Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Road to Indy - wks 7 & 8

Time is flying or at least in marathon training. In the last 2 weeks I've already done my 15 and 16 milers! Crazy but I am enjoying it and really look forward to race day. So, how exactly did the last 2 weeks go???

 Week 7 
Monday - 4.07 easy (38:42) w/striders. Had a sick kid at home so this was done solo in the middle of the day.
Tuesday - track day. 8 mile progression run. Goal was to start at 9:50 and get 10 seconds faster per mile.
9:44/9:41/9:17/9:26/9:11/9:13/9:00/9:14  Missed the goal but still a decent workout (in a downpour!).
Wednesday - 4.01 easy run (38:59) soupy outside even at 6am for this one! Went back to BeautyHunters bootcamp with the girls in the evening.
Thursday - rest
Friday - track day. 2up/8x200 hill repeats/2 down. Learning to LOVE hills!
 Saturday - 15 miles. 2:36 This run was painful. It was hot, it was slow and I never wanted to be done with a run so soon. Stomach issues arose (more on that soon) and I struggled from mile 4 to the finish.

Week 8 
Monday - 4 easy (actual 4.10/39:57) met the girls at 5am!
Tiesday - 1up/5 mi tempo/1 down - disaster morning! Stomach issues in mile 1 of warmup. Goal for tempo was 8:40-8:30 BUT I only managed 4 miles tempo around 8:53 overall pace.
Wednesday - 5 mi easy (46:38) went to WNRs Elite Chocolate Run! Fun run w/Angie and Kelly.
Thursday - Rest
Friday - track day - 2up/6x200 hill repeats/2 down Still LOVING hills!!
Saturday - 16 mi easy long run. (2:37) This run could not have gone better. Goal pace for long runs changed after some issues last week w/my stomach. So, coach said not to go faster than about a 10 min/mile.

First, let me go over the stomach stuff. Y'all know (if you've been here a while) that I have serious issues sometimes w/my gut. I FINALLY went to the dr. Hopefully things will be straightened out asap. I had some bad issues last week. Once last week (during my tempo run) I got sick and had gut rot in the 1 mile warmup. That has never happened but I dealt with things and moved on. My run wasn't stellar but I had a decent workout and logged all my miles for the day. After having issues again during my long run the same week I finally made a dr appointment. We have determined a plan of action.

When my coach put hills on my workouts for a few weeks in a row and told me that would be the case for a while I was first dreading those workouts BUT I love them now. Seriously, I was (probably am a little still) so weak at hills but these repeat workouts are helping me become stronger in that area.

I still want to tackle both my progression run and tempo again and meet those goals, but for now I am happy enough with how those two workouts went. I've had a chance to look back on them and while the goal wasn't met and situations happened I still managed to hit some great paces and log miles.

Long runs - that 15 miler was brutal. There is so much I could say but it was bad and I'm just thankful for great running friends. My 16 miler this past weekend was the opposite and I have never been happier to run 16 miles. From start to finish it was everything I could have hoped for. I know not every run will be bad, I know they won't all be great but I know that I am thankful for every time I am able to lace up and make my legs move.

37 miles logged week 7
38 miles logged week 8

Week 9 is so far going great! It's a down week for me as far as mileage goes. I will have a recap of that hopefully on Sunday, if not look for another 2 week recap next week.

How is YOUR training going??

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