goal and pulled another win. :)

For the low point in my race:
Major under boob chaffing. Despite my best efforts at BodyGliding myself up I had some issues.

Overall I am 100000% pleased with my effort in this race. I usually end a race with a smidge of regret (I could have pushed faster/harder here. I shouldn't have walked there.. or one thing or another), but that was not the case on Saturday. Training is paying off and I left this race satisfied. I may still be on a little bit of a runner's high from this race as well.

Work hard, enjoy the rewards!!

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  1. Awesome job lady! Congrats on your award too!
    Sounds like the weather was perfect.
    Under boob chaffing is the worst! I got it one time, and never wore that same sports bra again. I haven't had it since then.