Sunday, May 12, 2013

I love the long run.

I have so much blog work to do right now but gotta be honest and say that I am seriously overwhelmed with life. Sounds crazy...I know.. but y'all this year is flying by and I just feel like there is so much to accomplish. I either don't have enough time in the day (or maybe I waste too much time in the day?) or I have too much to get done that I just can't keep up. What usually happens is I just don't do anything and then the list grows. Boo to that. Anyway, I just needed to get that out there before recapping my long run.

We went out with friends Friday night where I partied too hard and stayed out too late considering Saturday morning meant an early alarm clock and 10 mile long run. BUT we were kid free so who wants to just sit at home or turn in early!? Not me. It was a great time and I'm thankful for being able to spend it with not only my wonderful hubby but our great friends too!

In bed at 1:30am and up just 5 short hours later at 6:30 on Saturday. I was meeting my running buddy Terri for my 10 miler. She and I hadn't ran together in many months so I was excited. My schedule was to do 10 miles easy with the last two at an 8:45 pace per mile. I was slightly concerned with how that would go not only considering Friday night's festivities and lack of sleep but the fact that my workout Friday morning was hill repeats. Have I mentioned that I love my running coach and the crazy schedule!? It's true that I do.

The weather Saturday was perfect even though rain and thunderstorms had been in the forecast all week long. We met at 8am and seemed to settle into our easy pace just fine. Convo was good and even despite hills the day before my body felt great. I did need a potty break by mile 3 but serves me right with my dinner choice on Friday. We stopped at the library but it was closed so I had to hold off another mile to the park. We turned around at the 5 mile mark and by mile 7 made the decision to take it easy until mile 8 so I'd be able to pick up the pace for my final two.

We fueled at 7 so my body would have time to fully digest the gel and get it going to make the pick up easier. Smart move! When we hit mile 8 I was like here we go and off we went. It felt comfortably hard and when we hit mile 9 I only need one 5 second break to psych myself back up for the final mile.
Done. 8:30 and 8:38 for my final two miles. I was thankful to have Terri there for the push on those two miles. I think it's easier on a hard run to have the help of friends to push you along. I'm not sure I could have been a great push solo.

Long runs are my favorite runs especially during training.  Catching up with friends for an hour plus, learning about yourself and just what you're capable of and getting fuel/hydration tricks all figured out....what's not to love about all that!? I love the long run good or bad. I'm thankful that yesterday's 10 miler was so good.

Do you love the long run? What's your favorite long distance? What do you like best about the long run?

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