Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Best "What If" I ever heard.

You know we've all played that "what if" game before. What if you had a million dollars? What if you could have any car you want? What if you could take the trip of your dreams.
Well friends, here is an even better what if......

What IF Everybody Ran?

My friends over at Mizuno Running have come up with an awesome illustration and statics to show you what the world would be like if everyone ran. Less cigarettes smoked, better sleep, more smiles. The list goes on and on and on.

Here is my favorite -
More smiles! Why is more smiles my favorite?

Let me shed some light.
I've been criticized by others for my love of running (and the gym for that matter) especially in regards to my job as a mother. Some things have been said along the lines of time taken away from my kids. There was a time when it would bother me a little especially when my own kids have asked, "Do you have to run today?" But I've let any negativity with that go. Sure, there are times I feel guilt but let me explain as I have to my children.

If you've read here long enough you know where I was 6 years ago. For those that haven't let me share briefly. I was overweight, not just a little BUT A LOT! I weighed in at 248 lbs at my highest that I can recall even seeing on a scale. That number could very well have been higher. In 2008 a friend of mine knew I had desires to learn to run and at the same time lose weight. She signed us both up for a 5k. My friend was fit and in great shape. This was the kick in the butt I needed. I "ran" that race with her finishing in barely under 50 minutes. It was miserable but I was happy to have accomplished something.

Six years later I still run. My fastest 5k to date is 25:51 (summer 2013). I've completed the following:
13 - 5k
5- 10k
4- 8k
2- 15k
2- 10 miler
8 - 1/2 marathon
2 - marathon

Running has brought me a long way physically (losing 90 lbs!!).  Running has also brought me a long way mentally. Running has also helped me find not just myself but a ton of life long friends! What does all that mean? It means this mama is smiling more. It means this mama is happy and healthy and ALIVE!

So, when others question "WHY" I run so much or when  my kids ask "Do you have to?," I have an answer.

If I didn't run, I'd be unhealthy and obese. Being unhealthy and obese means I can't do all the amazing things I can do with my family/kids. It means being tired and grumpy and out of shape. It means not being around for very long because we know that being unhealthy and obese isn't just being tired and fat. There are SO many other related health issues that aren't just related to physical health. 

Along with all the other little things in my life that make me happy - running is my smile.

So, I ask YOU... what IF everybody ran? What if YOU ran? 

If you want to read more on this awesome project go 
here and here 


  1. Running is my smile ... I LOVE IT.

    Running might take time away from the kids, temporarily, but it gives them so much more time down the line. And, the quality of time they get now is better, too. People stink.

  2. I love this post! You deserve to have something for just you that no one else can take away. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment. I don't always (ok, hardly ever…) love it during, but there's no better feeling than finishing a run and accomplishing a new goal!

  3. Love this Mizuno campaign, it is amazing!