Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Randoms!?

~ Wow. It has been a total of 9 days since I blogged. Whoa. I have said over and over daily that I need to sit down and blog. Thoughts come to me and I think, "hey, I should blog that now." Ah, yeah, but you know what happens!? Brain shuts off and I forget. I'm going to start keeping a handwritten journal of sorts with my thoughts/ideas of stuff to get down. I AM going to do better, at least for me. I think blogging will help me in some way maybe to get closer to my goal.

~ I had that crazy calf thing that showed up not too long ago. I also haven't posted an update on that in a while. It is SO much better and my running has resumed. I've been able to get back to speed work and more mileage. This (as you well know) makes me happy!

~ I had a race scheduled for this past Saturday. A 10 miler that I had gotten pretty excited about. We had a goofy ice storm on Friday. Guess what got cancelled? Um, yeah. The race didn't happen. What did happen though? A workout for all the KE athletes! I think my workout was just as good (great really) as the race would have been had it taken place. Nothing can quite beat a great workout, right!?

~ Have you seen the commercial for the device called a Goga? It's some crazy piece of equipment you stand on and it shakes you like crazy. From what I gather it is suppose to make the weight, "melt right off." Sounds too good to be true, huh!? Yeah, I haven't done a single bit of research on it because the commercial alone is flat out ridiculous and quite frankly I still believe in a decent diet and lots of exercise! But hey, what do I know!? I'm just a girl who has found herself 90 lbs lighter than she was almost 5 years ago.

~ Ok, I think that is about it for this Tuesday. My alarm clock went off at 4:03am this morning and I had a tough workout. Body needs sleep! I hope you all are well. Thank you thank you thank y ou for continuing to support my journey and read/comment here on the blog. If you have topics you'd like me to discuss or write on, please let me know! I promise to be actively blogging again, regularly.

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