Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend we had around here!
Friday was my birthday and you know how it started. 5am on the track with 10x200 repeats. I killed them!! I worked most of the day before heading to a torturous PT session. Instead of starting with my exercises and finishing with the tens machine we started with the tens and ended with the exercises and some other stuff. The torturous part? An elbow digging deep into my super tight muscles. I thought I was going to come off the table.

Because my son's birthday is so close to mine (me - Feb 28, him -  March 3) we decided to have his birthday party on Friday night. I'm such a cool mom to share my actual birthday for his celebration. :) Anyway, we had 4 of his friends over which made for a houseful of smelly, rowdy 8 yr old boys! FUN! They spent the night. The fun ended Saturday morning.  I lost my train of thought. Did you catch that? Haha My hubby made a birthday cake for ME and we celebrated my day on Thursday.

He did such an awesome job with my cake and thankfully didn't light 35 candles. It was a nice night with my family.

Saturday  morning once all the boys left I met a couple of friends for my long run. I was suppose to run 12 miles but they were only going 9. We rode together to the park. They suggested leaving and heading to Starbucks for coffee while I finished my last 3 BUT since we'd ran a decent clip and the course was hillier than my usual I decided to call it done at 9 miles too.

I think I made a wise decision there since I'd been having some issues with my hip this week. I'm also going into a race week. I have a half marathon coming up this Saturday, March 8th that I want to be ready for. I am ready but what I mean is I need my hip/body to completely cooperate for the best possible race. Skipping 3 miles from long run this weekend didn't worry me at all. I know I have the endurance to complete 13.1.

Sunday was spent with family taking it easy and meal planning for the week. We made a menu and I spent the evening getting my food ready for tomorrow. I think pre-planning is the best and easiest way for me to stay on track. It always makes me feel good going into a new week with a plan.

Tell me about your weekend. Anything fun?
Do you meal plan/food prep ahead of time?


  1. Planning and meal prep on Sundays helps me immensely! Happy belated birthday. Hope it was a great one. Excited to see what this year has in store for you!

  2. How sweet that your hubby made you a birthday cake!
    Great job on your 9 miles. I can't wait to hear about your half this weekend!

  3. Happy belated birthday, and I love your cake! What a sweet husband!

    Since I teach third grade, I know what stinky 8 year old boys smell like. Ick. :)